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  • Anonymous

Nexus 790G, 22 Oct 2021Hello! I'm planning to buy this phone (4G, snapdragon ... moreeverything is good except the battery

  • Nexus 790G

Hello! I'm planning to buy this phone (4G, snapdragon version), and I think its price is in its best condition, but I have few questions regarding with the phone. Is the display's bezels are really chunky? I mean does it bother you in everyday use?. Also, though it uses snapdragon chip, do you encounter overheating issues when using this phone while gaming (overheating, as in the phone is unusable because it is superhot) or in normal tasks like browsing to social media, and capturing photos and videos? How's the reception of this phone? is it good or not. Lastly, are the cameras more superior than it's competitors, such as the oneplus 8t/nord 2 and Xiaomi poco F3? I'm asking for the s20 FE snapdragon 4G version (G780G) users, thanks.

  • Anonymous

Dagon96, 19 Oct 2021Something could be wrong with your battery. I had about th... moreIs it good phone for social media or like for watching youtube ? Does the phone overheat

  • Anonymous

Dagon96, 19 Oct 2021Something could be wrong with your battery. I had about th... morethanks for your response. here is more details about my battery:
I get around 4~5 hours SOT playing genshin impact and battery loses %2 over night with flight mode on. I have also cleaned the cache via recovery mode. What steps should I take to resolve the issue?

Anonymous, 17 Oct 2021g780g here. I get only 4 hours screen on time. and my batte... moreSomething could be wrong with your battery.
I had about the same issue with a note 10 lite...but a factory reset could help you.
Now i haave also g780g and i get easily 5 hours sot per day with like 40% battery left at the end of the day...
Sometimes i get like 2 days with one charge... with 120 refresh rate activated allways, btw.
In your case you should get the same...if not try to find a samsung official service or something like that.

  • Anonymous

Does anyone have issue with fingerprint sensors are not working well with temper glasses on. I had this issue with my s20+ & I had switched from temper glass screen protectors to thin film screen protectors from gadgetshieldz which is the only screen protector that works well with scanner. I hope Samsung rectifies the sensitivity of fingerprint scanner in upcoming series.

  • Anonymous

g780g here. I get only 4 hours screen on time. and my battery is 90% healthy according to accubattery. is that normal?

  • Thats me

Samsung is loosing its reputation.

It's not a phone, it's a Heater!!!
Don't buy exynos phones
Only snapdragon is good

  • Snappi

Zucci, 10 Oct 2021Does anybody experiencing heating issue with g780g?Yes a bit, when gaming, altough cpu restricted to 70%

  • Zucci

Does anybody experiencing heating issue with g780g?

  • AKM

I am using exynos version and battery is worst
Full charge will run only 16 hours battery with 4 hous screen on time

Pls any one can recommend something,?

  • Dilbagh

Time and date is not fixed automatically.
show me how to set it?

Anonymous, 29 Sep 2021Xiaomi Poco F3 or Samsung Galaxy S20 FE? S20 Fe is miles ahead in terms of Camera Also better Ui, IP 68 rating USB 3.1 under display finger print. If the version you're getting is Sd 865 buy it with eyes closed. But if it's Exynos version then F3 will be better in gaming and emulation. But Exynos can handle all the play store games well too. So if you want better camera UI and stuff like that go for S20 Fe but for gaming purpose F3.

  • Anonymous

Xiaomi Poco F3 or Samsung Galaxy S20 FE?

Anonymous, 26 Sep 2021Phone will learn ur usage pattern for the first few days 4-... moreYeah, i've noticed. Battery life improves by the day. Slowly but surely.
Even with 120 htz i get 6h screen on time with 20% battery life at the end of the day (depending on how much i've rechqrged it in the morning).
Awesome performance and no heating issues.

  • Anonymous

Dagon96, 25 Sep 2021I just got a s20 fe snapdragon variant and so far so good. ... morePhone will learn ur usage pattern for the first few days 4-6 days after that u will get better battery backup....

  • Mona Lisa on Weed

Bought the 4G Exynos variant about 5 months ago. Various issues have surfaced. Firstly, the in-screen fingerprint sensor is useless. Can't read my fingerprint 80% of the time. Even after several tries it struggles to read my print. Secondly, the phone has an overhearing issue. This is due to the inferior Exynos processor. If I'd had the choice I'd have bought the 5G Snapdragon variant, but it wasn't available at the time I bought this phone. Now it is and I'm disappointed. If I'd have waited just a few months, I'd have a superior phone, with a much more efficient processor, 5G and even a radio (there isn't one built into the 4G Exynos variant). Overall though the S20FE is a great phone. The screen size is brilliant. The display quality isn't the best out there but it is decent enough. 120Htz refresh rate is a nice touch from the flagship S20. The Exynos 990 processor is plenty fast enough (though not the fastest). The cameras are surprisingly good quality despite having a much lower resolution than the flagship S20 and proceeding models. Gameplay is fairly good, not terrible but not the best. Storage (128GB) is handy, as I tend to store a lot of games, miscellaneous apps, photos and video. The design of the phone, including the flat screen and plastic backplate, isn't my favorite. I much prefer the curved screen and glass backplates seen on the flagship S20 and preceeding models. In my mind glass and curved screens scream quality. Unfortunately the S21 isn't much of an upgrade as far as design goes. It too has a plastic backplate and flat screen. Android updates are far too numerous and I rarely, if ever, see the benefit in them. I'd rather any small tweaks be made in the background, not have a whole system update to install. Like I said before, the S20FE is a good quality phone for it's price point. It's not perfect and it certainly needs improvement in some areas but for the average user this phone should be sufficient to meet their needs. I, however, am not happy that in my country until very recently the only model available was the inferior 4G Exynos variant.

  • Anonymous

ghost1, 23 Sep 2021What about ghost touches on G780G? Is that fixed?Currently using S20 FE Snapdragon G780G model and no ghost touch issue

I just got a s20 fe snapdragon variant and so far so good. The batery seems to be ok after the first day of usage.
I used to have a note 10 lite before (untill it took water :) ) and the difference in performance is huge. Considering that this phone has 120htz screen, lt feels so smooth.
I will make a review in a month or maybe few months