Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

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  • Mike

I can't believe there is no micro SD card. That plus no removable battery is a step back in my opinion.

  • peskeric

[deleted post]thats you're unonymous ;
You'll see Apple making cuved screen iPhone soon.

  • shetty

My next phone! Good job samsung

No radio again. I think some companies are out of mind really. It is so simple to add that BASIC feature. It is not a big deal to add that stuff. People wants it. I see lot of comments about people complaining about the lack of FM Radio.
I know there is Internet Radio, but you need Wireless connection for that! Wi-Fi will drain your battery very fast!!! I hope somebody from Samsung will read my comment.


My Next Phone will be Samsung S6 edge, also I will keep my Galaxy S4... the most sexy phone samsung s6 edge in the world...

  • AnonD-358267

samsung because you're so stingy with batteries? 2600 mah is very little

  • TechSmart

when i held it in hand for the first time i was kinda surprised it wast't any thinner. and when i read how thick it was i knew that samsung surendered the thinnes war between the companies around the world. overall it's a very very fast phone with a good camera.

  • A.T

do you live in this world just to buy samsung's phones ?

  • AnonD-369364

577 ppi!? Samsung u seriously got back in business! Having gorilla glass four n 3 gb of ram i would blindly go for this phone!

  • Anonymous

this designe makes me remember nokia's c3

  • Anonymous

Wow really looks cool

no card slot.. why??

  • AnonD-355881

Best smartphone ever!

  • AnonD-369338

HOT !!! it will be mine soon

  • The CooLesT

[deleted post]You are for sure an iPhone user hahahaha

  • sam sam

no sd card, non removable battery, nooooo.rather get iphone or note 4 now than this....

  • imrul jobaid

Will go like s5. Shape like i-phone 6

  • yeah i said it

This is my new smartphone, good job Samsung. Love it

  • s4

Waaaaaw amazin!!!

  • AnonD-72853

AnonD-213026, 01 Mar 2015Looks sexy as hell. Definitely the best looking in the s line to... moreThis phone looks adorable to me! :3