Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+

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  • Trustedkenyann

Anonymous, 21 May 2017S6 edge plus or iphone 6 plus or samsung note 5Note 5

  • Anonymous

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Imported mobile. ..using the jio sims... I mean the working indian 4g bands.. Plz tell me frdzz

  • AnonD-220470

The battery drain is too rapid, Im beginning to worry if my phone has an issue and its still new. Im heavy on data and thought getting a 3000mAh device would get me through the day. However, 100% at 6.30am then 75% at 8.00am and 25% at 1.00pm is an eyebrow raiser.

  • AnonD-658635

Erik, 06 Jun 2017My S6 edge plus has a small battery drain problem. Tried everyth... moreBuy Norton antivirus and install in your phone to control which apps drains your battery so fast. It's the best antivirus for Android phones and with this your battery can last longer2

  • AnonD-682244

actually they did a water proof test on it on lasted 30 minutes. you can see the video here

  • terrys girl

aman, 24 Jun 2017is this phone waterproof ?no its not waterproof

  • sajath

No lacks to say,
Go for this mobile I am using this over one year there is no any major problems to notify.
The camera quality is awesome. Display is superb it is crystal clear and my phone had fallen more than 5 times but still no any scratches on display. Performance is good. No any lacks while playing games. If anyone has idea to buy a mobile. Better go for this handset

  • AKM

After update to Nougat my g928a S6edge plus

when i turn off my mobile data a message come in notificatin
"mobile data turned off"
and this notification wont away i have tried everything but no luck

  • aman

is this phone waterproof ?

  • Sajad

Should I buy s6 edge plus or huawie p10

  • Anonymous

Update for my S6 Edge+ UK unlocked, sim with Virgin Media. Predictive text is a bit weird, guess it needs a bit to learn

  • AnonD-677598

Naqash, 11 Jun 2017Hello dear. Can u please tell me . Is Private mode available i... moreyes....

  • Shahzad

If u wanna buy used one check the battery lif b4 dealing. Otherwise this is yet an awesom mobile.

  • Arti

At last.... finally got my Nougat update for my S6 Edge plus here in the UK. About time !

  • Anonymous

AnonD-636779, 22 Jan 2017Ito a very awesome have a high time battery. It's take... morewho said that much time taken? for me just 1 hour and 20 minutes... using since almost 1 year

  • Anonymous

Ramona, 02 Apr 2017It's 32 GB enough? is not enough bro .. am using this mobile almost 1 year till now

  • Anonymous

Will this get Grace UX in android 7.04

  • Naqash

AnonD-368165, 30 May 2017I agree, very awesome phone.Hello dear.
Can u please tell me .
Is Private mode available in S6 Edge plus

  • Anonymous

One of the most beautiful phone by samsung. Looks good than S7

  • Virusboii

Erik, 06 Jun 2017My S6 edge plus has a small battery drain problem. Tried everyth... moreI also having this issue i send it to service centre because there is one batch of s6 edge plus have some battery problem somemore i updated to O/S 7.0 is more worst his battery saving mode is equal to other samsung phone battery super saving suggestion is just download this app call my samsung inform them your problem and they will give you solution quite regret buying this model and alsl anothee way is turn off those unuse apps it will last you abit longer for the battery life span...