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Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G

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  • Anonymous

Jazee, 19 Nov 2020Potential buyers with special interest in the performance o... moreI found your post very interesting. Thanks. Appreciate you posting :)

  • Jazee

Potential buyers with special interest in the performance of the cameras on this phone should understand the actual optical zoom is 1.08 so the focal length of the actual lens is basically the same as the non-zoom camera. This is unlike say the S10 5G which the actual lens of the camera is 2X. However Samsung makes up for this by using a 64MP sensor. This basically results in as good or better zoom shots up to about 5X zoom than a phone with a tele-camera with a 2X or 3X optical zoom lens but only a 12MP or 16MP sensor. But to say the phone uses digital zoom above 3X is incorrect, it is ALWAYS using digital zoom on the telephone camera.

The reason why it performs well can be explained by considering number of sensor pixels used decreases by the zoom factor squared when using digital zoom. So, the lowest zoom of the tele lens on the S20+ at 3X is essentially a 7MP sensor. 3 squared is 9. 64MP divided by 9 is 7.1MP. (You may be wondering, if you are always cropping the sensor than what's the point? The 64MP sensor is primarily to provide 8K video recording capability.) Compared to say the S10 5G which has a 2X optical zoom and 12MP sensor. So a 3X zoom for the S10 5G is a 1.5X digital zoom of the 2X optical. 1.5 squared = 2.25. 12MP/2.25 = 5.3MP. So you can see how the S20+ can keep up with other cameras with 2X or 3X optical zoom but only 12MP sensors. It's notable though that with 2X zoom, a camera with a 12MP sensor and a 2X optical zoom has a higher resolution image than the S20+ at 2X zoom since the S20+ doesn't have an optical zoom lens.

What's more interesting is the 64MP sensor on the S20+ has a 0.8um pixel pitch which means the sensor is roughly 9,500 pixels by 7,150. So at 3X zoom the sensor output is going to be digitally cropped to around 3,160 x 2,380. However no matter what zoom resolution you use, Samsung outputs a 4032x3024 size image, basically "faking" the resolution for all images taken at anything over 1X zoom. The file size goes down as the zoom goes up even though the image resolution stays at 4032x3024 because the JPEG compression algorithm basically can see it's a fake resolution (essentially a lower resolution source image interpolated up to a higher resolution.)

I'm not sure why manufacturers do this except for only from a customer satisfaction perspective as people would be complaining why their 10X zoom images are only 950 x 715 pixels. Yes, S20+ users, that is roughly the true resolution of a 10X zoom image from your phone. But consider on a 12MP sensor with 1X optical lens, that true cropped resolution is closer to 400x300!

The bottom line is the S20+ Tele Camera is basically equivalent in resolution to a phone with a 12MP camera with a 2.5X optical zoom because it's not actually an optical zoom lens. So Samsung's advertising it as a 3X "hybrid optic zoom" isn't a total lie, but 2.5x would be closer to accurate as far as the equivalent of an optical zoom on a 12MP sensor. To get the best images on this camera you just want to use one of the 3 cameras without manually zooming in. If you do zoom in on the tele camera, try to not go above 5X.

  • Les

TheTattooDude, 13 Nov 2020I wonder if the RAM is DDR4 or DDR5? If it's DDR5 12gb... moreFrom what I have read online, the Ram is DDR5

[deleted post]I wonder if the RAM is DDR4 or DDR5? If it's DDR5 12gb of it is absolutely a massive amount making this phone future proof for year's!

  • Gonz

fsrgio, 02 Nov 2020Wick one is better S20+ or S20 FE 5G? I live in europe so f... moreI leave in europe too i supposed to get fe5g because of its processor snapdragon but i bought s20plus 5g exynos instead for some reasons. I hate plastic back it feels cheap, i hate the ram only 6gb for base, i hate the optical finger print instead of ultrasonic, i hate the display only 1080p. While the biggest selling point of fe5g for me its processor, battery life and flat display. But im contented with my s20plus 5g it has decent battery life lasts me whole day, decent performance im not a gamer or heavy user i use iphone as my secondary phone. At the end of the day it depends on you to choose theyre both good devices

I like my phone but why does it give me the notification that it has been updated. That was 3 days ago at least so therefore is no longer a valid statement!

  • Anonymous

fsrgio, 02 Nov 2020My main worry is the RAM difference. I am not familiar with... moreYeah, you are right. it's worth factoring in the RAM difference too because there is a big difference on paper What that extra RAM means in everyday use right now and into the future, I'm not sure. Some say that 12gb on the S20 Plus 5g is overkill but I'd rather have more RAM than less RAM on a phone that I could be using for a number of years.

Tough choice to make is all I can say.

Anonymous, 02 Nov 2020If I had the choice between those two. I'd sadly choos... moreMy main worry is the RAM difference. I am not familiar with samsung ecosystem.

  • Anonymous

fsrgio, 02 Nov 2020Wick one is better S20+ or S20 FE 5G? I live in europe so f... moreIf I had the choice between those two. I'd sadly choose the FE simply because it's a snapdragon. I currently own the S20 Plus 5g Exynos.

The exynos version is still very good, don't get me wrong but the snapdragon has the edge when it comes to performance. Considering that each year apps etc will put more and more demands on the hardware, it makes more sense to invest in the better performer ......and sadly that's the snapdragon.....

But then again it depends what you use your phone for and E.g if you are a light user that just uses the phone to browse the Web and make calls as opposed to hardcore gaming and multi-tasking then hey, you would be hard pushed to notice any difference between the two models in everyday use.....and therefore a good argument to choose the more premium exynos S20 Plus 5g over the FE could be made.

Wick one is better S20+ or S20 FE 5G? I live in europe so for S20+ i would get the exynos variation while the FE i can get the snapdragon.

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Anonymous, 22 Oct 2020do you really expect the phone to be cool during fast charg... moreCompletely agree.

  • Anonymous

haresh, 01 May 2020very very disappointed. Didn't expect this from such an e... moredo you really expect the phone to be cool during fast charging ???? goshhh ...people complain about nearly everything ..

perfect flagship phone at $800

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Why we don't receive monthly updates

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vonqueror, 22 Jul 2020ok, I need an HONEST experienced opinion ! so is it true, t... moreExcept battery I will giv 5star for S20+5G. I'm using it from last 1 week. I f any option for minus rating , for battery I will give -10 stars.
Touch is superb, like iphone(maybe more). speed,camera,display clarity everything fine.

  • Skrole

Upgraded to S20+ 5g from S7, which I have used for 4 years. This phone just blow my mind. Brilliant phone

  • Mero

What about night photos
I use iphone 11 and it gives detailed night mood photos

  • Anonymous

vonqueror, 22 Jul 2020ok, I need an HONEST experienced opinion ! so is it true, t... moreI have had my s20 since launch and love the keypad. Also take ot with me on a 10mi jog 3 times week with bluetooth earbuds at max and still have enough battery for the day. Ive had every single S-series android phone and the S20 5g with goralla glass front and rear is by far is the baddest-ass Samsung they have built to date

  • Anonymous

Deena, 09 Aug 2020So completely disappointed with my Samsung S20+. First off... moreJust out of interest as it seems you have researched. What are other manufacturers policy on sending back phones for repair in comparison to Samsung?

  • Anonymous

Kmike Hunter, 05 Sep 2020This review is for the USA T-Mobile version. A great phone ... moreYeah, agree. I miss the light too. It seems a step back coming from the s8 plus.