Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

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AnonD-369576, 02 Mar 2015No card slot. Non removable battery oowh poor phone...Yeah just like the poor iPhone.

  • Waqar Ahmed

Many people are going to complain about the s6 edge constantly opening applications by accident while holding the phone in their hands And Also No Waterproof.............

  • AnonD-311225

i like the curve screen type...

  • AnonD-213026

It would have been nice to have a microsd slot. But then again, i have a 32gb micro sd in my note 4 and i've been ok with it so far. Probably will have to upgrade to 64gb in the near future but it's not a deal breaker for me. As for battery, while the idea is nice for it to be removable, i haven't had the need to switch batteries for all my phones in the past decade. I think the exynos 7 also is going to surprise us with battery efficiency so we'll see.

  • AnonD-108208

I thought it is a water resistance.

  • AnonD-369576

No card slot. Non removable battery oowh poor phone...

  • Bryan

AnonD-196881, 02 Mar 2015very low battery.this appointing The battery is 2600mAH what are you complaining about? thats huge!

  • tony

People do not galaxy s5 iphone 6 is like any Phone the galaxy s6 edge is better then any Cell in the market style is unique i like

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Mar 2015There is another purpose of removable battery, occasionally... moreNice technique, although I never had to do that. I have cellphones since 1999 and i never had a bad battery on my own phones, usually i keep them 1 to 4 years.
Also, i think with such a "premium" product (Edge), Samsung will easily swap the battery in their center if not the whole unit in case of any problem "like apple" during the next 5 years..

  • wahlid

Anonymous, 02 Mar 2015when this hits the market, Many people are going to complai... moreI read that the apps on the side stay hidden until you slide them out.

  • Anonymous

tiku, 01 Mar 2015Is that phone have a 1440x2560 screen? It should be wider t... moreInteresting question

  • Anonymous

m86k, 02 Mar 2015For me, the real bad points of S6 series are : -lack of ... moreThere is another purpose of removable battery, occasionally I would take out the battery and try spin on a flat ground to check for any slight bloat so that I will know in advance when will I change a new won't feel a slight bump from external and it may be too late to realize...

  • m86k

I also dislike the step back to microusb 2.0 port from S5:
Now that there's no microsd card, there will be more transferts to do for loading or unloading contents.
Especially on 32gb versions.

  • m86k

For me, the real bad points of S6 series are :

-lack of microsd slot even for a 128gb

it's always good to have a second memory space for choice.
Chinese manufacturers offers now both microsd+sim on same tray. Samsung could have done same or find another place in the phone to add it.

-16MP camera, even if it's the best for lowlight.

many S5 owners won't upgrade because, camera is "basically equal". Even if we know that pixels are not the only proof of quality. But by judging with grain on photos, we can confirm rumors that it's indeed a Sony sensor which always do that. Samsung's don't do that (check S2 and S5 photos).

For battery, it's just a nerdy/noob excuse. Many phones don't have removable battery and owners are not crying about them all day long like we see here. It certainly may be useful in some cases, but for most of people (including me), i never remove battery excepted when i need to test another sim card or remove my microsd from S5 for example.. On my other phones, i don't feel the need to remove battery too. There's also a safety on most of those phones in case of serious hanging like a 10sec power pressing for forced reboot/shutdown, or another combination while plugging on usb to get it safely started.

  • poki

Oh my good...colour caller/side notification ? Have you seen/met, anyone who puts an aprox. 1000 euro phone whit its face down on a table ?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-142922, 01 Mar 2015yeah but why ppl are more interested in 6 there is 94% popu... moreMy wild guess is that people who didn't buy a S5 and even S4 are drooling on S6.

People liking real design or having already S5 are more looking at S6 Edge : i fit in this category, there's no point for me looking at the basic S6.

  • Anonymous

Some people will say that it's ok not to have an sdcard slot because they can just sync the files to cloud or pc and something like that...what they didn't know that those with sdcards are the ones with tonnes of HD movies to store which can be 3-4GB of data per movie...nobody wants to sync such big data every time....and as for the non-removable battery, Android troubleshooters will have headaches as sometimes a hard reset will NOT work if the phone blackout or anything. With removable battery, it will save the time and trouble going to the painful service center...

  • AWE

Anonymous, 02 Mar 2015when this hits the market, Many people are going to complai... moreWhat r u talking about looks like u never own edge phones. I have note edge and im right handed, i never had problems with that and i notice the curve edge on the side, if u r touching the bottom part it won't respond...

  • KingKorgi

Is it weird that I'm drooling for a phone..?

  • Anonymous

when this hits the market, Many people are going to complain about the s6 edge constantly opening applications by accident while holding the phone in their hands, since you got rows of apps touch buttons on each side !!!