Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5

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  • AnonD-205075

Wow, that screen.
Such a waste of energy...

  • china

[deleted post]buy China made phone then....

  • Akhil

The screen size of s5 is bigger than s4 because ,its 4k video playback man..its should be bigger to feel the difference.
GPU is really cool..its adereno 420.
& about the camera 16 MP is absolutly fine.
does anyone know cpu clock speed?

  • Anonymous

siddhss, 07 Feb 2014benchmark suggested 2gb ram, is it true ?? and yes gsmarena... moreHow can anybody from the comments section possibly know ?

  • kartik

Looking good... Waiting for release..

  • Babu

please add dual sim

  • shakib

I love there is no radio.can i download it from store?

  • tuff

i would not mind a dual sim S5

  • tuff

think of including FM Radio

  • tuff

lumia 1020 is 41 pixels while S5 is struggling with 16.let see this surpassed

  • torpe7

Note 4, 07 Feb 2014Is That Mean Note 4 come soon ?the note 3 was only released late 2014 so expect the note 4 late 2014 early 2015. probably with a galaxy gear v2

  • ckp

We need fm radio too please. I hate it when there is no fm radio, after all this high end price tag.

Note 4, 07 Feb 2014Is That Mean Note 4 come soon ?Note 4 only in the second half of the year.

  • siddhss

benchmark suggested 2gb ram, is it true ?? and yes gsmarena....plz add info of exynos version......

  • Note 4

Is That Mean Note 4 come soon ?

  • AnonD-191712

wants a 4.8" inch Amoled and small bazel phone from sammy....

It will be a much better device than the Galaxy S4. I hope they will add a radio on this one. Wireless Radio is not the same with the FM Radio.

  • Hos90

Micro usb v 3.0

  • AnonD-122041

consider to have a 4.7" dual sim version too.

  • AnonD-231261

I've heard that Samsung will also be releasing 2 versions of the Galaxy S 5. 1 using the Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU and the other using their own Exynos 6 CPU.

I just hope that the Galaxy S 5 will still feature hardware buttons as I hate losing screen space to software buttons.