Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

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Mikeyo, 27 Feb 2021No MicroSD - No Buy!what do you do with your phone that makes you need a microSD slot

  • RS

Mikeyo, 27 Feb 2021No MicroSD - No Buy!Then don' need to post your comment on this.

  • Anonymous

nike, 28 Feb 2021Please tell me, what is the best one between s21 ultra Exyn... moreboth are very good device’s but if you want a android then go for galaxy s21 ultra or if you want a ios device then go for iphone 12 pro max!!!

After getting this phone from preorder here in Sweden (exynos) , I returned the phone for this:

1-Phone has 25w and I used my 40w charger it takes to charge from 0-100% 2:20h can you imagine, my other chargers will take more than 5 hours, i went to mobile shop tried typc charger 18w same 2:20h.
My mate 20 pro 40-50min only so it is big downgrade, i saw charging test on youtube it took 1:15m so Samsung doesnt give you charger and doesnt make thier mobile friendly with other companies chargers totally SCAM.

2-Screen on time gave me 3-4 hours ONLY i checked online I found many people have same problem on "samsung forum" , samsung are updating the system but only 6 hours SOT i got max,while so many youtube reviews show atleast 8 - 14 hours, so samsung have problem with some devices not announcing

3-Games, it is AWFUL for games if you have pubg it will run 60fps only on smooth, more than smooth it will run 40fps!!! While I saw review on youtube snapgragon version runs on 60fps on any graphics!!!!
And i play "World of Tanks" it is the same on high graphics the frames will dropp like s***.
While my 2 old years mate 20 pro have no problem at all with frames on any game except heat.

Despite the nice big color screen and amazing sound quality but my 1400€ i paid doesnt make me happy nor satisfied at all.

I sent the phone first for fixing to check if there is problem with charging, samsung sent back with "nothing wrong".
Hope next year S22 do better in terms of more watts for charge and include the charger and I heared they will have exynos with AMD graphic then I will buy for sure.

Hope my review will help you guys to decide.

[deleted post]I am a fan of both Samsung and Apple actually, Apple’s image processing is much better than all Android Flagship phones out there, that’s why they are left behind.

  • nike

Please tell me, what is the best one between s21 ultra Exynos and 12 pro max? And reason for that?

Can someone explain why it shows different weights for Sub6 and mmW?

  • Anonymus

Azo, 27 Feb 2021Don’t angry me bro, you are an android fan boy, my own Xs M... moreI will always choose better phone and S21 Ultra is the best. 2 years ago S10+ was the best ahead of Note10+ and P30 Pro. I would love to switch from S10+ to S21 U but it's not necessary and I have some nice features from obvious history.

I have shots on my phone from 12 Pro max and they are really bad even A40 has better shots on camera with clearer image. I don't know the reason for bad results but those images are not polished with photoshop unlike on internet reviewers. And of course S10+ has better and sharper shots than 12 Pro max.
Today all flagships are expensive and iPhone is still expensive but far from the best phone and strong performances. Apple is boring even more than 10 years. And I will always remember bad 2G, bendable 6 and garbage X and Xs models. Probably is the best 11 Pro from Apple series but there is too many NO's for serious thoughts. And it is shameless to sell phines without equipment and serve that as new trend. Samsung is bad of copying iPhones from Galaxy S(2010). They shouldn't follow Apple in bad decisions like ditch 3.5mm jack, FM radio, IP rating and micro SD on S6, and now again on S21 series. They don't learn on mistakes. S20 series wasn't good as expected.

Probably the ugliest and most useless notch is Apple's one. I regret day when Sharp has introduced notch.

And just one question why I should buy iPhone when you're saying 12 Pro has worse cameras than S21U and I will say worse screen and battery, bad customer support, high price and poor entry memory options and horrible notch.
Even S21+ is far better device than 12 Pro. I tried all those phones and many other flagships(P40 Pro, Mate 40 Pro, Fold2, Note 20 Ultra) and S21U is really the best on market.

  • Kosova

Mikeyo, 27 Feb 2021No MicroSD - No Buy!As Einstein said insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Anonymus, 26 Feb 2021I tried S21U and iPhone 12 Pro max. Galaxy S21 Ultra ha... moreDon’t angry me bro, you are an android fan boy, my own Xs Max took great photos than my wife’s S10+ and now 11 pro max is out of this world. iPhone 12 Pro Max would be much better only S21 Ultra have advantage in Ultra wide and Zoom Capabilities.

No MicroSD - No Buy!

  • Anonymus

Alex, 26 Feb 2021Shaq, is that you? :-) Who else would be able to say "... moreLoL I'm not Shaq :-P
From my prospective it's much easier to handle with S21Ultra than with my S10+ ceramic with one hand.

S10+ is extremely slippery and very thin and without a case it will be on floor in a minute. Power button position is too high and it is chalenge to press it with right thumb of one hand but I somehow manage it.

S21Ultra has some "rubber layer" or some finish on glass and it has minimum "grip". It is thicker device and it better lands in hand. Power button is on right position for thumb and whole device is compact for me. You have one handed mode for typing but all other operations are going easy with one hand. I admit it is also easy to drop the phone but not that easy as S10+.

S10+ is much more elegant and thin but S21 Ultra looks great in matte black. It looks very mighty and powerfull.

jakas, 24 Feb 2021there are adapters which cost $ 3, just get oneBut that's not what I'm talking about. I'm saying there's absolutely no reason to prefer wireless headphones over wired ones, at all. People are being programed to believe that the world is "moving on" so that they pay for it, but in reality, it's all a marketing spoof to milk the consumer more. Wired headphones are superior to the wireless ones in all regards. This is not progress

  • ThatGuy

Anyone with snapdragon version??? how is it when it comes on gaming does it run hot?? and what game are you playing?? can anyone give me a detail pls!!!

Has anyone downloaded and installed One UI 3.1? How does it look and feel?

  • Alex

Anonymus, 26 Feb 2021I tried S21U and iPhone 12 Pro max. Galaxy S21 Ultra ha... moreShaq, is that you? :-) Who else would be able to say "good for one hand" about 165/75 230g phone...

Arena thinks differently though:
"The phone is large and slippery, making it very uncomfortable to handle without a case."

  • Alex

beep bop boop, 26 Feb 2021ok then S20 FE- eliminated GP5- eliminated S21- elimin... moreMay be stay away from the pandemic year releases at all, from any brand? This year had shortage in everything: health, chips, human resources (meaning research, engineering and testing).

  • beep bop boop

Someguy20, 26 Feb 2021Iphone 11 pro max? In the uk, there's loads of discoun... moreiPhone 11 pro max would not be a bad idea either

  • Anonymus

beep bop boop, 26 Feb 2021ok then S20 FE- eliminated GP5- eliminated S21- elimin... moreI tried S21U and iPhone 12 Pro max.

Galaxy S21 Ultra has perfect and most advanced screen, lands nice in hand and cameras are best on market. You will think you have not that big device in hand. It is good for one hand use. Just perfect phone.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro max has sharp edges, good or very good screen but not perfect. And cameras are dissapointing, no sharpness or usable autofocus. Objects and full scene are unclear. I don't know way but it has weaknesses like non other phone that costs 6 time lessnthan Apple's flagship.

I tried phones in real world and don't follow reviewers. Apple 0 points by me.

  • didi

why price of version 256GB 12GB RAM is lover than 128 + GB 12GB RAM???