Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 P5100

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 P5100

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  • malav

why get another dual core when nvdia quad core 1.3ghz is around the corner
and remove that shity touchwiz it sux

  • ashish

no quad-core no means to launch take it back load it with processer

  • Kavi Vyas

Its a Welcome Move from Samsung that in Tablet PC Category they have extended it's specification by including most relevant Voice Calling Feature. But Camera they should have given at least 5.0 MP.

Anyway Love U Samsung...

  • Android:over

So, does it mean no ICS upgrade for Samsung Galaxy 10.1" ? The specs almost the same.

  • epic-fail

Ok samsung .... wat r u trying here ?
"Dual-core 1 GHz" ..seriously ??? Other boys out ther r having tegra 3.
considering ur pricing history ... Definitely this ones not gonna be less than $500 ... WTH.
Its epic fail.
ASUS transformer prime still remains best android tab.

  • samsunglover

yet!, 26 Feb 2012make 7 inches, quad core and cheap price...its impossible to make a cheap quadcore tablet until next year, maybe cheap dualcore exynos, which is very fast, like the galaxy note

  • life

now this is what i've been waiting for...
when is it coming to south africa??????????????????

  • Wolverine037

very wrong if this is the competition for the IPAD3 this year then samsung got it wrong with this its the same as the old TAB but with ICS soft update i mean come on the apple are coming with quad core and retina display and ios5 and believe me i m not an apple fan,i hate it

  • Techh

I completely agree with you egghead. This specs is very simple. Mobile phones is much better as to hardware specs.

  • lonewolf32680

they should have made it quad core...

  • Anonymous

huawei got a 1920x1200 px screen with quad core tablet. goodbye samsung.

  • yet!

make 7 inches, quad core and cheap price...

  • galaxyfan

its rocking.. Will beat ipad 2 in all terms!! everyone should realize that android is the future u $am$ung

  • egghead

Bad move samsung.

Why waste money on developing a tablet with the same specs as the last one and only to have ICS as the upgrade? It doesnt make sense. Why not just upgrade the current galaxy tab range with ICS?

Samsung is starting to act like Nokia, releasing the same product with only cosmetic changes. It may work for a while but we all know how that turned out for Nokia.

  • Johnlove

Russel, 26 Feb 2012I don't think that this tab will rock. Need Quad-core processor.But if Samsung will sell it cheap, it will.

  • nab

not 2012 specs.. sad!

  • Russel

I don't think that this tab will rock. Need Quad-core processor.