Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G

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I bought it today for half the price. Should I try to sell it or is it worth it when it's only half the price? I have an Oppo Find X3 Neo at the moment.

Th0r, 08 Jan 2022>Exynos chipset >No SD card >No headphone jack ... moreSamsung copying Apple

  • Jon

If you guys switch to metro it's free when you switch I'm tempted I have the s10 I don't want to lose my headphone jack SD card slot and the bass on the s10 is amazing I don't want to lose that either the s21 FE is still a good deal for free when you switch

  • Alex

In Ukraine it is already sold at a price of 800 usd

mimo200, 08 Jan 2022You can buy the mi 11 ultra for only 100 euros more, which ... moreExcept the shitty UI

You can buy the mi 11 ultra for only 100 euros more, which is much better in every single aspect.

>Exynos chipset
>No SD card
>No headphone jack
>No FM radio
>No charger in the box
what went wrong?

might as well wait for next month for the S22.

If this thing has better battery life than the S21 it's a no brainer.

That price though. On Ebay you find the S21 at a lower price, new and in its package.

  • Anonymous

Among the things companies have been changing or removing, some, like Apple, from the very start.
First from top, the charger. At least we get a basic charger, if not the high speed charging one, because chargers eventually break. So go buy a charger. And if you happen to be switching platforms, go buy a charger.
MicroSD slot, not a biggie. I, personally, don’t see its advantage. Most phones offer at least 128gb of storage.
Fm radio, I’d like to have that. I don’t use streaming, and in countries with limited data it’s good to have that option if one doesn’t want to be stuck with the music collection on phone.
3.5mm jack. Use your own earphones with an adapter on your phone. Then remove the adapter to use the earphones elsewhere. Make sure you store the adapter so it doesn’t get lost cuz, guess what, it won’t be provided with your next phone. I don’t need one more device to charge so no Bluetooth earbuds.
Removable battery. Where I am I need to keep my iPhone 7 for a month in the possession of Apple approved maintenance centre until the battery gets shipped. Not an option. Apple started that trend of unremovable batteries and everybody followed suit.

  • Mahdy

forhad-61, 07 Jan 2022Umm, I heard Samsung cpu heats up too, on past. How's ... moreI've heard that they all do. Never changes.

PixelFan, 07 Jan 2022TL;DR Just go with Sony at this point. Samsung to iPhon... moreRemoving charger is the single most shittest thing to do in the name of marketing(environmental friendly my ass!). And people who support this are equally pathetic looser with Mommy and Daddy's money. I don't see them lowering the price in accordance to the removal of the said charger.

  • L

forhad-61, 07 Jan 2022Umm, I heard Samsung cpu heats up too, on past. How's ... moreHighly due to exynos chip maybe, and this for my country using exynos will just cause it unable to sell well

  • Kev

I frankly feel like Samsung released this phone as a turd to make the upcoming S22 series seem like better devices. They will be, no doubt. But still. Sad.

Alas the tele and ultrawide have tiny sensors so they made some savings there.

  • i91

Anonymous, 07 Jan 2022I would still probably buy the A52s instead for the Micro S... moreI bought 2xA52 as gifts in the last few months (1xA52 & 1xA52s 5G)

The second in my opinion was the FE phone that all of us wanted. Yes, the CPU is a bit weaker but it has 3.5mm, SD slot, charger and is half the price of the S21.

  • John07

That's the money of S20 ultra 5G and S21 ultra 5G. I don't undestand idiots who would spend the same amount of money for something that isn't even close to the ultra lineup. "Fans" I guess, lol.

  • Loghman

Does this phone support Dex wireless?

n0-way, 07 Jan 2022- so this is basic a DOWNGRADE from s20fe 5g.. no card.. th... moreUmm, I heard Samsung cpu heats up too, on past. How's the new gen?