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Samsung Galaxy S21 5G

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  • Luka3rd

Another pathetic downfall since s9...
Plastic back and no charger for 850euro? OK, pass again.

I think in India s21 is over priced from initial specsheets. S20 was launched at INR 67999 and S21 launched at INR 69999. Same battery capacity, charging speed, only upgrade is the exynos chipset with 5g capabilities and camera tech. While no chargers and earphones, curved or 2k screen resolution, plastic back. Should have brought down the price compared to s20. For easier comparision compare it to s20 fe with s20's exynos 4g chipset which launched at 45000INR and now retails for around 41000 INR only upgrade is exynos chipset and camera resolution s20 fe still have 4500mah battery with 15watt in box charger and supports 25watt fast charging.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Jan 2021no charger , no headphones , battery consuming predator exy... moreThis exynos processor might be better chip as it has cortex cores rather than Samsung's shitty custom cores. But only the time will tell.

  • Natan

What about HAC in s21 series? (hearing aid compatible?)

  • chick

Per, 15 Jan 2021Real question: What is the better zoom camera? S20 FE, ... moreIf solely judging from what you have stated, 3x optical zoom surely is better than 3x hybrid zoom. However the telephoto lens on the S20 FE is a 8MP one at 3x optical zoom, where as the one on the S21 is a 3x hybrid with a 64MP lens with 1.1x optical zoom. How many raw pixels are left on the S21 after achieving 3x hybrid zoom is hard to guess without actually looking at how their software is digitally magnifying it. But i'd guess in the end of the day the S21 will take a better photo than the s20fe if zoom is solely your concern.

  • The truth teller

SON GOKU, 14 Jan 2021I was pretty excited about the S21, I thought it would have... moreBut the s21 has a 120hz screen that should be all you need to convince you into buying. i wouldnt use a 1440p screen or higher while in 120hz mode those batteries would be burnt out to quick

  • Anonymous

Per, 15 Jan 2021Real question: What is the better zoom camera? S20 FE, ... moreShould be around the same. But S21 has better software zoom, so that might be better.

Overall I think the S21's camera system is universally better, as is the screen, performance and potentially battery life. I recommend the S21.

  • Per

Real question:

What is the better zoom camera?
S20 FE, 3x optical, or
S21 with 3x hybrid

This would be deciding for me, so thanks for opinions

  • Anonymous

The Galaxy S6 Series True Successor minus charger/akg earphones in the box.

  • Anonymous

Alex, 15 Jan 2021Sorry, you tried S21 today!? How is it possible, the phone ... moreI live in South Korea. They have s21/s21+/ultra and buds pro in stores to try since this morning (It's 15th here)

I meant I didn't notice the difference in image quality on screen. I actually prefer flat screen so... there's that. I also mentioned that other people might notice the ppi difference, I just personally didn't.

As for photo, yes. Just visually compared. Took photos with/without zoom (went up to 3x zoom) with both phones and then zoomed in on screen. I personally liked the s21 photo a bit more but honestly... there isn't that much difference. (That is, in store, under white lamp lights, no idea how it performs in low light or extremely bright light)

I'm not professional phone reviewer in any way. s20 might be better phone in the end after one has a chance to use them both for long time. My personal preference from what I experienced in playing around with both for ~30min total is that I liked s21 bit more.

  • Anonymous

no charger , no headphones , battery consuming predator exynos and with all of that only 4000 ma battery , well done samsung you are the best

  • Alex

Anonymous, 15 Jan 2021Photos are same if not better on s21 (tried today). And des... moreSorry, you tried S21 today!? How is it possible, the phone hasn't been released yet...
And even if you did, how do you judge the photo quality? By looking at the phone screen?
As for the screen differences that you didn't notice... OK, you don't see the difference between 560ppi and 420ppi, I take that. But the screen is no longer curved, it's flat, how couldn't you notice that!?

  • Ud

I have the S20 and I'm very happy with it. I'll wait a year or two till they'll come up with better upgrades and no punch hole.

From 1st generation galaxy S until the latest 12st generation ,i only attracted and bought the S4 32G flagship in 2013 with malaysia ringgit 2399 because it has latest 4G LTE ,many useful sensors technology, dedicated card slot , good audio sound , super Amoled ,removemable battery! I am still using S4 in 2021 ! What i want to say is Samsung totally had failed to encourage their fans to voluntarily spend money to upgrade their flagship phone during these 7 - 8 yeats ! If not the ridiculous ban from USA on China smart phone , i think Samsung mobile phone already bankcrupted and kicked out from the world market ! However i wont deny that their s20 FE 5G is still an option with lower price !

  • Alex

Propane001, 15 Jan 2021So do I get the s21 for the price of 800usd or go for a s20... moreS20 FE, it's got real tele cam and better photo quality overall. Unless you are in Exynos region. Then wait and see if Exynos 2100 in S21 is better than Exynos 990.

  • Anonymous

Propane001, 15 Jan 2021So do I get the s21 for the price of 800usd or go for a s20... morePhotos are same if not better on s21 (tried today). And design in real life is (imo) WAY better on s21 then s20, it felt much better in my hands (phantom grey and phantom violet are gorgeous and it doesn't look cheap at all, that plastic on back was A+ choice for me personally and I thought I'll hate it). I'd say if price difference is less than 100$ might be worth getting s21 just for the chipset and the fact software is bit tuned up. Memory card wise - if you need more than 256GB memory get s20. Where I am, s21 only comes in 256GB and that's at starting price. That's more than enough for me so memory card is not important. Earphone jack is also whatever. Here they give you buds live (for s21/s21+) or buds pro (for ultra) for free with phone if you pre-order so...

I've been thinking between s20 and s21 for like a month and was almost set on s20 and then today I saw and played around with s21 and decided to go with s21 because I personally liked it more.

Ah also... I didn't notice difference between s20 and s21 screens, but that's not to say no one will.

To note - I would never in million years upgrade s20->s21 that's just not worth it. Not sure if even s10 upgrade would be worth it. But if you're coming from something s9 or older, s21 might be better option over s20.

  • Anonymous

localA50user, 15 Jan 2021they're just idiots who wont stop whining, and this is... moreThe thing is that samsung want you to think it is next gen, but in fact it is not.

So do I get the s21 for the price of 800usd or go for a s20 plus which is cheaper. I feel like there's not much change in th s21 besides the video capability and processing power. What a do u guys think?
My main uses are gaming and photography.

To much compromise for such an expensive phone. IMO, s20FE is the way to go if you want Samsung ... Or ANY mid-range phone with normal price, headphone jack and micro SD card.

  • Grave13

What i wanna is how am i supposed to use headphones without a gorram headphone jack!?