Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G

Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G

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  • 3DR
  • 12 Dec 2020

WhyIsNothingEnough, 12 Dec 2020lolwhy is nothing enough :(

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    • phone
    • 3DR
    • 12 Dec 2020

    phopne performs poorly and takes bad photos, i have been lucky enough to use it early and i'm not imperssed

      WhyIsNothingEnough, 08 Dec 2020Well if you want camera specs for cheap, just buy a used p3... moreBut of course fitting the 108mp HM2 and a 12mp Ultra-Wide would surely create the same capability of having a 12mp Main, 12mp Ultra-Wide, 64mp Fake Telephoto(1.1x).

      Given that the 108mp pixel bins down to 12mp, yet being able to switch to 108mp for maximum resolution output and using all those 108mp to crop into 3x digital zoom and that sensor can still output 8k videos...

      On the Ultra model, we really should be seeing a 108mp HM2 digitally zooming to 3x, a 48MP 3x optical Telephoto digitally zooming before the 10x optical folded zoom takes over.

      The S21 and S21+ are trying to fill to many criteria whilst being to expensive, not to mention the prospect of them being constructed with plastic as well as going overkill on the 12GB of RAM, if they are back to S10-era prices

        i don't understand why GSMArena keep stating that very stupid spec like 32 bit / 384 khz audio although it does not even have a headphone jack...

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          • mk123
          • TTj
          • 12 Dec 2020

          really? plastic? i love samsung's flagship, but time to move on.

            Moly, 11 Dec 2020failed samsung,in the name of jesus, you are k.o.(knock out... morelol

              This is not relevant info...its not plastic back, its glass-mat finish on back. And exynos on S21 models have beaten Snapdragon.

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                • Rmatt
                • X}Q
                • 11 Dec 2020

                Now they using bigger sensor...good job Samsung.12mp would be great.

                  Frmg, 10 Dec 2020JESUS! A big downgrade after S20 series. Plastic in back ... morethat was some angry opinion if i've ever seen one...

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                    • amiya
                    • v{u
                    • 11 Dec 2020

                    Frmg, 10 Dec 2020JESUS! A big downgrade after S20 series. Plastic in back ... morewow

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                      • Waqar masood
                      • KIK
                      • 11 Dec 2020

                      A was here., 10 Dec 2020They'll find out at some point...😐The camera design is kinda weird! Also if the s20 series don't have headphone jack why these have, so bad. Samsung.

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                        • y$h
                        • 11 Dec 2020

                        Really? 1080 below 400 PPI? I'd trade Stylus support for 1440p screen.

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                          • Capri
                          • 99w
                          • 11 Dec 2020

                          It looks ugly.

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                            • Moly
                            • XDj
                            • 11 Dec 2020

                            failed samsung,in the name of jesus, you are k.o.(knock out,) for good.

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                              • mxY
                              • 11 Dec 2020

                              no qhd+ display and no higher refresh rate, no periscope camera, plastic back and very high price and no charger and earphone. Well done Samsung soon xiaomi is gonna take top spot from Samsung

                                Zzz, 10 Dec 2020You can trash out those 64mp and you only lose those 8k vid... moreOk, but the telephoto cameras are useless at night if the images they produce are darker. I could care less if its sharper, if I can't see anything, there is no point.

                                  Frmg, 10 Dec 2020JESUS! A big downgrade after S20 series. Plastic in back ... moreThe S20s didn't have the headphone jack
                                  It has the same telephoto camera of the S20 series
                                  It has the same selfie camera of the s20 series
                                  We probably all have a charger at home, and even if we didn't... The most expensive ones cost 20 dollars

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                                    • Frmg
                                    • P48
                                    • 10 Dec 2020

                                    JESUS! A big downgrade after S20 series.
                                    Plastic in back = intermediate look, but ok because is more resistance in drops. Most people dont care about glass in back. We really need protection for expensive devices.
                                    But selfie camera = worst
                                    No charger = worst
                                    No headphones = worst
                                    1.1x telephoto = really? Big worst ... S20FE is better.
                                    Exynos 2100 need be magic or S21 is doomed to failure.

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                                      • A was here.
                                      • j{g
                                      • 10 Dec 2020

                                      They'll find out at some point...😐

                                        A big NO to the Exynos version with merely 4300 mAh battery. My current S9 plus doesnt even last half day, I have to charge it twice or sometimes 3 times a day. Pathetic these flagships are from Samsung at a whopping price.