Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G

Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G

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  • Anonymous

No SD is a nono, 28 Jan 2021General downgrade from the S20+, and the SD card is a compl... moreMidrange is for you then.

  • Foster

Big innovation, then degradation. No 3.5mm jack. Like a bulldog without teeth !!!!!!!

Anonymous, 29 Jan 2021Made by Chinese lmaoya lol

  • Anonymous

localA50user, 28 Jan 2021please, the mi 10 ultra that yall adore is in this same pri... moreMade by Chinese lmao

  • No SD is a nono

General downgrade from the S20+, and the SD card is a complete must imho, I already compromised too much with the 3.5mm jack... If this is going to be the trend, I will have a hard look somewhere else

Anonymous, 25 Jan 2021Too many downgrades from S20+. No QHD, card slot, etc.please, the mi 10 ultra that yall adore is in this same price range and that has a 1080p and i dont see anyone there complaining🙄

  • King

Anonymous, 25 Jan 2021Too many downgrades from S20+. No QHD, card slot, etc.Wow. Samsung made downgrades. No charge ,that's rude. No slot card, display, 8gb ram only, not's incredible that Samsung act.

  • Vule

If i had to choose between s21+ or lg V60. Surely V60 . It has micro sd slot.3.5 mm jack.

  • Anonymous

Too many downgrades from S20+. No QHD, card slot, etc.

i see people complaining about the 1080p/120hz screen on this, but at the same time they praise the Mi 10 ultra that ALSO has a 1080p/120hz display🤔. (in my opinion, if u think the other way then thats cool to) as much as i hate xiaomi, i will admit the mi 10 ultra takes great photos, but not pixel level photos.

  • Anonymous

joe nodden, 24 Jan 2021Wait why does the spec sheet say it has a glass back? Does ... moreThe S21 has a plastic back. The S21+ and Ultra have glass backs

Wait wait wait wait. This has the exact same camera setup as the S20. The difference being this doesn't have a year of updates full of camera optimization. Now I realize why it looked awful in a camera comparison. Oh hell no.

Wait why does the spec sheet say it has a glass back? Does it actually? I thought there was a whole uproar over both the S21 and S21+ having glass backs.

Hahaha Plastic back,only FHD screen, Exynos again?
No thanks, I'd go for A71 since there's a lot in common and for only 300$

  • sammy

such a disappointment .. get iphone 12 instead of this rubbish

  • Anonymous

Such a disappointing follow up to the s20+. Basically identical except the soc upgrade and screen downgrade. Avoid this phone, if this is the size you want and S21 ultra is too big then get a S20+ for half of this price.

  • Fora

I prefer still using a note9 or s10+ with less battery capacity, than using s21+ with no microsd, no 3.5 mm jack. Not everyone uses cloud storage Something newer is NOT necessarily better.

  • Gire

Hey Samsumg s21 designers! Micro sd slot should be in the phone. For those who need it. Dont follow others in their STUPIDITY!

  • Anonymous

This is coming from a current S20+ user's perspective. First, for me the only downgrade is going to be 12gb>8gb of RAM. I much prefer the flat display over this stupid curved one. The in the hand feel of the new phone without the glossy back is much nicer imo. The cameras, although the same, do seem to perform better in a side by side comparison from what I see. (I sell phones daily, we just got our displays setup). I don't care about the 1440p>1080p drop because I always run the phone at 120hz, plus at this DPI realistically you can't tell a difference. I like that the battery got a small bump up in size. Also the larger fingerprint reader, I'm hoping, will be a lot faster and easier to hit consistently rather than the little sliver of a fingerprint reader in the older model. Another thing, no more do I have to deal with "Samsung Free" which imo is garbage. Now when swiping over you get Google Feed, which I used regularly when I was on a pixel phone. Finally, as a bonus, Samsung is offering me a $700 trade in credit for this device which is the same as what I paid for it, so getting this device for $299 for me was worth it. I don't use, nor care about the SD card slot. I also have a plethora of wireless headphones I can use with it so I don't care about no headphone jack either. I'm also hoping that with the upgraded antenna bands that 5G in my area will be better. (Unlikely) I will admit, although the back is glass it does look and feel like plastic. And the S21 ultra, at least in the Cosmic Black color, also looks very, very plasticy. (The glossy metal around the body seriously looks like cheap glossy plastic.)

  • Yourpapa

pita, 17 Jan 2021you are right, i own s20 plus i downgraded screen resolutio... moreWell if you watch 1080p content in 1080p or 1440p it'll look same. Try watching 1440p content at 1440 resolution.