Sticker shock: Samsung Galaxy S20 5G lineup pricing revealed

Peter, 21 January 2020

The Samsung Galaxy S20 trio will be pricey, especially in its 5G incarnation. The first info on price comes courtesy of Max Weinbach, who is behind the recent torrent of S20 leaks. The (somewhat) good news is that the 4G versions will be cheaper.

If you’re getting a 4G model, subtract €100 from the price. It’s not clear whether you’ll have a choice, though, countries where 5G networks are already live may only get the 5G models.

Also, the price ranges represent uncertainty and not storage options – this is how much the phones with base storage are expected to cost.

Phone Rumored price
Samsung Galaxy S20 5G €900-1,000
Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G €1,050-1,100
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G €1,300
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip €1,400

For comparison, the previous generation started at €750, €900 and €1,000 for the Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+, respectively. Unless you're going for the Ultra, this is a €150 price increase for the 5G models and €50 for the 4G ones.

The flagship trio will reportedly launch in France on March 13, a month after the Unpacked event.

As for US prices, they will be lower than the European ones. Max’s guess is $850 for the Galaxy S20, $950 for the S20+ and $1,200 for the S20 Ultra. This is for the 5G models, but do keep in mind that the euro prices include VAT and the US ones do not.

A bit of additional info about the Galaxy S20 Ultra. It will have 30x hybrid zoom (which Samsung will claim to be lossless) and 100x digital zoom. The phone will be available in Black, Gray, Blue and Pink.

Samsung’s next foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Flip, will be €1,400 – just €100 more than the S20 Ultra 5G. The price of the Flip is subject to change before the Unpacked event in late February.

Still, the Galaxy Fold launched at €2,000 last year, so this is comparatively cheap (at least as far as foldable phones go). The Z Flip will use older hardware though (S855 chipset and 12MP cameras).



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