Samsung Galaxy S11 to have a 120 Hz display

Enrique, 20 November 2019

On a Twitter thread, @UniverseIce posted screenshots of the hidden menu from a Korean build of One UI Beta 2.0 – which was just seeded to Galaxy Note9 users less than a day ago. The menu was spotted on the Chinese build of the Beta.

The menu contains three options for how it will use the 120 Hz feature. One keeps the screen at 60 Hz, another will always keep it at 120 Hz, and the last one turns on the 120 Hz feature and automatically switches back and forth from 60 Hz.

A 120 Hz display can offer a very fluid feel to enhance the UX. The downside is the additional power draw needed to push all those frames.

Razer was the first OEM to use a 120 Hz display on its gaming smartphone. Since then, gaming phones were using higher refresh rates to further enhance mobile gaming. This year, OnePlus introduced a 90Hz display with the OnePlus 7 and Huawei did the same with the Mate 30 Pro. High refresh rate displays on mobile devices are a new trend in smartphones, but is it something in high demand?

The Galaxy S11 is rumored to bring Night Hyperlapse, slimmer bezels, director’s view, and Samsung plans to use the SAMOLED branding for the upcoming display. The Galaxy S11 was also certified to come with a 3,720 mAh battery. It’s also said to come in three sizes and five variants including 5G ones.

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Reader comments

  • Dave
  • 27 Jan 2021
  • kEA

It does bring benefits, you are just not a gamer, so you wouldn't know 🤭

Hahaha , I really feel sorry for your poor reading skills. Sorry I am not you. So I shall forever be the truth revealer. You continue being A-troll

  • Anonymous
  • 26 Nov 2019
  • KSu

tl;dr you should change your name from "the truth revealer" to "the triggered itroll"

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