Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5

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  • theFrederick

Replaceable battery and expandable memory make this a great emergency phone even in 2022.

O still use my s5 as a music media center... Android 11 lineage age with security patch april 2022...unbelievable how good is this Device.

  • djshiv101

We still use our S5's to this day. Has lived up to the reviews. We just purchased 2 new S21's today since more and more apps don't support the outdated op system. We'll keep the S5's as back-ups.

  • lil boy

S5 does still works nice for me would love an S5 BUT BIGGER VERSION

  • Anonymous

Robin, 25 Apr 2022Samsung Galaxy S5 stills great. In some ways the Galaxy S5 ... moreAgree S5 is still a great phone and has the advantage of being able to replace the battery. Still use mine as my main phone

  • Robin

Samsung Galaxy S5 stills great. In some ways the Galaxy S5 lives up to it. It is a very good phone, particularly when you look at all of its parts. Good camera quality with strong battery life. Still using 2022 with limited apps running.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Mar 2022I need a basic phone for school. Should I use the Galaxy S5... moreI really wouldn’t get any of those. incredibly outdated phones and are very slow. would make more sense to get an s8 instead

  • High

Anonymous, 31 Mar 2022I need a basic phone for school. Should I use the Galaxy S5... moreGet a s7 or s8

  • Anonymous

I need a basic phone for school. Should I use the Galaxy S5 or the Galaxy J5.

  • Audi

I Really Need The Battery Because The Battery Is Broken. Help😭😭😭

  • bmw750Li

This was my dream phone but never got the chance to own this. Now I got the latest iPhone

  • SeunaK

r0adk1ll, 11 Feb 2022Wow! This was my wife's phone, before she turned herse... moreTrue hey.I think this phone is on of the best phones I've ever used

  • Anonymous

i bought a spare battery for this thing. great for travelling.

Wow! This was my wife's phone, before she turned herself over to the dark side and bought an iPhone 6 Plus! Even if this phone is now eight years old, it still works as good as the day it came out. Though of course, it will be sluggish compared to the modern phones, but during its era, it was okay. Can't believe it has been this long. I've hung on to this unit with no plans of ever selling it. I'm like that Mr. Mobile guy on YouTube. This was the last Samsung with a removable battery, and the initial implementation of water-proofing was a bit wonky. Amazingly, the battery has never bloated up nor easily go low battery. I just keep it on medium charge when storing it so it will not be damaged in prolonged storage. Well, that's about it, stay mobile my friends.

Got a new battery yesterday, went to a phone shop that I know and they had an original one. It was made in December 2019 and it was almost fully discharged, but I put it in my phone, it started charging right away and it's on and working now. Old one was made in 2015, but it was bought in 2017, and started bloating and acting badly for the past few months. I thought it would be hard to find a replacement, but it was just around 21 Euro, and even on the internet many shops sell them. Hope to be able to use this phone for a few more years. I never had a phone for so long, bought it (used) in April 2017. Wow. Almost 5 years.

  • Anonymous

yep,,right on the mark about the upgrade and feel...
i play psp and lower emu and some nice android titles...
dolphin emu would be sprinkles,but overall i am controll and phone grip.

  • Fatalise

Just upgraded this phone with Lineage OS 18 (android 11)
It still rocks as hell, funny how new OS in hands of community can make this phone work like a 2022 phone

Anonymous, 20 Nov 2021It's fake, Samsung doesn't make "original&qu... moreIt's original, no fake. Here still have an original ones.

  • james blue

Anonymous, 26 Nov 2021I’m still using it, too.well im out in here in Los Santos using the 3310 to hustle d0p3 every day. that shit fire

  • Anonymous

In model names list there is G900H model, but isn't it the "H" model actually Exynos-based S5 ( ?