Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G

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  • Josh

this shows samsung is failing....all the hype they created in the past few days for this cheap device in different colors...I was expecting new wireless earbuds or other cool stuff...all they did was paint the phone and look $700 phone with gorilla glass 3 from 2013 & a 400ppi display...I would rather switch to other flagships. Why buy FE when you can buy S20 for similar price

  • Anunnaki

Gorilla glass 3? Nice one Samsung 😅😅😅😅

This is just like what happened with the s10 lite, the FE acronym should not have been used.

  • Anonymous

Sam, 23 Sep 2020I know this one looks ugly.Rather take the s10 lite with 51... moreAnd the s10 lite has also 32mp front and 48mp rear cameras.

  • is it true

Corning Gorilla Glass 3 ???

  • Anonymous

Frmg, 21 Sep 2020I don't care about the weight of the device. The diffe... moreIt is going to drop in a couple months to $499

  • James

Is the one being sold in the US have dual sim?

YUKI93, 23 Sep 2020Can anyone officially confirm that this S20 FE really has t... moreNo, it does not have a headphone jack.

MKA RASEL, 23 Sep 2020Flat screen is compromisable, Plastic back, 15W charger!!! ... moreWhat do you mean "Flat screen is compromisable"? It's the curved screen that has a worse compromise, especially when it comes to finding a compatible third-party case.

  • Sunn

I wish it had 865+ for the 8gb for 256...

  • Slackdaddymoney

YUKI93, 23 Sep 2020Can anyone officially confirm that this S20 FE really has t... moreNo headphone jack on the S10 FE 5G

  • AnonD-920712

but this phone is okay (only for 5G ver) :
- ip68
- S.Amoled + Refrsh rate 120 Hz
- snapdragon 865
- combination with wide-ultrawide-tele, & has OIS
- the camera bump is thin (not like note 20 ultra), so you dont need thiccc Protective case.
- has your lovely 3.5 mm headphone jack
- 4500mAh, type c , gyro, NFC, wireless charge
- 15W charge (it is not fast !)

- back is made from plastic so it is more durable if dropped accidentally, but its price is OVERPRICED for that SungSung ! & Not Far More Better than Oneplus 8

  • AnonD-920712

okay samsung fans, here is your snapdragon 865 (if samsung sell it in your country)

gorilla glass 3
plastic back
In 2020. Really!
What a shame!

Flat screen is compromisable, Plastic back, 15W charger!!! Price is more than S10 Plus? Not worthy! Maximum 450 dollars I can spend for this one. Of course, it will become 350usd after 3 month. This one of the bad strategy of Samsung.

No fast charging!!! 15W is no fast charging, it is slow charging, I guess it will take more than two hours for full charge.

also no stereo speaker.

two versions crap 4g and 5g

Can anyone officially confirm that this S20 FE really has the 3.5mm audio jack? It may say Yes on the spec sheet, but I'm worried that GSMArena might not correct it if it's not present.

  • Lucas

Anonymous, 23 Sep 2020come on samsung thought it would be about 500$ max I'... moreThe bezels look bigger because it's not a curved display. I would much rather my phone be compatible with good quality screen protectors that don't cost 40$ than have a little curve on the sides that makes cases less protective and accidental touches easier.

  • Simonsez

Ya having GG3 sucks but if you can swallow the look, it has a flat screen, 3.5mm jack and the latest chipset which are all must-haves on my list!

  • Me

Is this version with the snapdragon 865 just for the US?