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the best phone ever. it can handle 20 apps in a row and it doesn't freeze while you use it. love it

  • Bjorn Roesbeke

It's 2020 and (in my opinion) there hasn't been any new smartphone with equal or better specifications.

1. This old device has a full HD OLED display whilst most new phones have an LCD, which has worse color rendering and lower efficiency.
2. Contrary to nearly all new phones, the S5 has a removable battery and double capacity batteries 5600mAh can be found online.
3. Even in 2020 not many phones support the 802.11ac WiFi standard. The S5 does.
4. It has an IR transmitter. Cable technicians will love this.
5. There's still a 3,5mm TRRS jack for audio

Ofcourse, the Galaxy S5 also has its downsides.
The USB/MHL connector wears out, and the cover breaks off quickly.
The original battery doesn't last a day anymore.
The internal memory is too small, with apps nowadays taking up hundreds of megabytes.

That said, thanks to LineageOS i've been able to upgrade to Android 9.
Partly thanks to a good screenprotector my S5 has survived tens of drops onto tile and concrete.

In conclusion, in 2020 this phone is becoming a bit slow and outdated, but having been a flagship device it has stood the test of time and surely will be a good choice for years to come.

  • Anonymous

I agree with above: Bought mine 2nd hand 5 years ago and it's still adequate for my needs. The downsides include large space taken up by unneeded apps that are not uninstallable, and incompatability with some apps with the current operating system.

  • Harshit

Hello guys i wanna ask does differnt models have different display bcauz i want to put display of sm g900h display on sm g900t will it work or will get shot due to differnt model.

  • Edu

Edu, 06 Jul 2020Great phone, bought it (G900A) late 2014 as 2nd user, and s... moreBattery is another actually deserves a 4000mah by design, not the meager 2800mah.

  • Edu

Great phone, bought it (G900A) late 2014 as 2nd user, and still rocking as new.
Uncommon sensors.

(1)Camera is great, but ain't so great, compared to some newer but lower end phones.

(2) GPS never put up more than 3m accuracy, although it claims to support A-GPS, GLONASS & Beidou (BDS).
Beidou is confirmed missing (not present).

My Overall Rating....90% great phone.

  • Anonymous

Samsung S5 has been purchased in USA during January 2018.Since then 3 batteries were replaced due to damage. I was vexed in replacing such batteries frequently.

  • Grandma

How do I turn on my S5? Can't get it to come on.

  • Anonymous

wk, 31 May 2020mine is dead, no power etc but it was too easy to die when ... moreLmao what do you even mean

  • wk

Anonymous, 19 May 2020Any recommendation about the battery issue? Mine is so easy... moremine is dead, no power etc but it was too easy to die when it was still alive too

  • Fathead

Does this type of phone have a cd/DVD reader ,like a small cd player in it ?

Nice shape of this phone

  • Anonymous

Any recommendation about the battery issue? Mine is so easy to be dead.

  • Anonymous

I'm actually using this phone to play Mobile Legends it does the job but sometimes the frame would drop and screen would just stop. Any recommendations?

  • Some dude

Brvce, 08 May 2020It play pubg lite. Not entirely great but good enoughNo it can run pubg mobile if you update it to android 6.0

  • Brvce

Anonymous, 07 May 2020Can it play pugb game?It play pubg lite. Not entirely great but good enough

  • Anonymous

Can it play pugb game?

  • Anonymous

Kenny aldrich, 16 Apr 2020Well early on it lost all audio no ring no nothing tried al... moreyes its the same camera as the note 4,it was the first ultra hd camera on a phobe

  • Anonymous

one of the best galaxy phones

  • Micah276

BladeCT05, 17 Apr 2020So i bought one in 2015 for 500$... it still works and i st... moreSame here!! And it's still working brand new. First ever samsung and I honestly really enjoy it