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Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G

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Bought an s21 today, regret for not buying s20 Fe to save money, as it offers very similar specs. If you are looking for camera, the main camera in both is only 12MP. ..You will never use 64MP as it can be used to take only 3:4 size Pic. So, camera department in both is just we will be using Full screen, if you are looking for a better camera, better for for other mobile...essentially s21 still for same camera spec as that of my old s9+. ...s9+ was superb except camera, which is why upgraded to s21+ to get cheated with same spec

  • Ann mary

My first day with s21 plus. ...there is no heating noted during charging. Bought this mainly because of low SAR , which is 0.291 w/kg for India.

Camera department, there is a catch. 64mp can be used to take only 4x3 size pics. So, of no use at all....the screen full.

mrsam, 28 Apr 2021bro..mind to tell what ver s21 you have?is it the plus?and ... moreIf you are living in Exynos region, go for S21+. The performance boost and battery life of the Exynos 2100 is much better than the Exynos 990. If you are living in Snapdragon region (USA, South Korea, China), get the Note 20 Ultra. SD865 has much lesser throttling (means lesser performance drops such as when gaming), and better battery life. Also Note 20 Ultra has a higher screen resolution, better camera and an S-Pen.

FYI, I have an Exynos S21+.

  • Anonymous

mrsam, 28 Apr 2021bro..mind to tell what ver s21 you have?is it the plus?and ... moreHey. I have exynos s21+. Personally I recommend you to buy new s21 lineup because exynos 2100 is much better than last year. Exynos 990(s20 lineup) is good but it gets too hot on daily basis for example you are scrolling on social media and listening to music. Battery life on newer models are way better aswell. They fixed all perfomance problems s20(exynos 990) had.
If you live in snapdragon region choose between features(if you want Spen go for note...).

  • mrsam

Anonymous, 28 Apr 2021I was trying to say that every single phone has some proble... morebro..mind to tell what ver s21 you have?is it the plus?and is it snapdragon or exynos?bcause i want to buy a new phone and im looking forward between s21 and note 20 ultra..please tell me the performance of s21..

  • Anonymous

Alex, 27 Apr 2021The fact that you point your finger in the other direction,... moreI was trying to say that every single phone has some problems. This years s21 lineup as good as s7 was. So I don't get your point why you so angry about samsung you didn't had in a long time :D. I see that you don't like oneplus too. I guess you didn't used it for a long time too :D. I'm here to consult people who are considering to buy s21+ because I own one. And you there to blame the device that you didn't own

  • Alex

Anonymous, 27 Apr 2021As much results as iphone 12 pro and oneplus 9 pro :)). Can... moreThe fact that you point your finger in the other direction, blaming others, just proves my point.
I would only agree that OP9 is a worse cr.. than S21, may be worst for the money. And I wasn't looking for iOS so I have no idea what's going on there. I was looking for Samsung - and I hate the BS they did this year, that's my message - for the future releases.

  • Anonymous

Alex, 27 Apr 2021Most people here can count to more than 5. And don't c... moreAs much results as iphone 12 pro and oneplus 9 pro :)). Can you just leave your negative thoughts elsewhere? Because most people are happy using s21 including me and many others. You didn't used s21 so how can you be so sure there is problems? You can't because you didn't used it. I didn't ever noticed my phone getting warm while scrolling instagram. My friends neither :)

  • samsung

One of the best phone around comparing iPhone 12, OnePlus 9Pro, and other rivals.......
only thing they need to improve is thermal efficiency, and fluid OS.

  • Alex

Anonymous, 26 Apr 2021I think that "most people" are 2-5 peoples who ar... moreMost people here can count to more than 5. And don't close their eyes in neglect when shown videos of S21 overheating, including using Instagram.
Can you count how many results your browser returns for "s21 temperature too high to use camera" search?

  • Sk

Best display ever.exyons 2100 more powerful but lose performance while gaming for long time batree is good .
I switch form ios to android feeling like a forest lion. Freedam 000000

  • Anonymous

ML, 26 Apr 2021I'm talking about s21+ 😄. I'm quite concern about... moreI think that "most people" are 2-5 peoples who are complaining about every single thing in life lol. Ofcourse if you planning to use your phone while charging it will become a little warm. My friends oneplus does that, huawei does that, iphone does that. That is normal while charging. I'm charging and using it for social media and I can say it's not becoming hot it is warm but not hot. While I'm not charging it never gets hot. My typical use spotify on the background, browsing web(brave browser) and texting someone on messenger and my phone never gets warm. So I can assure you it will not overheat during light instagram sessions.

  • ML

Anonymous, 25 Apr 2021I have s21+, my friends have s21 ultra, s21(all exynos) and... moreI'm talking about s21+ 😄. I'm quite concern about it because most people said they have overheating issues when using camera, watching youtube and charging. Some cases they just scroll through instagram. Will it overheat when using 15W charger with fast charging on?

I am using s21+ exynos since last 2 month.
Average temperature it keeps around 35c

if I start using camera it goes around 45/47 in 5 minutes.
Only downside I see is OS is still not optimized like oxygen OS, still feeling lagging in shutter speed and daily task (not more noticeable but feels glitches)
If I keep 120Hz (adaptive) it warm more, so keeping on 60hz

Overall good phone.

  • Anonymous

Ahm123, 25 Apr 2021Guys i want to buy samsung s21 plus i just want to ask abou... moreOn average I've got 7 hours screen on time with moderate use( adaptive screen refresh rate(120hz), bluetooth all the time on, mobile data, 70-100 screen brightness). On heavy gaming sessions I think you should easily get 5 hours or even better results It depends on the games, screen brightness, background processes and so on.

  • Anonymous

ML, 24 Apr 2021Is the overheating issue solved and what are the causes tha... moreI have s21+, my friends have s21 ultra, s21(all exynos) and we don't experienced any heat issues from the day we purchased. Maybe you are talking about s20 lineup which had exynos 990.

I highly recommend it.

  • Anonymous

beep bop boop, 23 Apr 2021Exynos 2100 only edges out the 888 in multi-core performanc... moreYea bro benchmark is useless but both CPUs are great this year.
I'm glad samsung fixed issues exynos 990 had and now exynos is good like before.

  • Anonymous

Alex, 23 Apr 2021A beast like hippo? :-) Hungry and easily losing its temper... moreI have this phone for 2months and I didn't experienced anything. I'm always multitasking facebook, messenger, browser, bla bla and never ever experienced slow downs or overheating. Exynos 990 was problematic but 2100 is amazing. Probably on the same level of smoothnes s7 had

  • C

I've been using this phone for about a month. it's very fast, the battery lasts one day for heavy use, 2 days for normal use. I don't use it for games, but so far it has never warmed up. one ui is very well done, I had no problem. I love the flat screen. I wouldn't even change it with the s21 ultra. it's the best choice for those who want to change the phone

Guys i want to buy samsung s21 plus i just want to ask about battery life because i play alot games pubg what is screen time 120hz and 60hz do u guys get