Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2015)

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2015)

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  • DkP
  • 07 Jan 2024

How to insert a simcard

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    • Hepc
    • 3En
    • 07 Jan 2024

    I got one sim locked to Vodafone uk ..... , anyone knows how to unlock it so i can use it in Portugal?

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      • YYi
      • 09 May 2023

      Wombat, 09 Mar 2023I got this in 2015 as a freebie with a data plan. I have i... moreThere is a card slot on the side that will hold a 32GB microsd card - about $6.

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        • Wombat
        • 7sf
        • 09 Mar 2023

        I got this in 2015 as a freebie with a data plan. I have installed a good number of apps but to be fair the 16 gig is limited. I've only upgraded when it requests it and is now 7.1.1. t still run fine except for some games when it is slow.
        So... tick the boxes, Cheap, reliable, has lasted 8 years without a hiccup, and current UPtime is 2053 days! It still runs all the apps I need and battery life is still great. I also use this as my hotspot for my computer so it runs nearly all day and I recharge overnight. Easily the best device I ever owned. Previously I had an I-pad that was no end of trouble and easily the worse device I ever owned! It stopped working after 3 years which was 1 year after Apple stopped supporting it! The Galaxy A8 is a little beauty.

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          • Vg
          • 7k0
          • 04 Jan 2023

          GregSpegal, 18 Dec 2022I love this tablet. It's a prime example of how Samsun... moreCan u plz explain me the process of installing crdroid in my device is galaxy tab a t355y...

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            • GregSpegal
            • IbF
            • 18 Dec 2022

            Shiyu Lin, 07 Jun 2022It works fine at the beginning. But as years past, it got h... moreI love this tablet. It's a prime example of how Samsung's hardware outlasts its software. This tablet ended on Nougat and I was able to custom rom it flashing Crdroid. That rom breathed new life into the thing. Crdroid is stock android with a very nice amount of customization you can do to it. I bought this one for 34.99 and now I have a nice Android 11 tablet to use as a bedside home.

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              • 7L$
              • 08 Nov 2022

              Shiyu Lin, 07 Jun 2022It works fine at the beginning. But as years past, it got h... moreI put Lineage ( android 10) on this one and it's great!

                It works fine at the beginning. But as years past, it got heavy and hang. Needs to factory reset every year. Otherwise, you won't have enough space to install apps. As it is Samsung, the biggest weakness is the screen. Once it got damaged, you will have to replace and the cost is half of it's original price. So, every time the display is damaged, the tablet becomes useless and you will have to buy a new one. Right now, my tablet's display started to damage and I know that it will become useless in a few months. So, I'd say it's not that good to buy this kind of tablet. Luckily, it's discontinued. 🤣🤣🤣

                  os :7

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                    • C0DiE
                    • KgV
                    • 07 Jan 2022

                    It's good for making quick sketches since it has an spen, but not much else. Can't stock up many apps on it even with the ability to move apps to the sd card.

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                      • clamum
                      • Cxq
                      • 14 Oct 2021

                      I won mine at work at a Christmas party and would use it occasionally but as of the past couple years it's just much too slow to do much on it. I don't even have it loaded with a ton of apps; heck there's only a single screen of apps with the second page just having one icon, YouTube, lol. I'm trying to figure out why my mobile game has a black screen on it, while it runs fine on my much more powerful phone (Galaxy S10).

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                        • Popszilla
                        • IbE
                        • 19 Nov 2020

                        Popszilla, 05 Nov 2020I love mine. Nougat 7.1 and played Call of Duty mobile abso... moreAnd I run a Samsung 512g sd in with no issues.

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                          • Popszilla
                          • IbE
                          • 05 Nov 2020

                          BladeCT05, 17 Apr 2020So, i do have to say... i primarily bought one for business... moreI love mine. Nougat 7.1 and played Call of Duty mobile absolutely religiously since 10.1.19 (its release date) and the ONLY problems I've ever had were on their end. Srsly, it's outperformed almost all of the other tablets I've had and still going problem free now 5 almost 6 years. Might i add, no cracks either, lol. The fact that it's that old, and still gets updates and other support should say enough. I'm sorry that you had issues with yours and appreciate how you worded your review without putting it down thru the troughs like alot of others would as well. The world has enough bad mouthing in it. Thanks for not being part of it.
                          Hope this finds you in good health as well

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                            • That Girl
                            • 4q4
                            • 13 Sep 2020

                            Juan, 07 Sep 2020From my experience, you must never a different charger than... moreI'm finding one charger that fits works and others that fit do not???

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                              • Juan
                              • nit
                              • 07 Sep 2020

                              AnonD-730828, 15 Jan 2018How long this device battery life? Using this for about 1,5... moreFrom my experience, you must never a different charger than the OEM, another one will damage your battery life (only use ones with an output of 1A)

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                                • Juan
                                • nit
                                • 07 Sep 2020

                                Bought it in early 2016, in general terms is an excellent tablet for reading, doing your homework, research, watch a movie and play small games, you can’t demand a lot the tablet because of its small resources. After upgrading to android 6 and 7 the battery was draining very fast, with continuous shut downs, crashs and the speed was decreased (super slowly), so I opt to downgrade to lollipop (now working fine with zero issues, the battery usage is around 3 hrs). I think this tablet can only work properly in android 5.

                                  MikeO, 02 Jul 2020It was shipped with OS Lollipop, but it can be upgraded to ... moreCan it be upgraded to Nougat 7.1? Or is it too old?

                                    Hi I have 2015 model SM-P350. Currently running Android 6.0.1. It won't update to a newer version but I really need 7.1. is there any way I can flash nougat to this device or is it just too old?

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                                      • Nathan James
                                      • UFy
                                      • 23 Aug 2020

                                      I have the s m – p350 model. Is there anyway I can upgrade this to nougat 7.1? I think the highest for me is 6.0.1 unfortunately