Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300

Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300

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  • screech

How many hours do i charge my new sg pocket?cos i just charged it for 3 hours and its giving me the battery full signal,can i use it now?

  • what is DB


  • moo

What keybord do you use when typing? Qwerty?

  • where go vedeo song


  • vedeo play


  • happy

hey guys..
just want to ask if what will i do if i entered wrong locked pin many times, and then i forgot what email address i enter?

pls reply asap.. im dying to use my phone because i use this for work

  • xhai

this is such a nice phone.. my only problem is the battery life.. abcurz its normal.. my solution w/ this, i hav 2 batteries and a universal charger.. solve

  • shelly

having trouble getting my picture onto my SD card. Any ideas??

  • Zim

Does this phone have watzup

  • Anonymous

sachin , 15 Dec 2012plz help me how to save battery in Samsung galaxy pocket in day ... moreMe too

  • gazza

never had a phone like simple with a lot to offer

its browsing speed is also fast

  • slash

hey guys i want know i have problem with my phone that after a time there is no internet data go out or in dead

so kindly advice

  • AnonD-89943

... you have 2 download 3 programs .

1- Advanced Task Killer

you can download from google play­m.rechild.advancedtaskkiller

2- Battery Dr saver+a task killer­t.lepeng.batterydoctor

3- JuiceDefender - battery saver

(( The Most popular app ))­m.latedroid.juicedefender&referrer=utm_sourc­e%3Dws%26utm_medium%3Dfwd%26utm_campaign%3Djd

these 3 apps can help you to make your phone stay longer with you ((45 hours at least)) .

and ther's a video explain how to make this 2 apps work

video number 1

video number 2

video number 3

Good Luck .

  • avyn

it's so wonderful i love this phone

  • big nate

wonderfull phone. it has big on board (3gb) memory for its size... alot more memory compared to phones for its same size on average. supports wide range of apps from google play. dont try to install apps from other sources except google play. its simply to risky. i learned the hard way to follow tht guideline. Thnk God for factory reset. i recomend downloading a good battery app for helping u keep track of battery power level from google play eg battery solo. following instructions after download. oh one more thing. get u a cover case... preferbly the one made with a transparent and black rubber casing and a transparent shield for the screen. my phone accidently fell very hard on a naked tared road oneday with tht protection on it. i walked away with it without a scratch or cracked screen. lol 1 of my colleges tht was with me saw what happened. he was so amazed seeing tht the touch screen phone was undamaged his expression was "oh Amarok" simply said its tough. a local samsung dealer should have it available or any other qualified dealer tht sells samsung phones. if u want something tht lasts... or your into apps like viber, whatsapp, opera mini or simply want quick access to your email accounts... its rather afordable to the average guy like me. i say go for it. Samsung good job

  • sachin

plz help me how to save battery in Samsung galaxy pocket in day i am charging my phone two times plz help me guys

  • Anonymous

I want to know about it's RAM and ROM...Plz inform..

  • AnonD-89409

I ve got the yellow color and it looks cool..after a week of testing with some tweeks and a lot of must have apps.. I can say: this baby is a real main target is to use viber,whatsapp,skype,tango and my yellow pocket did it quality is very good,battery is ok,loudspeaker is decent,youtube works is just a bounce feature.. Anyway dont expect to enjoy high performance in heavy games or google maps or play high quality videos on such hardware like this..
It is a smartphone with limited multimedia experience but it still can satisfy my needs..

  • Val

unlock code
Samsung galaxy S5360


  • Anonymous

can i download viber?