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Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+

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  • N01r

Nearly 3 yeara with this phone.
And all i can tell that i don't see any competitors.
Works perfectly, fast and sharp, no lags or problems.
Screen is perfect, and i use it extensively throughout the day for very long time now, no AMOL-ed burnouts, althou in very sharp sunlight i can see some 'smuges'
Design hasn't 'got old', still looking great, bezels are maybe to thick considering phones in 2018 but i don't mind. Lays perfect in hands, not like slick s8/s9.
Battery was checked in samsung shop - capacity 98%, it will steadily last throughout a day of extensive usage (some people saying that battery is weak - i don't see the problem, one charching before sleep).
Overal strong 10/10. For current price - complete overkill, considering that procesors and RAM improvments doesn't really make much of a difference in day-to-day usage.
If S10 won't be a blast - i will wait with my phone till the phones will bring me something new, not a turbo-omygod-855-processor something.
Only shame that it didn't get the oreo update, but it's not in Samsung interest to keep old phones alive long, good that tey don't go for killing battery or network (a.k.a Apple)

-Gorgeous design, the best looking phone Samsung ever made.
-Great screen quality (for games and videos)
-Spectacular rear camera (in all lighting conditions)
-Loud enough speaker.
-Super slim & light.
-Blazing fast performance.
-Fast charging.

-Pathetic battery life (need to charge twice a day)
-Hard to find a tempered glass that sticks with a case on.
-Case is highly recommended as it's super slim & slippery.

Overall I'm happy with this phone.

I am considering an upgrade to xiaomi a2 or honor play. I have used s6 edge plus for more than 2 years. It works perfectly but I want change. Whether my choice is right our am I heading in a wrong direction? Please guide.

  • Danish

I am thinking of upgrading to Xiaomi A2 or Honor play. Please guide me whether it would be a wise choice? I have used s6 edge plus for more than 2 years, although it works perfectly but i want a change.

It's a shame that this beauty will not be getting Oreo update although it's capable of handling it without any issues but Samsung just ditched it and the mid range devices like the J7 Max will be getting it. It's a big shame!!!

Just ordered the Black Sapphire for $286 and I know what's it going to be like, my friend has one and it's really superb, it's a camera can give the latest flagships a run for their money. Just can't wait to get my hands on this beauty.

Is it still worth buying in 2018? This is one the best looking phones Samsung ever made better than the S7 edge and the current (bezeless) S8 series which I personally don't like.

  • Ali

Hey guys, does it support OTG?

  • Terry

2018 and i m still using s6 edge plus, amazing device speedy perfomance , superb look , camera and display

  • Anonymous

I am still using the android 6.0,,,where is 7.0,,,😭😭😭&am­p;#128557;

  • AKM

AnonD-760245, 16 May 2018Everything is almost satisfactory but charge drains very fast...just change your bettery, your phone will be im good condition

  • Anonymous

I also did replace my battery on the S6 Edge Plus. Despite it's age, it still holds well. Only when i use LTE a day long, the battery dies.

PekY, 30 May 2018Hello guys ... i just want to ask ... is it worth to change S6 E... moreDont even think about it! Buy a new battery ofc. U cant compare a6 edge+ with the j7.

  • Anonymous

PekY, 30 May 2018Hello guys ... i just want to ask ... is it worth to change S6 E... moreIt depends on what you want the s6 edge plus has a better higher res. screen more ram and better rear camera­/Samsung-Galaxy-J7-2017-vs-Samsung-Galaxy-S6-Edg­e-Plus

see the link above that compares the two in all honesty i would keep the gs6 edge plus and get a new battery

  • masadwin

PekY, 30 May 2018Hello guys ... i just want to ask ... is it worth to change S6 E... morekeep s6, it's better in every way

  • PekY

Hello guys ... i just want to ask ... is it worth to change S6 Edge + for J7 2017? or to keep phone and buy new battery ... cheers ..

  • Just a random guy

Webkostov, 05 Apr 2017Well, almost 2 years after the release S6 edge Plus still looks ... moreAnd it still is today...

  • Just a random guy

Brahimi, 24 Jan 2018is it normal for a samsung galaxy s6 edge plus come running andr... moreYes its normal, dont worry

  • AnonD-760245

Everything is almost satisfactory but charge drains very fast...

  • AnonD-587010

Salah, 05 May 2018I'd love it if my S6 Edge + got the Oreo Update. It'd be like a ... more­-edge-plus-update/amp/