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  • Anon

Bought an S5 and a Ravpower battery for less than $75 in 2020. What a bargain! If you don't play any games and just need a work phone that runs LineageOS I can't think of a better choice than this. Make sure you read the LineageOS device list carefully, not all variants are supported.

Working S5s are

16GBphonestorage:(, 13 Feb 2020I think it could be your cable. Try using different cables, from... moreExactly, it's a super connectable phone. I'm a Linux user, no problems with USB or Samba Share or the WiFile app. As for USB, I have the USB on-the-go cable and I can connect my S5 to a USB stick, or even connect a mouse to it, a cursor appears and it can be used like on a computer (really somewhat pointless, but it works).

  • 16GBphonestorage:(

Paulo, 15 Nov 2019I have one from at&t and Everytime I plug it into a laptop, ... moreAs a further note maybe you havent turned on the USB file transfer option support.
Usually the first time you plug a usb connecting a laptop to the s5 it would ask you whether to leave it as a charging cable or to be able to transfer media.

  • 16GBphonestorage:(

Paulo, 15 Nov 2019I have one from at&t and Everytime I plug it into a laptop, ... moreI think it could be your cable. Try using different cables, from my experience some cables I used didnt even support usb file transfer

The s5 is a former flagship and even low budget and entry level phones support usb, so its either the cable or the laptop, cant possibly be the phone itself 🤷‍♂️

  • sinned55

Actually just retired this phone. I was able to keep this in one piece with the otterbox for years. Wouldn't you know it, I take it out to clean and that's when I drop it. Anyways, overall pretty good. Will agree the battery has a pretty short life span but that might be because I've had it for years (long life span for phone). I have the A10e now, or did, thing only lasted a few months, bUT that was my fault in assuming it too was water resistant, whoops.

  • kujtim zymeri

nerd4live, 14 Jan 2020Maybe I got a lemon but this phone was awful. Terrible battery l... moreno man i dont know which version do you have but i have the 900f my wife uses it and still perfect even battery 14 h

  • Hel

What a piece of @#$%. The camera is rubbish. An old Huawei beats it hands down and everything is so laborious.

  • nerd4live

Maybe I got a lemon but this phone was awful. Terrible battery life (needed to charge it twice a day with very light use when the phone was brand new), LCD burn that turned into a weird static fuzziness whenever I turned the screen on/off, and then tons of little things that annoyed me like not being able to raise or lower the volume without unlocking the phone. Lots of bloatware as well.

I got an OTA update from Samsung for my S5/ It was fairly small, about 28 MB. I applied the update after which I realised that it froze while making GSM calls. Other areas seem to be fine. I have heard stories about Samsung deliberately sabotaging older phones as if trying to force you to upgrade. I'm wondering if that's what happened to me.

Has this happened to anybody else?

  • Anonymous

AJ, 14 Dec 2019How do you reset the phone when you forget the password for the ... moreDo a factory reset. (Turn of your phone, and hold power and volume down button for 20 seconds and use volume keys to go up or down and choose wipe data in the menu)

  • S5_Best5

Best phone ever made. I keep waiting for an upgrade but with every new phone Samsung downgrades another feature you get with the S5. First they took the removable battery, then the hardware home button, pretty soon they'll take the 3.5mm jack.

The funny thing is i'm just starting to use this phone now, picked this phone from the recycle bin lol. The batery seem to be already bad cause it bulging, going to get a replacement soon. This phone still fast.

  • AJ

How do you reset the phone when you forget the password for the account?

Six year is enough. I'm upgrading to S10e.

  • zimbabwe

best phone ever

This six year old was my wife's old phone. I have installed Lineage OS klte with Android Pie. It's rooted, has recovery, ad blocker, VPN, IPTV, remote login, and still get greats depth of field with the main camera. It still holds up well after all these years. My favorite part is the IR remote. New phones do not have this feature anymore, and it gives me the power to control waiting room TVs.

Anonymous, 19 Nov 2019I'm considering buying it and using as a daily driver, sometimes... moreIt's great for what you need, I listen to music on mine every day, as well as using it for photos, movies, series etc. I'd recommend VLC and a music player with a better interface, though even the built-in one has excellent sound and some effects like simulating a tube amp (warmer sound if you have cheap earphones).

As for the rest, try to see if it's rooted. Probably not, not many people do that. And reset to factory settings and start from there, just in case, and be connected to Wifi in case it downloads some updates. The only issue could be the screen, in low light and with brightness set to below 15% it can start flickering at the bottom, so try to check that out - I'm using a Brightness app to set the brightness manually indoors and to Auto outdoors. As far as I've seen it can happen with other Samsung phones too, and there's no solution. As for the rest, if the charger port cover is missing, you can get one on eBay for $1 free shipping and it's easy to replace. Batteries and cases should still be available too. If it's not badly scratched it should be fine, although I know of one that's completely scratched and beaten so much I didn't recognize it, and still works.

  • Anonymous

I'm considering buying it and using as a daily driver, sometimes watch movies, take photos, listening to music and that's it. My only concerns are if the previous user(s) did something they weren't supposed to so I'd end up buying a faulty device even though it appears to be working perfectly fine, any inputs would be great, thanks.

  • Paulo

I have one from at&t and Everytime I plug it into a laptop, I can't seem to access the phone from the PC...and the phone has no USB connect option

  • Galaxie500

I like my AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5 speed, size, camera, dust resistance, water resistance, removable charcoal gray polycarbonate back, replaceable battery, upgradeable storage, fingerprint sensor, voice commands, dictation and scratch resistant screen. But it seems to have reached the end of its useful life, as evidenced by a recent planned obsolescence OS update, which introduces glitches into the system thus encouraging you to buy a new phone. I've had 2 S5s and 3 screens developed a flicker in the lower 1/3 of the screen, the outer vinyl has separated from the stress relief on 3 charge cables and a Sony 64GB SDXC memory chip became corrupted and unusable when the phone locked up while taking photos. Three charge port covers have been replaced, but that's easy to do yourself. Based on these experiences, and the increasing difficulty finding cases, it may be time to try a different manufacturer.