Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

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  • biagz

bwana kohl, 11 Jun 2019I am having some funny dots on both edges I don't knw what I sho... morejust rub the dots gently with dry cloth..they will go

  • farzam

s7 edge is greatest phone ever.I love it alot.

Is this phone getting one UI and pie update in India ....
Please tell me..

  • bwana kohl

I am having some funny dots on both edges I don't knw what I should do but the phone works so fine and well. I need a solution my only fear is for them to expand

  • S7edgeuser

Anonymous, 29 May 2019Yeah, love the gold. So classy. Gorgeous. Yeah gold colour is really nice. Really nice phone:)

  • Anon

Mine just gave up the ghost :( won't power on. Qi charger says the battery is fully charged

  • Anonymous

S7edgeuser, 27 May 2019Been using s7 edge well over a year and still going strong. Its ... moreYeah, love the gold. So classy. Gorgeous.

  • S7edgeuser

Been using s7 edge well over a year and still going strong. Its an amazing phone. I got rose gold colour and its very attractive:)

  • Anonymous

shaaan, 29 Apr 2019display pink line issueSame here

  • Jes

Awesome gadget.
I use it since December 2016, man it's a perfect phone.
If Samsung does not slow it intentionally somehow, I'll be using it as long as it lasts.
My wife has S7 and it's also perfect, it's pictures are more beautiful.

  • Rickshaw

Iv been using the S7 Edge singe July 2016. When it came out I thought that it was the most attractive phone that Samsung has ever released. 3 years down the line and I still love it. It hasn't given me a moments trouble. I plan to keep it for another 3 years

  • S7 edge

Using it since March 2016 and till to date, it amazes me .
Gotta mention I switched to custom Roms around a year back and it's amazing.
I never liked the fingerprint accuracy and the location but learnt to live with it . Overall it's superb .

  • S7edgeuser

sam, 24 Apr 2019what a worst phone. As the battery is fixed so you cant do any t... moreBeen using s7 edge over a year now. Its still runs smooth. It can run just as best as s9 plus. Great phone!

3 years now :) battery is a bit on the low side (which is to be expected), lags a lil bit at times, got some screen burn round the status bar but there is nothing which would hinder day to day use/all apps work perfectly on it. So generally speaking a pretty solid phone.

  • Anonymous

I've been using Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge since December 2016 without any issues. The phone is working perfectly and still fast as newer versions of the S series.

  • S7edgeuser

shaaan, 29 Apr 2019display pink line issueThat happened to my s7 edge. I took it to samsung centre and they replaced the screen. But i had only been using it for 4 months. But no problems since that.

  • shaaan

display pink line issue

  • Jo

Some people 're just dumb. Just because a phone is water proof doesn't mean u should deliberately put it in water or swim with the phone. It means, incase u mistakenly dropped the phone in water, all u have to do is pick it up and clean it with a soft cloth without opening the phone. Everything has its lifespan. As u keep using a device it becomes weak gradually. Use ur common sense, man..

  • S7edgeuser

Evan Toh, 22 Apr 2019so far how is everyone using the s7 edge?Have mine over a year now and its still very good in performance . Battery is fine. Running smooth. No problems at all.

  • S7edgeuser

Master c, 18 Apr 2019Please I want to know if samsung galaxy s7 edge is truly water ... moreI would not advice you to use phone while swimming. Salt water or whatever can damage phone.