Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

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No sd card😤
I will go to Xiaomi
This year samsung will loose

Does this have gyro-EIS & OIS on its Selfie Cam?

Nick, 12 Jan 2021What I know is S21 ultra has 200mb main camera Pls reply me200MB? You meant 200MP? But then the sensor itself would be massive and I doubt the other three lenses and laser sensor is going to fit beside it. As of now, their biggest camera is at 108MP

  • Hallow

Is that the new iPhone 13 Ultimate Pro Max?

  • Anonymous

This phones is mostly ment for fanboys because of other cheaper and better competition. Some people choose ios because they like it more and have no other options so i dont balme them so much.. In android game is different and you can choose between brands easly. But galaxy fanboys will always talk about camera, ui and some other bs stuff which are mostly not even true.. Yes, samsung makes ther own hardware and also parts for other brands, but then is actually better to buy other brands which are neutral, because they can choose parts which they will use in their smartphones.. That means other brands can easly choose between brands and choose really superior parts. Samsung will always stick to their own hardware even if other brands make better parts, because is cheaper to them and they know the people will buy even if it has crappy stuff in it. With that being said it is better to buy something else and save some money specially in these crappy times..

  • Tony

What I really care is if they will offer DC dimming for all S21 variants

  • ErCan Everything

The good thing is that there will be a sd card slot.
The other is that it will have a really nice periscope camera with almost 10X zoom.
Third is S-Pen + 5000mAh battery and the new fast and energy efficient processor.
But I DIDN'T LIKE the DESIGN of the CAMERAS at all!
The S20 Ultra looks perfect.
But the selfie camera should be in the upper right corner, as with the S10.
In the middle sits very ugly.

  • Anonymous

no sd card expansion in this one too .. confirmed

  • WhoCares

Samsung's camera is "OUT" there. Its the highest i've ever seen on a phone. But that only matters to people who use their phone for taking pictures more than they use it for making phone calls. Or, for the perv's that take pictures of their dick*s to share with their other perverted friends. Other than that, it's a benchmark in cellphone history. It's worth spending $ to acquire this piece of electronic art.

AnonD-973296, 14 Jan 2021microSD was confirmed recently that it is not available on ... moreVery nice

  • AnonD-973296

Varcor, 13 Jan 2021Samsung's hopeful users will buy the Ultra since the f... moremicroSD was confirmed recently that it is not available on any of the phones

  • Luke Alvaro

They discontinued the Note Series and combined it in S Series to have better specs with minimum of $1,500.

Varcor, 13 Jan 2021Samsung's hopeful users will buy the Ultra since the f... moreThey don't have Microsd on ultra as per leaked videos on reddit

  • Anonymous

That's one ugly device.

  • Vielen

5 g.

Unfortunately for the S20 5G and S21 5G, the incompatibility with some existing frequencies is concealed.

Samsung's hopeful users will buy the Ultra since the features they'd like to have aren't available on the S21 and S21 Plus. Features like MicroSD, Immersive Display, 512GB Internal Memory, 1440 Screen Resolution and Glass Back Panel just to name a few. All these features are included on S10's and S20's plus Ear Phones or Buds and a Charger. It's a huge device, more akin to a tablet, not a Smartphone. 25W Charging is really poor and for audio a 3.5mm Jack beats Bluetooth hands down. Who cares if It's S-Pen compatible? Very few users need that feature and it's not even included with the Ultra. At $1,700.00 USD the Ultra isn't much of a value and Samsung shouldn't be surprised when they fall well short of their worldwide sales target. There is no good reason to "Upgrade" to this device!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Jan 2021Oh my god, your spelling is horrible. The Snapdragon 888... moreWhat really matters is real life performance of SoC, not benchmarks and clock speed.. They always talk about comebacks just to sell more phones. But it would be fair to include chip that performs at least as good as 888 and great cooling system too.

Nick, 12 Jan 2021What I know is S21 ultra has 200mb main camera Pls reply me108MP.

  • Anonymous


Nick, 12 Jan 2021What I know is S21 ultra has 200mb main camera Pls reply meI believe that would be for future phones. They're even looking into 600MP on the main lense.