Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

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No micro SD ,no charger ..goodbye Samsung,this is a regres,and the end of samsung !

RobertoGo, 15 Jan 2021This is why Samsung keep loosing thier market share to Xiao... more🤦🤦 There's a lot things you need to learn about Smartphone Camera

1. 228grams is actually not that heavy considering the 5000mah, 4 cameras (1 is a periscope zoom) and 6.8 display. To compare. iPhone 12 Pro Max weigh 229grams for a smaller 3687mah, 3 Cameras, and smaller 6.7 display.

2. 6.9 to 6.8 is not much a difference. Since the weight increase I think it is good they made it insignificantly 0.1inch smaller

3. Even if it is 10MP periscope it doesn't mean it's bad. IT IS ACTUALLY BETTER!!. S20U 48MP Periscope is only 4x Optical Zoom. That 48MP is binned to 12MP (4-1binning).
The S21 Ultra has 10MP Periscope Zoom that is capable of 10X OPTICAL ZOOM, 2.5x better than the 4X Optical Zoom. Not only that, that 10MP support DUAL PIXEL AUTOFOCUS.

4. Yup kinda suprise that from 45w down to 25w. But since there is no charger out if the box it kinda make sense

  • Sawsan

Oo, 15 Jan 2021No SD card??? This is outrageous No.

Bodhi, 15 Jan 2021Agree. By eliminating the SD Card slot they're forcing... moreNot really when the Base model starts 128GB for the S21&S21+ and 256GB for the S21U

Thats a lot compared to the 64GB base storage from Apple

Agree. By eliminating the SD Card slot they're forcing you to spend much more money for extra storage. Just like Apple does.

omg, 15 Jan 2021Aren't they a little overpriced? That's why I buy... moreif u dont mind , can u share what spec we can get for "most powerful computer" at $1200 ?

  • Ghosh

There is no big different between S20 ULTRA and S21 ULTRA

  • Hi

Samsung is making phones with exynos , Snapdragon and mediatek processors. But their flagship phones , with exynos for the international market. Why can't they make phones with both the processors and make it available for the international market. Apple is using the same chilpset for phones every region.

  • John

No SD card and no headphone jack. Large and heavy as a brick but no space for these features?

  • Ram

RobertoGo, 15 Jan 2021This is why Samsung keep loosing thier market share to Xiao... moreThis time you have 10x optical zoom so it should be better than digital zoom

  • Ram

xeroga, 15 Jan 202125w only? The charging is not fast enough, for a premium fl... moreFaster charging will result in battery performance degradation

  • Lio

Oh oh, 228 grs,heavy in hands.even my note 9 with 201 grs feel heavy. No micro sd.such a shame.

  • mar

8 years i was samsung fan, I brought 6 persons to samsung. Each year samsung offered less for more money (equinox is a joke), last great phone was note 9. I bought a zenfone 7 pro to replace my last samsung. Finally free, life is beautiful without samsung. Seeing how they treat customers every year is painful. S21 no exception, Samsung is the new Apple. Good luck

  • Oo

No SD card???
This is outrageous

  • A guy who cares

Seems powerful, yet not very versatile. Not sure I am getting this one. How do I listen to music on my wired headphones (Which I prefer to bluetooth) if there is no headphone jack? Why are we removing 3.5mm jacks from our smart phones. Wireless fidelity is significantly shittier than wired.

  • Warpy

The ULTRA 5G does have a micro-SD card slot! Why are people saying it doesn't? The lower tiered models like S21 and S21+ Don't!

  • Ratanakh

Why Samsung does remove card slot from your phone? It's stupid for android users! Bad improvement ever!

This is why Samsung keep loosing thier market share to Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo. The reason Samsung win against Iphone; Iphone was arrogant and was thinking consumers are dumb and will buy everything they launch. Now Samsung doing exactly the same. S21 Ultra is the ultimate way of paying more for less.

1. 228gr, 6gr heavier than last years model.
2. Smaller screen 6.8 vs 6.9
3. Periscope camera is 10mp last year was 48mp, even with 48mp 10x zoom photos were blurry, I can't imagine how it will look on 10mp.
4. 25w charging?? Why? It was 45w last year.

Only difference is faster processor.

I'm using S20 ultra, previous phone was note 8. I guess my next phone will be S23 or most probably I will move to another brand.

TPAA, 14 Jan 2021No surprise. There is no 3.5mm jack. Imagine going on a fli... moreDon't worry, in this case you just turn off your radio in phone information menu by punching *#*#4636#*#* in your dialer :P

  • jujud

no sd card slot is the most disappointing things for android phone