Samsung Galaxy S22 won't be getting an under-display selfie camera

Ro, 07 June 2021

The Galaxy S22 series are rumored to offer a number of camera improvements over its predecessors and under-display selfie cameras was expected to be one of those. However, according to the most recent rumor coming straight from South Korea, Samsung will be skipping the under-display camera on the Galaxy S22 after all.

Samsung Galaxy S22 won't be getting and under-display selfie camera

Inside sources are citing quality and yield issues that keep Samsung from using the tech on its Galaxy S22 models. Additionally, a mosaic pattern of the OLED panel appears in certain situations, which was also true for the ZTE Axon 20 5G, which we reviewed last year.

In the end, Samsung has decided to implement under-display camera on its 2022 Galaxy Note models and the the Z Fold3 this year since the latter has the option to use its back cameras for capturing selfies so the inferior under-display camera quality is not be such a big issue and will still allow Samsung to deliver an uninterrupted display.

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Reader comments

I hope the s22 ultra get a camera under display

  • Anonymous

Now a days Apple have 3000 mah equal to 5000 mah samsung how is it? Quality is important we are fan of samsung. Samsung battery dried fast compare to Apple how is it?

Just stick to your hole. While we others are waiting for the evolution of the main camera that can do back and front photography and video. Enjoy your hole, m8.

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