Samsung Galaxy S21 5G

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G

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  • Aadif

Dee, 01 Feb 2021Anyone having a overheating problem with this phone?Yes, my phone has heating issue. I wouldn't say overheat but it is always warm with regular usage.

this phone would be awsome if the price was $300 lower

  • Dee

Anyone having a overheating problem with this phone?

localA50user, 31 Jan 2021why is the mi 10 ultra china only?Because Xiaomi made that decision.
Actually the truth is, Chinses phones sales are mostly in China. So, brands like Xiaomi, Vivo releases phones only in China at a very low price to counter Huawei mainly, as Huawei's current sales are China dependable. So, these companies release these phone get very little to no profit but to get more market share in China.

  • Dariua

localA50user, 31 Jan 2021why is the mi 10 ultra china only?Because it's expensive to pay developers to adapt and maintain the UI for the phone and translate it. It's also competes in the west with flagships oneplus and samsung. Xiaomi's main goal is usually better value rather than luxury.

  • Anonymous

Dee, 31 Jan 2021Anyone having a overheating problem with this phone?I put my egg on back, saves cooking. No but use snapdragon so never heats.

P C M, 31 Jan 2021Actually Mi 10 ultra has many things better than S21. So, y... morewhy is the mi 10 ultra china only?

  • Anonymous

What is the point of making phones longer year on year. Don't their engineers wear coats?

  • Dee

Anyone having a overheating problem with this phone?

  • Anonymous

I think Samsung forget that S21 and S21 plus are still flagships . 1080p screen 8gb ram , when the last model s20 5g and s20 plus 5g had 12gb ram 1440p . Why would you buy a phone that expensive only for a better cpu and less ram and less displayt quality ?
If you don t care about the downgrade from 1440p to 1080 , why not vga screen ? They can make a phone with vga screen and the same price and you will buy it just because is a new model.

  • Anonymous

First year i am not going to buy the new S serie...

localA50user, 28 Jan 2021s21 duh, and stop complaining about the screen, the mi 10 u... moreActually Mi 10 ultra has many things better than S21. So, you can't really compare it.
Besides Mi 10 ultra hasn't been released worldwide. You can't compare with Chinese price either. They usually are 25-30% lower than global price.

  • 86297342

Anonymous, 29 Jan 2021I will be waiting for s21 feI'll waiting OnePlus 9 not a Samsung because carger no coming a with a new Samsung phones anymore and needs pay it.. extra money Samsung takes with it that needs pay charger.

  • 35435434

TeD, 26 Jan 2021Oppo A93 = 280 euros with 8GB/128GB Samsung S21 = 850 euro... moreUnder 300€ is like a kids phone and them no even doing nothing if wants a good phone its must costs a 500€ or more!

  • Anonymous

No 12gb ram . Joke. Better off with s205g.

  • AZ

Fun fact:S21 ultra>S20 ultra>S10 5g
But,S21 5g

  • Tar

Im samsung user .i love samsung galaxy s21

  • SweeeT

Extremely funny...every new 200 euros phones from Oppo or others now have 128 GB AND memory card...and Samsung is wondering why they are selling less and less S serie phones each year ?

  • Anonymous

I will be waiting for s21 fe

  • Note9 User

Anonymous, 26 Jan 2021Hi, I have an old android from 2017 series and i wanna buy ... moreIf you want 6.2" then consider the S21, looks like preorder deals are closed, but can still get via participating shop outlets, like free Galaxy buds live earbuds if you need, or promo discount through carrier etc.

If you want 6.5" then consider S20 FE 5G Snapdragon version, but check for touch issues on the latter.

If it's Snapdragon in your region then also consider the S20 at a discount.

See specs & reviews to workout which suits you best.