Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

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  • Anonymous

Some people will say that it's ok not to have an sdcard slot because they can just sync the files to cloud or pc and something like that...what they didn't know that those with sdcards are the ones with tonnes of HD movies to store which can be 3-4GB of data per movie...nobody wants to sync such big data every time....and as for the non-removable battery, Android troubleshooters will have headaches as sometimes a hard reset will NOT work if the phone blackout or anything. With removable battery, it will save the time and trouble going to the painful service center...

  • AWE

Anonymous, 02 Mar 2015when this hits the market, Many people are going to complain abo... moreWhat r u talking about looks like u never own edge phones. I have note edge and im right handed, i never had problems with that and i notice the curve edge on the side, if u r touching the bottom part it won't respond...

  • KingKorgi

Is it weird that I'm drooling for a phone..?

  • Anonymous

when this hits the market, Many people are going to complain about the s6 edge constantly opening applications by accident while holding the phone in their hands, since you got rows of apps touch buttons on each side !!!

  • AnonD-196881

very low battery.this appointing

  • Maho

Looks like one of the best and most gorgeous phone ever for me. I dont care about fixed battery, I never had to purchase a new battery for any of y mobile phones, why should I care? 64 GB seems to be fair enough for me, I don't neither care about the size of storage since you can upload to the cloud or synchronize with your external storage (eg pc). the curved edge is so nice. I was always for Samsung due to the menu and back buttons which are not in the screen but just next to the home button. I hate this on the HTc or LG, or even the Sony Xperia,since those buttons are on the screen and it is very annoying to use this. One of the biggest reason why I hate Iphone is that they even do not have this anywhere... you have to find it out yourself per application how to to back or open the menu.
Whatever, let me be clear this Samsung S6 is definitely the most gorgeous and best phone ever... I have watched the live stream event of SAmsung and the only point that me disappointed was that I had to wait until 10th of APril before I can purchase it... LOVE SAMSUNG S6 EDGE.... I hope i will feel the same when I see it for real...

  • AnonD-142922

AnonD-237518, 01 Mar 2015Better than Galaxy S6yeah but why ppl are more interested in 6 there is 94% popularity and on this one not even 30%

  • Unix_pro\reg-union

I hate when a company try to do the same thinks, samsung s6 is just a cooy of the iphone 6 is just the same .... I get disappointed, samsung rip..😞

  • AnonD-237518

Better than Galaxy S6

  • AnonD-184745


  • tiku

Is that phone have a 1440x2560 screen? It should be wider than standard quadHD because of its edges. It should have a resolution of 1600x2560 like note edge.

  • Anonymous

Now, let's be honest unless you're an audiophile the lack of SD card shouldn't be that of a problem if you have the 64 or 128 GB model, however, knowing Samsung (from past experiences) what really should concern the costumer is the fact that you'll never see the 64 and 128 GB models. So you'll end up with a 32 GB model (Because it's the only model you'll see being sold)with usable internal memory of 20 GB aprox.

  • AnonD-239284

Sorry to say but samsung could have done far as pics r concerned the design doesn't seems any good to me...moreover Non-removable battery and No sd card r the steps that will contribute to dig samsung's grave :(

  • Anonymous

best smartphone of 2015 awesome phone with awesome specs n design... but could have done better with battery

  • AnonD-369478

best answer to all

  • javad

good answer to iphone 6 plus

  • AnonD-29026

This is a WOW phone! Will definitely get it. There is no phone that comes close to this phone on the market!

  • Just_reader

is it galaxy s6 or iphone 6 on the photos? got mixed...

  • Anonymous

s6 edge more compact than

  • buua

AnonD-369449, 01 Mar 2015so poor no sd card no 20 MP camera no removable battery no ... moreAre u ok?