Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 P5100

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 P5100

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  • Bilal

Fail, they should of used a quad core or make this tablet under, lets say £300

  • Anonymous

There is not alot more here than the p7500 apart from voice and Sd slot .
NO lag on P7500 if you O/C using kang kernel and no lock ups.
increases performance greatly,proving that the chips are capable of more than their conservative production speeds.

  • Beyarfaj2004

this should have had better ppi, better ram, better rear camera, better front camera and USB host

  • AnonD-45325

which one better?ipad2/galaxy tab?can anyone tell me??tq

  • Arbok

Adebz, 02 Mar 2012The Galaxy note 10.1 seems better. 1.4ghz CPU and with a stylus.... moreYa but where we suppossed to put/carry the stylus pen from that Galaxy Note 10.1??? In my pocket/bag/...??? What if i loose it????? Does it have a hole like this phone? -----> Samsung Galaxy Note I717:­simg/samsung-ces-2012/note/gsmarena_004.jpg&­idReview=703&idPage=2
Please give me an answer... PLEASEEEEEEE...

  • bharat..

Adebz, 02 Mar 2012The Galaxy note 10.1 seems better. 1.4ghz CPU and with a stylus.... morehey samsung is better or i pad 2 full comparison

  • bez

I'd like to buy it but I want to make sure about the specifications. Despite that lists this tab under full product list, Samsung does not indicate anywhere that it has a gorilla glass. I fear that they have it installed in some models to target specific markets. Does Corning themselves install gorilla glass for Samsung? or Samsung is getting the glass and install it themselves? I mean how would we know? I wanted to get Ipad 2 for my kids, but I was shocked to see the severity of the shatter when droped face down.
Please help me with this.

  • oujisan

If this is cheaper than the P7500 then yes this will sell. but its the same specs. Wait for Ipad 3 to release then They release a new-er model I was hoping for 2ghz Dual/Quad core Tablets with more Ram.

Ive seen lag on the P7500 im unsure why ppl flood their tablets but yeah. more ram pls. also make dedicated HDMI / USB (3.0) for portable FAT32 HDD bigger than 32gigs and you have a perfect tab till next year.

  • Huss of Doha

ancient processor 1.0 vs 1.4 on old tab 1.0, no waw features versus its own 7.7 or the ipad 2 , this one is not worth launching even. wait till ipad 3 is out and try to reflect if you can beat it, even huwawei have better thigns than this, seems after your s@ and 7.7 samsung is getting to heavy to replicate s2 success...

  • Angela

Adebz, 02 Mar 2012The Galaxy note 10.1 seems better. 1.4ghz CPU and with a stylus.... moreYes but there is no slot for attaching the stylus...What am i supposed to do...carring it in the bag???

  • Adebz

The Galaxy note 10.1 seems better. 1.4ghz CPU and with a stylus. Cos both Note and Tab 2 has same specs. With voice communication, sms, email, ....and with abundance of samsung accessories. I am waiting to switch from my Xoom to Samsung.

  • flyboy

Samsung people are clever there waiting for apple to release the new ipad 3 and then there will release the Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 or with a big screen with a better processor in maybe September 12.

  • sadman samee

why 1ghz processor! huawai got many things! not going to buy it

  • Banda

Oh... Mind Blowing....

Ice Cream Sandwich Powered 10.1" Tab..

Well Done Samsung.. Good Job...!

  • AnonD-44480

Hi Guys, can I use this device to make a call and send sms? thanks.

  • curiousone

hey guys,can make a sms and call using this device? thanks

  • Dexterde

No wonder the silent release, we need 7.7 with quad core, super amoled plus and 2gb ROM., That will mos def beat all competition

  • Anonymous

It's very good that support GSM Call and micro SD external memory.I'll buy it

  • malav

why get another dual core when nvdia quad core 1.3ghz is around the corner
and remove that shity touchwiz it sux

  • ashish

no quad-core no means to launch take it back load it with processer