Samsung Galaxy S5 mini

Samsung Galaxy S5 mini

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  • Anonymous

I think the processor is too weak.Been expecting exinos hexa or something equivalent.The other specs are good(except the camera unless it's isocell).Im kinda dissapointed.

  • Anonymous

Mike, 11 Apr 2014Is it Ip67? Waterproof?They said its going to be waterproof

  • Anonymous

Disappointed i know its going to be water resistance but the camera should atleast b 13mp or more

the specs is ok to me. the price I expecting is around 20k. Im gonna replace my s3 mini ..

  • Anonymous

Htc desire 816 has the same spec as expected s5 mini except the camera,the battey,display size and pixel density. And it cost around 24k. Galaxy s5 mini could be good if it comer under 25k.

  • Ting dere.

Anonymous, 23 Apr 20144.5 = disappointment should be no more than 4"Nahhhh mate! i would have to disagree.

  • AnonD-257441

1080p or more on a smaller than 5inch screen is just bull****!! S5 mini has the perfect screen size and resolution, just wish it was OLED. Bump up the camera resolution to at least 13Mp and aperturesize F2.0 or lower! A why the f*** not use the Snapdragon 801? The perfect phone is yet to come I guess.

Sony with the Z1 Compact is the only decent Mini version of it's bigger brother. When you make a mini version just shrink the size and not the perfomance! Maybe Z2 Compact is where my dreams come true :)

  • Anonymous

4.5 = disappointment
should be no more than 4"

  • Kilo

AnonD-237024, 21 Apr 2014IK, but it's about time displays under 4.6 inches had 1080p disp... moreSome time ago 250 ppi was considered a "retina display" and here you have 326 ppi, which is already more than needed. I see no point to pay extra for sth that is not to be noticed anyway and would make mobile only heavier.
However, decent rear camera would be great to have in this phone, because the one in S3 mini or S4 mini cannot be compared to great S2 8 MPx camera. This has stopped me from buing S3 mini or S4 mini.

  • AnonD-237024

IK, but it's about time displays under 4.6 inches had 1080p displays (under 4.6 inches cause HTC ONE 2013 had 1080p 4.7 screen) IMHO.

  • Kilo

AnonD-237024, 20 Apr 2014Still 720p screen? I would of prefered a 1080p screen.This is to be a mobile - it should be durable, light and should have a good camera. But if you need a tablet with FullHD and > 5" screen, go for the bigger S5 ;)

  • Anonymous


  • AnonD-237024

Still 720p screen? I would of prefered a 1080p screen.

  • heh

Seems like another low end phone not worth buying like the S4 was. Especially not at Samsung's prices.

  • AnonD-62896

i'm about to replace my Samsung Galaxy S4 mini with S5 mini, when it arrives

  • AnonD-34649

features too low for this phones

  • AnonD-250208

Price should be below 25k

  • AnonD-253066

Did the S5 mini is a dual SIM ??

  • Mike

Is it Ip67? Waterproof?

  • Glass

I wonder if it would have USB on the go