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Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G

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Plastic phone, crappy price, no charger! I'm currently using the last decent Sam phone and that was S9+ after that they can go drown. No more sam

    [deleted post]Wrong. Check

      Kesha1988, 14 Jan 2021Plastic back, Exynos for Europe ! 1050€ Samsung are 👉👌 cu... moreyou read a website's specs. Didn't watch any reviews, no irl tests, and yet here you are bashing the product without giving it a chance to show what it's worth. Well done

        Supersaf said S21 Plus has glass back. Gsmarena you guys should look into it

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          • Anonymous
          • t75
          • 14 Jan 2021

          I thought there is price drop compared to the previous model? The S21+ price where I'm from is $1,207 while the the S20+ when it was new was $1166, a $41 increase.

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            • Anonymous
            • Qy}
            • 14 Jan 2021

            xcpd, 14 Jan 2021Plastic back? Come on!! Not worth the upgrade from Galaxy s... moreThey have it wrong. The Plus actually has a glass back

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              • Anonymous
              • 7Mu
              • 14 Jan 2021

              This is glass back, only the regular S21 is plastic back to drop the price

                So poor cameras!

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                  • Alex
                  • nF{
                  • 14 Jan 2021

                  Samsung,you disapointed me a lot.I'm an Samsung user for years,many years,but now...,
                  No charger,no memory card slot,plastic back,low resolution for almost 1000€ for the S21+,COME ON......,
                  Chinese brand rule,PHuck off Samsung and Apple aswell

                    Plastic back, Exynos for Europe ! 1050€
                    Samsung are 👉👌 customers)

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                      • PikaPele
                      • nTV
                      • 14 Jan 2021

                      Io., 14 Jan 2021I have a note 20 ultra 5G (512 GB internal storage + 12 GB ... moreHuawei got banned so no competition..

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                        • Rk100
                        • 6v0
                        • 14 Jan 2021

                        Honestly it's ugly

                          This phone is really a downgrade. It feels like a shadow of the S21 ultra 1080p resolution,Plastic back and no TOF 3d camera.This phone should be priced at around 600 dollars. At the current price, the S20 ultra or note 20 ultra makes more sense.

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                            • Memyselfandi
                            • 4TC
                            • 14 Jan 2021

                            IG - beatsbybrowse, 14 Jan 2021It's glass back. It's only the regular S21 that h... moreOnly Ultra with Glass back, regular and Plus has plastic back.

                              xcpd, 14 Jan 2021Plastic back? Come on!! Not worth the upgrade from Galaxy s... moreIt's glass back. It's only the regular S21 that has plastic back.

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                                • Ohi
                                • XWZ
                                • 14 Jan 2021

                                What the f**k man 😡
                                Plastic back with aluminium frame 🤧🤧

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                                  • AnonD-792345
                                  • YfS
                                  • 14 Jan 2021

                                  Sorry but came up short vs. Xiaomi Mi 11, almost anyway you look at it, if there is anything $300 price difference makes it up.
                                  That's even Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro is yet to come.
                                  Don't say like "Well Chinese Phone OEMs..." been using Xiaomi in USA for a while, no problems.

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                                    • Rizwan
                                    • Py$
                                    • 14 Jan 2021

                                    Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G — $1,100 for 128GB/12GB, $1,200 for 256GB/12GB, $1,400 for 512GB/16GB,

                                    Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G — $850 for 128GB/8GB, $1,000 for 256GB/8GB,

                                    Samsung Galaxy S21 5G — $750 for 128GB/8GB, $900 for 256GB/8GB,

                                    No need of FE version.

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                                      • HammyTdfey
                                      • NiB
                                      • 14 Jan 2021

                                      Samsung might be confused

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                                        • LifesGood
                                        • 3pt
                                        • 14 Jan 2021

                                        €200 more just for a bit bigger screen? Is this an out-of-season april fools joke or am I missing something here?