Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

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  • Anonymous

Now, let's be honest unless you're an audiophile the lack of SD card shouldn't be that of a problem if you have the 64 or 128 GB model, however, knowing Samsung (from past experiences) what really should concern the costumer is the fact that you'll never see the 64 and 128 GB models. So you'll end up with a 32 GB model (Because it's the only model you'll see being sold)with usable internal memory of 20 GB aprox.

  • AnonD-239284

Sorry to say but samsung could have done far as pics r concerned the design doesn't seems any good to me...moreover Non-removable battery and No sd card r the steps that will contribute to dig samsung's grave :(

  • Anonymous

best smartphone of 2015 awesome phone with awesome specs n design... but could have done better with battery

  • AnonD-369478

best answer to all

  • javad

good answer to iphone 6 plus

  • AnonD-29026

This is a WOW phone! Will definitely get it. There is no phone that comes close to this phone on the market!

  • Just_reader

is it galaxy s6 or iphone 6 on the photos? got mixed...

  • Anonymous

s6 edge more compact than

  • buua

AnonD-369449, 01 Mar 2015so poor no sd card no 20 MP camera no removable battery no ... moreAre u ok?

  • Ratan

Almost Perfect !... but 4K video option without micro SD card?

  • AnonD-184378

I am in love. The best smart phone ever made. Thanks Samsung

  • AnonD-54781

I like the specs except for the part of this phone not having a micro sd card slot

  • amsultan

I really like this phone and the design is one of its kind.. sure a device that you can admire... no sd card or removable batteries.. so what.. im using samsung devices since several years. I never had to change the battery. For more juice u can just have an external power bank if you really need it... for storage.. im using alot of online storage so 32gb or 64gb should be more than enough on the device... Hope the price will not be exagerated

  • AnonD-347284

This phone is for girls and mama's boys just for showing off in streets, absolutely not for office purposes,the only fantastic phone ever made by Samsung till date is Samsung Galaxy Note III,by the way if you are well off enough to pay over $650 for it,its Ok go for it otherwise don't because you will soon hit the rock bottom when it freezes and never reboot and also when it's battery starts to die gradually.
i cant believe its samsung flagship product, even S5 is better than this crap.

  • AnonD-369449

so poor
no sd card
no 20 MP camera
no removable battery
no radio
no water resistant
no fast charging
only 2600 Mah battery
only 3 GB ram
Samsung is fail

  • Anonymous

RIP *Samsung* you did well ...

  • AnonD-322088

Note edge is better. Atleast has sd card option.

  • Anonymous

I Love samsung the s6 it will my next smartphone

  • Anonymous

Note 4 the best samsung for 2014 and 2015
I think even the S5 rocks in comparision to this new s6

  • DJ

just wait till it reaches the market Samsung has got something still hidden ;) wait and watch