Samsung Galaxy S8 Oreo beta 4 roll out imminent

Himanshu, 14 December 2017

If you are running a beta build of Oreo on your Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+, here's some news: a new build is likely arriving very soon. A Samsung rep - member of the company's UK Beta Team - confirmed recently that beta 4 will be out "very very soon."

If you remember, a similar, "very very soon" time frame was revealed for the beta 3 build as well, and the roll out began the very next day. So it's reasonable to expect that beta 4 roll out is imminent.

As you can see in the screenshot, the rep also said that the final/public version of Oreo should be out by January end or February beginning. So there's still at least a month before every Galaxy S8/S8+ unit gets to taste Oreo.



Reader comments

Can we understand when we will get the final version fir Note 8? Samsung you are so slow. And still wait fir ATT

  • Anonymous

Oh but it is very close to stock android with just a few changes Its like copying from your friends home work but they tell you not to make it look like you copied so edit a bit here and there Istg these brand fanboys will be the death of me ...

  • Anonymous

Its basically a copy paste of stock android But with a few minor tweeks You know the ones you make when you copy your friends home work and they tell you not to make it too similar These sony fanboys so tired of every damn fanboy...

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