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  • xhm
  • 16 Mar 2024

Anybody got uneven bezel unit where the bottom left bezel is thicker than the rest?

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    • AnonD-1147675
    • 03P
    • 15 Mar 2024

    AnonD-1147675, 15 Mar 2024I know it's not the Ultra, but I have to let off some ... moreforgot to mention
    No WiFi7

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      • AnonD-1147675
      • Hxt
      • 15 Mar 2024

      I know it's not the Ultra, but I have to let off some steam here.

      Battery is 4900 mAh.
      Comes with a stove for an SoC in many regions.
      A midranger's sensor for a main camera.
      A whopping 10MP telephoto (though, at least it has a telephoto).
      12GB of RAM is likely enough, but midrangers are beginning to offer 16GB.

      It's not a flagship, it's a premium midranger, one that costs 1000$.

      The main redeeming points are the extremely sharp 1440p display, and 7 years of updates (love that).

      Sorry Azu

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        • Mikon
        • B0@
        • 14 Mar 2024

        Hi guys, please someone who owns the model for the US market, or the US version, how does it work in Europe? Do all the functions work in Europe? Do all the bands work on 4g and 5g? Is there any variant other than the chipset. And the model which Do you own what production compared to the European version? As for the country of manufacture, what is it? Production from Vietnam, Korea, India or China?

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          • BahjatT
          • JaS
          • 13 Mar 2024

          This is definitely better than the S23+ and I only wish that they made the battery a full 5000 MLA (and the S24 Ultra a 6000 MLA effort) just to round them up. That said, the S24+ that I tested is really where the + models have matured where the prior ones felt lacking: this one is the one to get. I am a bit disappointed in the S24 though, but I also think it's a solid effort. Even with Exynos chipsets, the only real issue is if you are a heavy-gamer using heavy-games, otherwise it's pretty much smooth sailing.

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            • SweeetY
            • AQe
            • 13 Mar 2024

            NeedYourHelp, 12 Mar 2024I baught this phone with 512Gb storage - but when I tried t... moreA direct transfer from my PC to the phone internal memory is always much slower than from PC to memory card using a card reader, even if the phone has the fastest UFS 3.1 memory....that is why a phone with a memory card is the best to have.

              NeedYourHelp, 12 Mar 2024I baught this phone with 512Gb storage - but when I tried t... moreConsider to replace your usb cable and/or usb port on your computer ( usb3 prefered ).Also, in the usb menu( on phone notification panel ) that is obtained by connection, try to select the transfer of files or images. It is very unlikely that the phone is defective ).

                TeddY, 12 Mar 2024S24 Ultra being the only big Samsung phone and S24 the only... moreThat's an interesting perspective. I never thoiught of it that way but you are right. There is no samsung budget alternative for the regular s or the ultra when it comes to scrreen size.
                But consider this: Would a person who usually buys a 200-400$ phone pay double that if not more just to get the ideal size even though they dont need phone?

                Also with the S24+ and the ultra being just 0.1 inches apart i doubt that's the main issue annymore. I always felt the + was overshadowed by the ultra and it seems more prominent now than ever with the cpu disparity (exynos and snapdragon) and the minuscule screen size difference.

                Im pretty sure samsung itself knows that they dont sell that well, meaning limited production (which my be the reason why they might get sold out ect) meaning since the supply is limited prices on the + tend to stay up. In my country atleast the s23 ultra is cheaper than the + and you can hardly find the s22+ anymore.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • Ib5
                  • 12 Mar 2024

                  User, 11 Mar 2024I have S24+ Exynos version about a week and the phone is us... moreThats great. Waiting to get one. Currently using A52.

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                    • NeedYourHelp
                    • A{L
                    • 12 Mar 2024

                    I baught this phone with 512Gb storage - but when I tried to transfer my old images and some movies, it was very slow, slower than any older phone I ever had... when I did some math (size/time) the speed was around 5-10 mb\s,

                    later I tried to take a bench and this is the result:

                    Sequential write: 896.19 MS/s
                    Sequential read : 1.77 GB/s
                    Random write : 30.12 MB/s
                    Random read : 28.15 MB/s
                    Memory copy : 15.94 GB/s

                    Do you think it worth to replace the storage while considering that most likly other things will get damaged inside the phone? (the offical distrabuter of samsung in my country has a policy to never give a new phone even in factory defect case - they will, at most, only agree to fix..

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                      • TeddY
                      • AQe
                      • 12 Mar 2024

                      its a smurf, 11 Mar 2024I couldnt agree more. If it was a bit smaller it would make... moreS24 Ultra being the only big Samsung phone and S24 the only small one, they don't compete with other Samsung phones. But S24+ has the same size and look of all phones from the A serie and therefore a lot more competition. That is why it sells less than Ultra and regular.
                      Honestly between a 1000 dollars S24+ and a 450 dollars A55 most people won't see any difference, and will buy the cheaper one.

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                        • NeedYourHelp
                        • A{L
                        • 11 Mar 2024

                        I brought this phone, and I think it has a problem with the storage right out of the box,
                        when I copy my old images from my computer - it takes a lot of time - the transfer speed is around 9-10 mb/s writing speed is there any safe way to check my storage ssd speed? (aka bench) - most of the apps are unsafe...

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                          • User
                          • 05Q
                          • 11 Mar 2024

                          I have S24+ Exynos version about a week and the phone is used very intensively on a daily basis. The camera is great! Powerfull chipset! Very smooth device. Does not heat up while playing games: Call of duty mobile, Fifa mobile, Real racing 3 and many other games all at max settings more than 1 hour a day. Sound quality is very good. Screen is awesome on this device!!! Only the battery could last a little bit longer, but overall 8.5 out of 10!
                          Thanks Apple and iphone 14 for 8 nice months with you but Samsung is my choice for this year! Perfect device from Samsung!

                            j.luis9080, 11 Mar 2024This Samsung device is excellent, very fast and has spectac... moreYeah I've been really enjoying mine. I think the best screen on time I've had was over 9 hours and that's awesome, especially for Exynos processor. It's better than I was expecting. The display is awesome, signal strength could be better but it's not too bad. 12GB RAM is enough and 512GB storage is also enough, but I would prefer Samsung to do 1TB 16GB version for the same price.

                            Overall a really good device though. Definitely flagship!

                              This Samsung device is excellent, very fast and has spectacular battery life, even though it's Exynos. I'm positively surprised by its performance and battery life. I am very happy to have purchased this flag ship. Only one point that could be better, more RAM (16 instead of 12 and versions with 512 and 1 TB of storage should be available, since they removed the micro SD slot.

                                nion, 01 Mar 2024Both is great. I use it normally (calls, social media etc.)... moreCan report the same except using Snapdragon. Sometimes I'll have days with just WiFi and others with mixture of WiFi and 5G

                                  Anonymous, 05 Mar 2024Try taking a picture of a book page at close range or a mov... moreActually people he's right. Had to go farther to take a picture of book pages to show to a friend because focusing up close made the text blurry

                                    I think it's almost the perfect size. 6.8 is almost too big for me, I can handle 6.7 inches just fine, although maybe 6.67 inches like most of Xiaomi devices these days would be a better option for the Galaxy + models. Hmm...

                                    I've been loving my S24+ never the less. 😊

                                      Anonymous, 11 Mar 2024Ultra too big and heavy, regular too small, so S24+ is the ... moreI couldnt agree more. If it was a bit smaller it would make a lot more sence. Maybe they think the Fe variant fills that hole?

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                                        • Anil
                                        • 73@
                                        • 11 Mar 2024

                                        Indian, 11 Mar 2024Just received S24+ recently and it is a excellent phone by ... moreIt's a heating machine like s22+ . Poor processor by samasung