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Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G

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  • koolkid
  • J2K
  • 12 Jul 2022

Just got one that was used for 2 months for 500$, Exynos model, and this thing is still a beast even in 2022, battery life is good even though I'm using fhd+ with 120hz refresh rate, photo quality is top tier, 8k recording is amazing, gaming performance is smooth and powerful. Flagship will always be Flagships.

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    • mas
    • YTY
    • 08 Jul 2022

    Jasmine, 06 Jul 2022Please, is your phone American version (snapdragon) or Indi... moreI had the green vertical lines ( 2 numbers ) appeared in different times on my S20 + 5G.
    It was not an Indian version, I brought it from Saudi Arabia.
    I went to the Samsung Official Customer care in India, There was no scratch at all on the display or on the body.
    The service person said the Display need to replaced, Asked him why this happened?
    He said it must be due to the falls happen before and the damage appear later ( yes my phone did fall several times even when I was riding bike it fall from my pocket to the road. but nothing happened that time because it has the back cover and the screen protector from the Samsung, which came with it. )
    as I brought it from Saudi , the warranty is not covered in India, the Display change will cost 15,600 INR , the official said.

    As I am in love with this phone , I didn't wanted to buy a new one because its features are still best. So I have decided to replace the Display.
    gave it to the Samsung service center next morning, got it back in the afternoon .
    and it works as smooth as before.

      • J
      • Jasmine
      • rZu
      • 06 Jul 2022

      Dozzy, 05 Jul 2022Mine is currently running on 4.1Please, is your phone American version (snapdragon) or Indian version (exynos)?. I'm hearing a lot of green vertical lines after one ui 4 latest update in Indian versions...thanks

        • P
        • Pablo
        • rZu
        • 06 Jul 2022

        Dozzy, 05 Jul 2022Mine is currently running on 4.1Is it snapdragon or exynos

          • D
          • Dozzy
          • Nue
          • 05 Jul 2022

          Messi jr, 05 May 2022Has anyone gotten 4.1 update?Mine is currently running on 4.1

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            • Pablo
            • rZu
            • 04 Jul 2022

            Imran, 04 Jul 2022Guys help me i am going to buy s20+ 5G this phone also have... moreThe green vertical lines are restricted to the exynos versions. So buy the snapdragon and avoid updating the software

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              • Imran
              • IWS
              • 04 Jul 2022

              Guys help me i am going to buy s20+ 5G this phone also have the green line issues??? Any display issues???

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                • Amir
                • puh
                • 22 Jun 2022

                Anonymous, 07 Oct 2021does it has a curved screen?Yes, it does have

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                  • scorpio
                  • PPS
                  • 22 Jun 2022

                  AnonD-1046991, 21 Jun 2022Slab design is a false slim design. Spam "Slab design ... moreWhat?

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                    • AnonD-1046991
                    • G}T
                    • 21 Jun 2022

                    Adel J, 27 Jan 2022Slim and powerful. Totally agreed!Slab design is a false slim design. Spam "Slab design is a false slim design" slogan by one time, join us and let's propagation!

                      Not a user of this phone, but does anyone got the strange pink line issue from your displays?

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                        • Anonymous
                        • fu%
                        • 13 Jun 2022

                        it's a very powerful machine.....i love it

                          I know people are not all the same and have differing views/outlook on any given scenario etc. but it is hard to reconcile the sheer contrast or divergence of opinions on one phone in here. Is it possible that Samsung have had a Quality Control failure in some batches. For me the S20+ experience has been frustrating and expensive. I am running the clock down on mine I cannot wait to get rid of it. I would go as far as saying it is the worst phone I have ever had.

                          I have the fabled/failed exynos version depending on who is reading this. The overheating issues are causing a lot of concern. The heat is something else. The sound quality is pathetic across the board. From basic phone calls through to listening to any source for music it is abysmal.

                          The lack of battery life is a shocker for someone coming from a Huawei, I have changed the 5G & 120ghz settings to see if it improves the issue but to no avail. The camera quality is another issue which I find frustrating, it is like something from basic or lower end model. I am not sure how some users seemingly have a camera that is second to none - what has happened to mine?

                          The touchscreen is barely usable for most part but that descends to non-responsive for large periods. The fingerprint scanner and facial recognition never work I am reduced to entering my PIN. I have literally tried everything.

                          My phone has been sent for repair twice at this stage and Samsung have seemingly not been able to fix the issue/s but will not offer a replacement or a refund for the device. I will never buy another Samsung ever again. Once bitten twice shy. These are not cheap phones but have all the hallmarks of basic or cheap quality trash bought in a second hand junk shop. Samsung need to up their game because it is difficult to see even the most ardent fanboy to defend the indefensible for such shoddy merchandise if they continue producing and supplying phones of his quality.

                            • M
                            • Messi jr
                            • JPI
                            • 05 May 2022

                            Has anyone gotten 4.1 update?

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                              • Roufy
                              • r3H
                              • 04 Feb 2022

                              lawka, 04 Feb 2022finnaly android 12 update hereSame here

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                                • lawka
                                • XK$
                                • 04 Feb 2022

                                finnaly android 12 update here

                                  Zm7345, 22 Jan 2022The best phone in AndroidSlim and powerful. Totally agreed!

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                                    • Zm7345
                                    • IbG
                                    • 22 Jan 2022

                                    The best phone in Android

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                                      • Siuu
                                      • 6vu
                                      • 13 Jan 2022

                                      Dhave , 07 Oct 2021Not recommended. Disconnecting during game while using 5G, ... moreThen use 4g, it basically means the tower in ur area is far away or its some isp issue. Not fones

                                        • l
                                        • lawka
                                        • XK$
                                        • 10 Jan 2022

                                        Luffy-kun, 07 Jan 2022How's your battery life? My phone's battery drain... moreokay...good to know