Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

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  • Anonymous

WW, 16 Jan 2021108MP camera means larger photo size. photos and videos cou... moreNo, it produces 12MP photos. You can choose to shoot at full resolution but Auto mode produces 12MP

  • Anonymous

agofcl, 16 Jan 2021It has always been slower than Snapdragon counterpart, and ... moreremember when exynos was superior to snapdragon
s1 to s6 so both variants were balanced but after that the decline started worse and worse by each generation s8 s9 s10 s20

Here in the Philippines, if you pre-order you will get Galaxy Buds Pro, Samsung Tab A 8.0 and 25w charger. Plus for those who own S20/S10 and Note10/Note20 and registered for the unpacked event will receive additional Silicone Case with SPen and Wireless Trio Charging Pad. And btw the price of S21 Ultra here is 69,990Php or around 1400USD.

RK, 15 Jan 2021Samsung is not fair by sending rest of the world with a low... moreExactly

Hans, 14 Jan 2021how do you know it's inferiour this time? did you run ... moreIt has always been slower than Snapdragon counterpart, and Exynos have heating issues too. And your lab comment was childish, please grow up a bit.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2021Damn, no headphone jack, no Fm radio, I guess i cannot boug... moreWhen was the last time you've seen a phone with a headphone jack

  • Ex Samsung User

Does anyone know what uninstallable bloatware (Fakebook, etc) the S21 comes with? I have recently discovered that even if I disable Fakebook on my S10, my Samsung account data is still getting to Fakebook because of the deal between them.

  • FF17

They laughed at Apple for not including charger brick in the Iphone 12 Series. Xiaomi and Samsung followed after. =))

Samsung has more camera mps... bla..bla. bla..
Xiaomi has more RAm... bla ....bla bla...

Iphone 12 Pro Max is the best phone still.. End of the story!

CICARITO, 16 Jan 2021So if an iPhone user switches to S21 he will have a charger... morelol if you can afford 1200$ you can literally add 15$ on top for a 25w charger and still get a better deal than s20u with a charger in the box!
and i have a note 10 plus with a 25w charger and consider buying this oh and my headphones are perfect i barely use them lol always using my buds

  • boredaf

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2021Damn, no headphone jack, no Fm radio, I guess i cannot boug... moreomg lol you should never consider this to your mom or yourself even if this phone has all of what you just said 🤣🤣 so hilarious coming for a flagship with killer specs and literally writing a list of the oldest most lame things ever

  • Anonymous

All of the smartphone reviews in GSMARENA are mostly NEGATIVE what kind of people is that? You always have high and perfect standards to all of phones.

neomract29, 15 Jan 2021I honestly do not understand all of the complaints about: ... moreSo if an iPhone user switches to S21 he will have a charger laying around? Or also someone with older android phone? Obviously no one sane enough would waste his money on upgrading from S20 or N20 series to this...

  • Vic

Damn ! That ain't no a joke ?! Even with 512GB and a micro SD slot with 512GB card my phone goes faster asking to delete something !!!??? A movie and music lover ! Too bad ! I was up to got one, now I have to check for others brands...

  • freetalk

If there is no charger included, does that mean that charger from the Galaxy S10 is compatible, or do we have to buy a separate new charger? Thank you

No charger, no sd card slot, no audio jack, no purchase !

  • Paft Dunk

What's all the complaining about. Who uses $20 headphones with jacks on a $1300 phone? If it had an SD card slot a 512gb-1tb is runs $119 - $250. Buy a NAS server. What do you do on your phone that needs more than 256gb??

  • deen

so i see alot of people complaining about fudging small details and those are probably fruit phone usesers come on 128 or 256 will be over enough space i see people complaining that it is 2 little cause of app how many apps do you need you not gonna download every app on play store delete your porn and make room for space if use want space phone is has some good specs but noooooo it has too little space yes headphones thing does suck i dont know why they did that but other stuff you guys are complaining about is bullturds

  • gaa

WW, 16 Jan 2021108MP camera means larger photo size. photos and videos cou... moreno they are joining pixels and it makes 4k photo or something

Samsung has ensured that Note 20 Ultra will become a Big Hit by removing certain essentials in the S21 Series ....
Hail Samsung , never knew Samsung was so desperate for the success of Note 20 Ultra sales.

  • Anonymous

is worth or not buy this phone ?