Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

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  • freepasting

Jeez dont they notice, are they really so out of touch that they fail to notice, more and more people buying top end phones are buying top end headphones subscribing to hd music streaming services yet they use outdate prehistoric low end Bluetooth codexs. WAKE THE f****c up

  • Viclanc

No shortage of experts and whiners on here. No SD? So What? Many new phones do not. I have had my s21 ultra for 3 weeks and not suffered any of the complaints on here. Sounds like envy more than anything else.

  • AlienKiss

AnonD-973296, 13 Feb 2021its not a downgrade, they r both really goodFor regular users, they're both great. BUT, if you are a power user or you are into programming, you will instantly realize that iOS is nothing but a digital prison where the only customizable thing is the static wallpaper, while everything else is locked down.
Android, on the other hand gives you a lot of freedom, customizations etc, without even rooting the phone. If you root an android phone you get full control, while if you jailbreak the iPhone, it will go bananas and die in your hands, full of glitches and hiccups.

iOS is only for the masses, Android is for the masses, but also for the smart people as well.
Hope my answer will clear things up for you!

  • Anonymous

Alex, 13 Feb 2021Enjoy wasting your life at service centers. Most of us pref... moreYou're presumptions don't resemble my or my families experience at all. I can't tell if you are being glib, spurious, or facetious, but your assumptions have never been a reality for us.

  • AnonD-983574

I have the exynos 2100 variant. I've been using it for 3 weeks now. It has its flaws such as features, performance and packaging. But overall, the phone is a beast. Thank you Samsung

  • Anonymous

Wait another 2or 3 years to have this phone

  • Kizo

There are so many people negatively shocked with the camera and I am among them. Returned mine after comparing it to my ip11 pro. The colors are off all the time, exposure is hit or miss and the HDR setting doesnt change anything, its always the same no matter what you do. In even the easiest scenarios the camera fails to take normal photos and video has jitter in all modes. Dont believe the youtube hype train, just test them for yourself if you have the chance neck by neck with another newer phone.

  • AnonD-973296

Android--Master, 13 Feb 2021Why would I downgrade from Android to iOS? its not a downgrade, they r both really good

Anonymous, 08 Feb 2021you can buy iphone 12 pro max. Why would I downgrade from Android to iOS?

  • Alex

Seul8tr, 13 Feb 2021You're claiming as every products is fault free, like ... moreEnjoy wasting your life at service centers. Most of us prefer enjoying our lives without it.
And no, the user didn't claim that every device is perfect. But he would expect his device to be, for €1200. Like most of us do.
Sorry we disappoint you with our disappointment with your product quality, Samsung.

  • Seul8tr

Jpn, 13 Feb 2021Same case mine too.You're claiming as every products is fault free, like humans don't make mistakes, like you've never made a mistake that you claim you are God?
Big deal, they will change or repair it for you. You still have 2 years warranty.

  • Good

Good phone

  • Kosova

You better go for fold 2

  • Jpn

c0nd0, 10 Feb 2021I pre ordered Samsung S21 Ultra and received on 28 Jan 2021... moreSame case mine too.

  • BabarMG

Brilliant phone, amazing camera and speed. There is a need to improve the battery efficiency, as soon as unplug drop to 99%. The built of the phone is very stylish.

  • Anonymus

Great and gorgeous screen, fantastic camera and amazing body. The best Samung phone ever.

  • Anonymous

jakas, 11 Feb 2021Note 9 is still a great phone, I have it but bought the Ult... moreS21 ultra number one

I have bought few days back Galaxy Ultra 21 5G in Nepal, but today just it's shut down automatically while using ( battery was above 80%), now it's not opening, any suggestion.

  • Alex

conductor, 12 Feb 2021I have the same opinion! 👍Guys, you forget to mention what phones you "ever had". You are not coming from budget motorolas like myself, do you? :-)

The update = G99*BXXU1AUB6

Download = 257.34MB

Build date = 09 February 2021

Release date = 12 February 2021

Camera version =

One UI version = 3.1

Android Security patch = February 2021

This is the 5th stable update in 16 days