Samsung Galaxy Ring price leaks and there will be a monthly subscription too

Peter, 23 May 2024

The Samsung Galaxy Ring may have been officially unveiled in February, but that was more of a teaser than anything as there is much we still don’t know about this ring – for example, how much will it cost?

Tipster Yogesh Brar reports that the US pricing will be in the $300-$350 range, while it India it will be around ₹35,000. That’s not all, though, there will be a subscription. It's not clear whether this subscription is mandatory or just something that offers and enhanced experience.

Apparently, there will be a monthly subscription “under $10” to Samsung Health. This is something that Samsung Electronics VP Dr. Hon Pak hinted at in a CNBC interview back when the ring was initially unveiled.

Samsung Galaxy Ring price leaks and there will be a monthly subscription too

Fitbit Premium is $10/month or $80 for a full year, Apple Fitness+ is the same price and (more relevant) the Oura Ring has a Membership subscription too – $6/month or $70/year. It looks like Samsung wants to secure some recurring revenue with the Ring, similar to its competitors.

But Apple’s Fitness+ gives you access to video workouts and more, what will a Galaxy Ring subscription offer? We don’t know yet, but we have already heard that the Galaxy Ring will integrate with Samsung Food, which might provide more detailed meal plans and diet suggestions than you normally get – ones calibrated with data coming from the Ring.

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Reader comments

  • Reality...
  • 20 Jun 2024
  • IWR

Samsung phones don't handle humidity that well. Am speaking from my experience with a (now old) galaxy A71. Screen died just after one year of use. No exposure to water during that time. The funny thing was my (now ancient) iPhone 6 with a poppe...

"How are you comparing phone to a ring, this is passive health tracking device its most similar to a smartwatch" You just proved my point. A phone with a smart-watch can do more than this ring. It will cost less in the long run too.

  • Anonymous
  • 29 May 2024
  • SXw

Its a Samsung Health device, it can reccomend you foods you should eat depending on your activity and stress level, this integration is what wont be availible without Samsung ring

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