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Venom, 24 Feb 2021I have this phone for a solid 5 year now. I wanted to share... moreLineage OS Is Way To Got I Root Both My S5 (42.670) & M7 (31.447) To Android 10. Well Both Running Snappy, Probably A Tiny Bit Lag On M7.

  • Venom

I have this phone for a solid 5 year now. I wanted to share its antutu benchmark after 5 years. (65904) its preety poor in context of 2021 but if you are buying only for calling or some average social media experience then you can do it. I dont necessarily recommend it but i own it right now and its working fine.

Mai Dvices, 22 Feb 2021So, I just bought the Samsung Galaxy S5 G900H (Indonesia) f... moreI've been using the S-View cover since I bought the phone, previous owner had it on the phone too so it's probably 5 years old. It replaces the back plastic cover, still looks great and it's totally durable, the phone is still water resistant (but I wouldn't risk it, it's old) and it has a wireless charging circuit which I haven't tried but should work. Also I have tempered glass on the display, and in case you lose the charger port cover it's $1 free shipping and easy to replace. The phone still works without problems. So, I think there's still some life in yours after a small initial investment. It's a great phone.

So, I just bought the Samsung Galaxy S5 G900H (Indonesia) from someone who desperately needed money. The OS is Original at Android 6.0.1, the battery needs replacement (wrapped in duct tape LOL), the chrome rims are all gone and now bares the greyish plastic underneath. The back cover is all shiny due to grime and sweat from previous owner, the Power button is recessed into the frame but still responsive and the charging port cover is missing.

Just did a Factory Reset and Registered the IMEI to Samsung Website and all is fine. The OS is FINE and DANDY at 6.0.1 and all updates run smoothly. Fingerprint sensor, Menu button all smooth and working well so is the Heart rate sensor.

Any ideas how I should go about salvaging this 25 USD phone? Aside from battery replacement? Am thinking of purchasing the "SAMSUNG S View Cover Galaxy S5 Original" which retails at 5USD but is replacing the entire Casing/Housing recommended?

  • Bill

How to update my s5 to android 6

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Anonymous, 13 Feb 2021My samsung S5 works great, but it only connects to WiFi on ... moreOfficially Both 2.4GHz & 5GHz Should Work. You Can Try Rooting It With Custom Rom Or Re-flash Last 6.0 MM Stock Firmware, To Check Whether If The Issue Still Persist. My Device On LineageOS & Works On Both Connection. Worst Case Reset Your Router & Update Your Router Firmware (If Any).

  • Anonymous

My samsung S5 works great, but it only connects to WiFi on the 2.4Ghz band. According to the spec, it supports 802.11ac, but I cant connect on 5Ghz, any views?

According to SamMobile, some S5 users in Europe using network-locked devices have just received another surprise OTA update a few days ago. No new features were added and no update to security patch level 2017-08-01. A security code has been installed to protect users from being exploited by 3rd party app trackers. WELL DONE SAMSUNG FOR STILL UPDATING 7 YEARS OLD PHONE! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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Anonymous, 09 Feb 2021Nice!, you can disable the google apps on the s5 you dont n... moreLineage OS 17.1 = Debloated + Newer OS. So U Wont Need To Disable Each Google Apps In Stock 6.0 MM Which Also (Discontinued) With Lesser App Support & Security Issue Related.

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Mark Hiss, 28 Nov 2019Six year is enough. I'm upgrading to S10e.Nice!, you can disable the google apps on the s5 you dont need for better performance though (settings > apps > choose app > disable)

  • Anonymous

Grandma, 25 Jun 2020How do I turn on my S5? Can't get it to come on.Hold down the button on the left side of the phone until it says samsung galaxy s5 then let go and wait

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Anonymous, 29 Jan 2021Very good phone. Bought mine December 2015 & still goi... moreFlash Official LineageOS 17.1 With VPN + Antivirus, Definitely Up To Date. Could Try To Use As My Main Daily Driver Next Time. Battery Swappable So Is Fine.

Samsung Galaxy S5 users from the UK received a surprise update in December 2020, but GSM Arena and many other tech media failed to report about this. This surprise update is NOT a security update as the security patch level is still stuck at 2017-08-01. I guess Samsung must have installed a certification code for this device to prevent it from losing internet access. No other countries have received this surprise update as Samsung end support for S5 in early 2017.

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Random, 16 Jan 2021It was a good phone but the battery was not as good thats why they put you on a 3.0 usb cable plug kkkwkwkw

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Nov 2020SameVery good phone.
Bought mine December 2015 & still going strong.
Only a few screen freezes and occasional 'sim card removed' messages.
I take great care of my phone and it serves me well.

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Anonymous, 17 Dec 2020My s5 just got stuck on a boot lop Is this the end for the... moreTry flashing it.

  • Random

It was a good phone but the battery was not as good

  • S5 lover

Nqesto, 27 Dec 2020do you have a link ?Your phone Go to ใ€‹Settings ใ€‹About Device ใ€‹if you have alreadh checked automatically then it has bรฉen updated. If not checked automatically, then you can update manually by pressing it.

  • Anonymous

Samsung please provide VoLTE update on this phone. I have phone purchased in UK, being used in India. I went to customer care in India. They refused to provide any help as phone was not registered in India. They said for Indian registered buyers VoLTE update is available. Please look into the matter and provide update OTA.

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hmmm, 31 Oct 2020my galaxy s5 can last 1% for 2 hours for some reason, Im NO... moreBad battery. Mine will last only 6 hours on standby. Energy saving mode 63 hours.