Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

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  • Wilson

I sold this and bought an phone ever! My S9 is still with me though..

I want to buy this phone.
Any suggestions for another smartphone in same price range?

  • Jack sparrow

Kukli , 24 Oct 2021This phone is worst phone Samsung made if you compare with ... moreI think you're the only one saying the s21 ultra is no good lol maybe you just cant afford it. The apple doesnt even come anywhere close to the s21 ultra, at this point, its not even in the same category, samsung is superior.

Wonderful device, just got it recently & everything works really well with the exynos 2100 no overheating or battery issues on this one far more superior than the exynos 990 had a 90 minute WebEx meeting with this, no overheating issues & the battery stayed rock solid!!

Anonymous, 25 Oct 2021It'll most probably come back this year. Don't wo... moreI hope so. Tthe funniest thing is that Samsung made fun of Apple for doing it and a few months later they did it as well. Same happened with the headphone jack. Bunch of hypocrites. All they care about is money, not the environment

  • Anonymous

If the Tensor chip (which is effectively an Exynos 2200) on the Pixel 6 series turns out good, then there's nothing stopping Exynos from being the best chipset for Android smartphones (or maybe all smartphones, for that matter, if it beats the A15 Bionic in CPU or GPU or Efficiency). And all thanks to AMD, if everything goes well, for stepping in and helping Samsung with their RDNA tech. I now remember the days when Exynoses was faster than Snapdragons and A series chipsets, while writing this comment....and they will and must return back mightier than ever for the sake of the tech world...I am bored with overheating Snapdragons and powerful-yet-not-visible A series chips...

  • Anonymous

Kydrok, 24 Oct 2021I still don't understand who thought was a great idea ... moreIt'll most probably come back this year. Don't worry. Samsung was forced to pull up an Apple stunt last year cos Samsung had to show they cared for the environment, just like Apple, but they now must have realized they're spending more on the individual boxes for the chargers (which are thrown in free with the flagships) than they used to before.

I still don't understand who thought was a great idea to remove the damn charger? Sure, go ahead remove the headphone jack, i don't use headphones anyway, BUT THE CHARGER? How does Samsung expect me to charge this $2000 brick? Do they think we keep a collection of chargers at home and don't need another one cause i sure don't

  • John

Kukli , 24 Oct 2021This phone is worst phone Samsung made if you compare with ... moreLmao, that's not how the arguments works!

Apple is not a horrible company, their displays and components were made by Samsung, and I don't think that's an issue for the 13 pro or pro max!

[deleted post]For me it's HP Envy, Pixel Buds, Ticwatch, iPad Air, Motorola Fusion

  • Kukli

This phone is worst phone Samsung made if you compare with the price.No memory card slot what you never ever can extend memory on phone what cost crazy money, fingerprint sensor still works so hard or not working if you using protective glass, not headphones connector.Still not night vision in camera.I was much more happy with galaxy S10 and S20. S21 ultra not worth that money.This is first time where super poor and horrible Apple phone beat the top Samsung in nearly every way.Samsung you loosing so many fans much more money for much more horrible phone.Xiaomi will destroyed you very soon.I am very disappointed.

  • Zunair

I had iphone 12 pro max for 4 months, but now I have samsung s21 ultra and I really like s21 ultra its more then just brand it's very good phone with amazing camera screen and features like it more then iPhone

  • Shabeerali

Too much network issues. Always disconnecting and reconnecting the network. Many of S21 Ultra users experience the same prob. Even their flagship's condition is this. Pity. Will never recommend to anyone.

  • sanjay

I have SM-G998U1 (USA unlocked) and am on the US Verizon Network and still no news update/clarification about the activation of eSIM. I have called both Samsung and Verizon and both say that the other party is to be blamed for not activating the eSIM. I hope Samsung can clarify as I believe it is Samsung that needs to update the firmware to allow for eSIM activation after all apple phones are all active with eSIM on the Verizon network?

  • Anonymous

Aaron, 18 Oct 2021samsung was samsung, have ever had good phones. now only A... moreNo Samsung is not cheating Apple

  • Anonymous

No sd memory card! Even cheap phones have it

Commenter, 18 Oct 2021S21 Ultra 5G GFXbench:33fps Poco X3 pro GFXbench:38fpsIt took me a while to figure out why this happens. Mi 11 Ultra 33fps, Oneplus 9 Pro 36 fps. No, it's not because Poco X3 Pro is more powerful than all these flagships. Notice how all the phones with 1080p displays like S21, Oneplus 9 and ROG Phone 5 are all up there with 59fps. You see, GFXBench 1080p is the only benchmark that should happen as it does not measure the device's graphics performance on different screen resolutions (of all 1440p is damn stressing) and puts them all on an even playing field, but Gsmarena won't listen.

  • Aaron

samsung was samsung, have ever had good phones. now only Apple followers ... a phone without a memory card and audio jack is not a phone but a copy of apple

  • Commenter

S21 Ultra 5G GFXbench:33fps Poco X3 pro GFXbench:38fps

  • Mehdi

I wish I had money too, and I could have done it. In my country, Iran is very expensive.