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UFS 3.1 and 25W charging on a 2024 flagship phone🤣🤣

    • C
    • Crystal
    • 6c4
    • 18 Jan 2024

    Is this phone really using an Exynos chipset for the international release? I have base S23 right now and looking for upgrade to S24 if it's worth it.

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      • Anonymous
      • MMQ
      • 18 Jan 2024

      Samsung galaxy A 55 5G.

      WiFi 7 be.

      smartphones receive full OS updates for seven generations and “up to” seven years of security updates.


        • M
        • Michael Maul
        • Jca
        • 17 Jan 2024

        Samsung is spitting in the face of international costumers by puting Exynos processor. I am going to avoid purchase this and any orher product from this company.

          Samsung software for me it is the best Android. Let's see what new AI features Samsung will bring because on hardware side nothing new. It is shameful that Samsung S24 series copied iPhone design and Apple approach to no memory cards. It is not worth giving a lot of money for S24 series unless it is going to be used for next 3 years minimum because value will drop a lot in just 6month to max 12 months. It is worth to wait 2027 when user replaceable batteries will become a standard.

            lolleri100, 17 Jan 2024Yeah I think I'm going to move on from Samsung and upg... moreYeah, or OnePlus 12 that has 100W charging. 25W... Come on ...

              128GB storage in a flagship phone (S24) in 2024? With no card slot? This must be a joke. Also, the basic S24 cost the same or more as a OnePlus 12? Nah, thank you.

                • ?
                • Anonymous
                • 8xP
                • 17 Jan 2024

                I don't know, looks like an A54...

                  Samsun is marketing AI as it's gonna be everything

                  No i want a proper 2tb phone with latest and top specifications
                  Not marketing gimmick

                    • Y
                    • Yoyo
                    • B{P
                    • 17 Jan 2024

                    Trash and overpriced lmao

                      As a Samsung user since Galaxy S3
                      I think it's time to move to Xiaomi 14
                      This phone was supposed to be my upgrade from Galaxy S20 but Samsung is getting slow and lazy with its upgrades

                      Was expecting to get a Compact S24 Ultra, unfortunately not my next upgrade

                        MasterClass, 17 Jan 2024Xiaomi 14 will eat this phone alive, without cooking 😁Yeah I think I'm going to move on from Samsung and upgrade to the Xiaomi 14 that has a much faster charging speed 25W versus 90W haha

                          Damn the charging speed of the normal S24 is still just 25W... I wish Samsung would increase this since the charging speed has been the same since the S20 and its been 4 years without change.

                            • D
                            • DT
                            • wiy
                            • 17 Jan 2024

                            Still no word on PWM. If they haven't fixed this yet, I'll sadly need to say goodbye to Samsung.

                              Fritz, 17 Jan 2024Any updates from S23 besides cpu? Month ago bought S23 256... moreDowngrade if ur euro

                                • J
                                • Jack
                                • JKP
                                • 17 Jan 2024

                                My samsung s23 is beter 👍

                                  • T
                                  • Tony
                                  • LaD
                                  • 17 Jan 2024

                                  Exynos for Europa? No, thanks.

                                    Ekott, 17 Jan 2024Can't wait to see comparisons between this and the Xia... moreXiaomi 14 will eat this phone alive, without cooking 😁

                                      • F
                                      • Fritz
                                      • ILk
                                      • 17 Jan 2024

                                      Any updates from S23 besides cpu? Month ago bought S23 256GB for 450 Euros.

                                        No Thanks, I Don't need your exynos, for this price I will buy one of Chinese brand with snapdragon