Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

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  • Dazed1

Janis, 20 Feb 2021I am almost ready to send the phone back after a week of us... moreWait AUB9 update, it makes tge canera almost perfect

Anonymous, 20 Feb 2021I have S21 Ultra... I dont know if u notice that the displa... moreWhy update too the new firmware?

I'm still on the first firmware, and it's perfect.

Don't you learn from your previous experience mistakes that updates causes problems?

  • Trevski

Gutted that this phone does not have a memory card slot..... any reason why they decided to change it?

  • rmsmith1126

Do Not Disturb for calendar events?
Apparently Samsung doesn't license this critical feature, and access to the background timer has been changed, so you cannot install a third-party app to enable this feature.
Background: If you schedule a 2-hr meeting in Google Calendar, 0900-1100, it appears as "busy" and the option to enable Do Not Disturb would keep your phone quiet, automatically. Now this is no longer possible; it must be done manually. Really?!

Anonymous, 20 Feb 2021Why Sony 5ii?HIRES AUDIO, High-end Wolfson DAC, Headphone jack, SD card, professional camera and video which no camera can beat even in 5 year's ahead.

It has Alpha series camera features, going through all these features are mind boggling and confusing, but I'm half there, .. once you use this you would pissssssshitttt on stock camera.

No notch all screen. Plain vanilla stock Android.

I also have the SONY XZP 4K SCREEN AT2160P, and Sony xz1compact, Z5 impact.

  • Anonymous

I have S21 Ultra... I dont know if u notice that the display color gets warmer like the faces in the videos and pictures faces gets warmer and kinda yellowish even when i tone it to cooler tone. Still gets warmer. I dont know why is that. Im strict when it comes to color so yeah. Besides the color quality display everything is percect.

Plus if you notice in NETFLIX some of the new Movies and shows gets dimmer and warmer.

  • atb

I was very critical of this phone i mean the S21 Ultra but when i went in to the mobile shop and play abit around with it for a half an hour what really impressed me was the batterylife so i trade in my Note 20 Ultra for S20 Ultra and the fingerprint scaner is also much better on this one of course it is Sad that Samsung remove the support for Micro sd card but I will buy a usb flashdrive 256 GB that is also a good sololution . I think all things consider the S21 Ultra delivers were it mostly matters . The camera on this phone also delivers.

  • Anonymous

The left half of the screen you have to press harder on the screen for it to select an app or to type on the keyboard. Foes anybody have this problem?

  • Janis

I am almost ready to send the phone back after a week of use. The camera is horrendous. How does it come, my old xiaomi mi9 lite 200€ phone has so much better images in dark? On xio you shoot 32s exposure at 800 ISO and actually see all the fine detail. Well, but S21... 30s 800 ISO all smudged like an oil painting. You can see the raw version too, which is not smudged, but it has massive amount of noise and blue hot pixels, as well as, very poor dynamic range, washed out colors and so wrong white balance on auto. It took me one try on Xiaomi to get a good picture, but on Samsung it was simply not possible even after an hour of trying. There's just no way. Even on ISO 320 which made image brightnes

  • AnonD-973296

Anonymous, 20 Feb 2021Lowlight images are fabulous using night mode what are you ... moresame way the pixel images put mi 10 ultra to shame

  • Anonymous

SEUL8TR, 18 Feb 2021I prefer both. S21 Ultra Sony 5ii Sony XZ1COMPACT fo... moreWhy Sony 5ii?

Anonymous, 20 Feb 2021Don't know why everyone is getting 'overheating&#... moreYou're one of the lucky ones with the Silicon lottery. Samsung didn't do its QC very well this year. Some customers got good phones, while some didn't.

  • Anonymous

Don't know why everyone is getting 'overheating' I get nothing of the sort

  • Anonymous

JT, 10 Feb 2021Mine has the same issue. The phone gets hot after 5 minutes... moreLowlight images are fabulous using night mode what are you talking about?? Here is one image I took

George, 19 Feb 2021I bought S21 Ultra 5g. The first update when it was finishe... morethat's why i went for ios and never looked back..
great hardware, bad and underdeveloped OS and echo system

Roblox Firdaus Pro, 19 Feb 2021I can't believe this! Beautiful!this phone can be everything except for beautiful lol

  • Alex

Richard9811, 19 Feb 2021Just upgraded to the 512gb/16 silver model from my s10+ It's nice to know, we were all waiting for Richard9811 to upgrade! Do you mind sharing your experience?
And please try to be detailed, since NameNumber nick is the most commonly used pattern by paid reviewers ;-)

  • Kev

Mikele, 17 Feb 2021Congratulations 😅 How about Huawei p40 pro plus same camer... moreThe answer is simply if you need google:
The P40 Pro+ is basically a smaller version of the S21 Ultra, with some differences. However, I would pick the S21 Ultra since its newer with better chip, better display, and google slapped on top.
However, a fair comparison would be between the S21 Ultra with the upcoming P50 Pro+

I can't believe this! Beautiful!

NetteW, 19 Feb 2021Mine is 12G/256 with Exynos 2100. Tends to increase its he... moreUpdate to latest software from yesterday 18.02.
If you want to have longer battery see the battery saving tips. You cannot get more than 8 -10 hours SOT.
I am now happy with this phone.