Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2015)

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2015)

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  • monf
  • fs}
  • 21 Mar 2015

WTF are the styluses in tabs now

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    • Alex
    • Kig
    • 20 Mar 2015

    Wow this is utter cr*p. Dat pixel density, dat clock speed. No thanks Samsung.

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      • nexusslasher
      • 8Lt
      • 18 Mar 2015

      It has lower specs than the galaxy note 8.0 and first generation ipad mini, i`d rather buy the first ipad mini than this piece of crap! shame on you samsung!!!

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        • AnonD-150055
        • Xu%
        • 17 Mar 2015

        AnonD-273448, 17 Mar 2015OH god it's so cheapReally F**** cheap

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          • SKYGUIDE
          • Tr@
          • 17 Mar 2015

          mentor, 17 Mar 2015Am a samsung fan and am so ashame of samsung. How much is n... moreBut You wont get GPS with Nokia N1

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            • mentor
            • N9@
            • 17 Mar 2015

            Am a samsung fan and am so ashame of samsung. How much is nokia N1? With very good specs. Just over $260 . And samsung are selling theirs between $275-340, with very low specs. Its a shame really. Wish nokia can make a 3G enabled tablet right now. Samsung will be loosing customers. They call it low end, with a high end or mid range price. I wonder how much they will sell the tab s 2's when they come out. Very dissapointing.

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              • AnonD-273448
              • jGL
              • 17 Mar 2015

              OH god it's so cheap