Samsung Galaxy S10 photographed, have a look at its chin and punch hole camera

Peter, 03 January 2019

The Samsung Galaxy S10, that’s the vanilla version with a curved 6.1” screen, has been photographed in the wild. The photo is heavily censored, but it clearly shows two major design elements – the punch hole camera and the bezels.

Everyone is talking about the “chin”, the bottom bezel. It does look thicker than the top bezel, so the phone may not be perfectly symmetrical. The selfie camera has a bezel of its own, which eats into the usable space on the top row.

Samsung Galaxy S10 in the wild
Samsung Galaxy S10 in the wild

A related rumor mentions that the Galaxy S10 will come in solid colors, no gradients here. However, it won’t be a plain paint job but will have luster (perhaps a special coating?).

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  • Anonymous

Samsung phones every is fine and perfect but battery performance very poor

Sony have the phones for you then :)

Ugly as sin... packed with samsung bloatware, terribly overpriced, and power hungry Exynos.. I'll never touch another Samsung phone again - Long live OP

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