Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G

Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G

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Finally, Samsung Galaxy goes down đź‘Ť

  • Gibbo

Samsung downgrading the S21 plus, so it forces you to buy the Ultra!
No micro sd card slot

Nice1 Samsung, you’re turning into apple ffs!

Cobo, 12 Jan 2021No charger,no microsd slot, 1080 , 202 grs.,i'll rathe... morei dont think u can complain on 1080p, even the s20 lineup could only do 1080p @120hz, like the s21 lineup, we already have a lot of USB-C cable chargers and bricks in our homes, i would say microSD is useless (to me) but i cant say anything about that since a lot of people for some reason find it useful and at the same time somehow managed to fill their 256 or 512gb storage in their phones. they probably use it to store photos or something

  • Furu

The Lord, 12 Jan 2021A downgraded screen resolution and pixels per inch from las... moreWe have returned back to the galaxy s4,s5.

  • Fino

Downgraded innovation, .i prefer a phone with 2 cameras, with specs like micro sd, 3.5mm jack etc. Like note 9 ,or s10 +. Instead of that s21+ .

  • Dony

Newer phones are not necesserily better phone than previous ones.

  • 10110010

the lack of a memory card is a big disadvantage
for some the phone replaces the laptop with great success, but it needs an additional memory and totally separate from the internal one.
I don't know how excited you will be to have your personal folders shuffled among those in the phone's internal memory

  • Cobo

No charger,no microsd slot, 1080 , 202 grs.,i'll rather buy s20+.less price and better specs.

  • The Lord

A downgraded screen resolution and pixels per inch from last year’s S20+. I don’t know of a single instance when that happened to the S-series Galaxy device before. That alone is reason enough to not buy the S21+ for me.

  • The Lord

It has been confirmed by multiple sources that the standard S21 and S21+ will not support Samsung’s S pen. I wonder why gsmarena hasn’t corrected the error in its specs-sheets of these devices for so long!

Johnmac , 06 Jan 2021That screen is poor for a flagship, my s10 plus has more pp... morelet me press f on the worlds smallest keyboard...

  • GB

Adam, 10 Jan 2021Is this an official and final specification? No SD slot is ... moreIt's not official yet. There were reports that the SD slot availability depends on region. For example, some regions like Asia would have sim + sd slot, while places like Europe would have dual sim only. But we would still have to wait for the official specs.

  • Adam

Is this an official and final specification? No SD slot is a disqualification. The best option at the moment is s20+ 5G. I can't believe that the flagship model has no slot for a memory card...

  • Goofytroops

So, expected price of this phone is more than a 1000 euros, but doesn't have support for micro sd cards, whereas the Ultra, with 250 or more price increment, has it. Phone manufacturers are getting comfortable, seeing as they make something, consumers buy their things without much hesitation. So, what's next, pay more or you won't even get a camera module?

  • Abhi

Please add that. ISO cell bright HN1 50mp Sensor as primary and remove that 64 mp and put a better sensor (even 12 mp) to telephoto with 3x optical lens......

And the storage front remove that 128 GB option and do 256 as base and option will be only in ram, that is 8 /12 ......

And remaining is okayy

  • Chris

What a cheap and old colours. Why they can't do something premium never?

  • Tonu

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2021WTF , S20 plus is much better , at least it has memory card... moreTotal downgrade .better s20 plus

  • Slimshaddy

Just 128gb/8GB use

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2021WTF , S20 plus is much better , at least it has memory card... moreits still marked as rumored spec sheets some things can still change so chill out

  • was-a-fan

What? no SD memory card? way to screw it up