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Samsung Galaxy On5

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  • AnonD-561163

is this phone worth for its price???

  • Anon

I was using a note 2 but it finally gave up on me. So I got this with the 50 dollar starter Sim for a total of $120 from tmo and am very happy with it. Not as snappy, but doesn't lag far behind my note 2. highly recommend it.

  • AnonD-573489

AnonD-573221, 17 Aug 2016Peace of shit. After 2 weeks of great speed the phone takes fore... moreHave you downloaded a bunch of apps? How much of the internal 8gb of memory are you using? IF so... get an SD card, move the apps and pics to store to that...and let me know if you still think it's crap. I'm considering buying one, but your review leaves no details and doesn't sound like you are utilizing the SD card slot to not overload your device. Not doing so is like clicking a thousand times on different things on a computer then complaining about it being slow.

  • Anonymous

Great phone good battery last all day.No problems for me at all

  • Anonymous

you are wright this phone fabulous
i would rather prefer this phone than the s7
do not but any other phone
this phone is amazing
i have got 4 contracts with this phone

  • harsha

i found no problomems after update except for the fact some icons in staus bar becomes smaller

  • AnonD-573221

Peace of shit. After 2 weeks of great speed the phone takes forever to load i can't watch YouTube or surf web without huge lag. I'm paying 60 monthly I want my money back.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-572537, 15 Aug 2016pls help me how to android mashmallow update in my on5 mobile pl... moreHey bro....please download Samsung Kies on ur PC den download Samsung Kies den open kies go to right hand corner for settings last option I'll be check updates... Den u r gud to go... Cheers

Blue wine, 11 Aug 2016Wait a month or two as they releasd on5pro as want it to sell we... moreSo then why they updated on7...ain't they launched together...and both version has new siblings why this update delay reason appear only for on5

  • Neo

Hi People i have bought on5 mobile for me n my friend as well... we have not come across any problem with this phone... Its cheap and good ...!!!

  • NRV

Within 3 months after purchase, it was not tracking Wi-Fi.

  • Anonymous

Paul, 16 Aug 2016Please help me to get marshmellow updateHow to update?

  • Paul

N2K, 04 Aug 2016My on5 has the marshmallow update Please help me to get marshmellow update

  • Paul

venredr, 06 Aug 2016i have been using this mobile for a week now, no issues, got the... moreHow are you get marshmellow update marshmellow??

  • vijay

I bought Samsung on5 mobile 3 months ago , since Last 2 weeks I found wifi is automatically on off and found very trouble during wifi as I switch on the wifi but it never be on as people say may be ic problem but Bluetooth is properly working as both ic is common , please help how to resolve this issue

  • Akki

All samsung midrange mobiles r worst dont buy any Samsung mid range phones they only work in high end devices galaxy on5 i bought in 9000 i waste my money i will not buy any samsung midrange mobiles in future good buy samsung worst

  • AnonD-572537

AnonD-396401, 08 Aug 2016I asked 2 or 3 days ago samsung customer care about 6.0.1 marshm... moreits fake .on5 not updating mashmallow.its realy fake

  • AnonD-572537

pls help me how to android mashmallow update in my on5 mobile pls help me my email id PLS HELP ME SIR

  • ram

my samsung on5 was not getting update android mashmallow(v)6.pls help me sir

  • AnonD-515996

AnonD-396401, 14 Aug 2016On5 will not get 6.0.1 updatewho told u??
as same hardware on5 pro has marshmallow... so it will get update... it has delayed maybe bcz of... the quadroot prblm which has occur on snapdragon chipset devices so samsung may b busy wid those fixes on those devices which are running on snapdragon chips... soo we have to wait...
nd also the elder brother on7 has got update on5 will also get...