Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3100

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3100

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  • Anonymous

gadget, 26 Dec 2012Please check the specifications, RAM in my tab is just 687 ... moreYes same like my tab

  • sam malik

Abhi, 17 Jul 2017After a hard reset of my Samsung tab 2 it cant turn on anym... morebro clear all partition in your tab 2 and erase all data on your tablet and then select reboot system now and you have done


  • nvuphi

I flashed Resurrection Remix ROM for this tablet. Now, it 's smoothly

  • AnonD-734769

I use it now for about 5 years. it uses 4.1.1 and if you set cloud accounts and Facebook and other apps that sync then you must wait 15 minutes before you can use the tablet when you turn on the wifi or g3. if you will use avast or any firewall and or any nonstock app for battery save feature then expect to have a flat battery every day. I uninstalled Facebook, removed all accounts non-Samsung that sync. no dropbox, no google drive no any cloud feature. now I'm able to use it as my GPS and it's faster than some newer smartphones. google maps or any GPS app or game or internet browsing is now again fast and the battery lasts standby for more than 14 days and still works as new. the newer sync apps like Facebook and WhatsApp and youtube or any cloud, they use so much CPU power on standby or when you connect that older CPUs have a hard time with it. so if you have the knowledge, then this is still a very good tablet.

  • samsung noob

very useless tab ever..very slow even open fb

  • matts berggren

Kyaw Lin, 28 Dec 2017After factory reset my tablet is slow, battery life is shor... moreI also have a slow tab2 i think it is time buy a new one

  • Kyaw Lin

After factory reset my tablet is slow, battery life is short. How can software update. Myanmar font can't root. Pls sugest me how can do.

  • ashkan

hashem, 28 Sep 2017how we can up date android with new versionyou maybe install custom rom for update android to android 4.4.4 or higher...if your opinion mean install official firmware and goto downloading mode and flash with odin to google how flash rom on p3100

  • Sam

Please assist ;
I have 550MB space left on phone memory with my external memory card installed at 6.96GB space free. How do i select for everything i store to go to the external memory instead.

  • Maher Diab

you must press the power button and volume down button with each other

  • hashem

how we can up date android with new version

  • Ryan

Lou, 02 Sep 2017Can anyone help. I bought this tab with the old OS version ... morehold power and volume down at the same time

  • Lou

Can anyone help. I bought this tab with the old OS version and updated it to 4.1.2 version, and now the tablet has NO MORE SCREENSHOT button. Anyone know how to do the screenshot with this version? I tried swiping left and right, up and down but still no. Theres no HELP menu.

  • jommer

I have samsung tab 2 modify 769.80 ram 264.20 reserve..

  • rushi

I have a doubt iam buying old tab in this tab model number showsGt-P3100B but actually inter shows only P3100
B is not showing
Is it orginal or dublicate please help me

  • AnonD-455410

I'm only wondering if it's better with stock Rom or MM custom ROM or other.

  • AnonD-455410

I just bought Samsung Tab 2 for my doughter. I'm verry surprised how it performs for his year. It is a realy nice old tab for low cost.

  • AnonD-685459

athiradi, 26 Jul 2017How to Samsung galaxy tab 2 7. 0 p3100 software updates ma... morefor updates like android 5.x 6.x or 7.x look ax xda web site (u can find on google search)

  • athiradi

Prasanna Shrestha, 31 May 2017How do you upgrade your tab 2 to 5 .1? Pleae helpHow to Samsung galaxy tab 2 7. 0 p3100 software updates marshmallows

  • AnonD-685459

Armaan, 10 Jun 2017Never update ur tab 2 to 5.0.1 or higher this will degrade... morewhats abot 4.4.2 rom's from xda ??? are they also bad for this tablet?