Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2015)

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2015)

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the os (category)is wrong.and some details are missing such as video(720p)

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    • shaf
    • bJb
    • 21 Jun 2020

    Anonymous, 15 Jun 2020I Love, Love Love this tablet. I have had it for five year... moreI changed mine 4 month ago, its easy but you need to be patient when pulling the battery out, bought mine twice as the first I assumed it is an old stock , make my tablet loops in start mode, the second and using now last as new, cost less than usd10 original battery, there quiet some knock off and old stock,just be smart

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      • Anonymous
      • qpa
      • 15 Jun 2020

      I Love, Love Love this tablet. I have had it for five years now. The pictures/camera are phenomenal, crystal clear. The only thing that I have noticed lately is that the battery life is showing its' age. Drains faster & charges slower now. But, overall I have been very happy with my purchase.

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        • BladeCT05
        • Ijq
        • 17 Apr 2020

        So, i do have to say... i primarily bought one for business, like spreadsheets and invoice stuff. It totaly does the trick. I actually bought two... one white and one smokey. i have the t350 model. I have to mention, i do use facebook and instagram and twitter... they also seem to work pretty well. Also i watch youtube... great size screen to not watch stuff on. So... with no futher braging how awesome this tablet it... here are the bad things... When i find myself doing programming, using droidedit... when i get into making big files with over 100 lines of code... it does seem to slow down because of the low memory. other then that, i do not really have too much to say about how bad it is. back to the goods... i play clash of clans... need for speed and a few other games. i also play call of duty:mobile... which i do not recommend... everything is on low settings... and needless to say... this machine is not good for highspeed gaming. I also installed a 128GB microsSD for pictures to goto and audio files. Thanks for reading. God bless and be sure to use technology positivly.

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          • Tk
          • IYw
          • 07 Apr 2020

          Shiva, 21 Mar 2020After 5 years(as the maximum life of a device is considered... morethat's not the case with mine, i,ve been using mine since 2015 and apart from a cracked screen (which was my fault) and ram management is shite since mine only has 1gb it still runs just fine, i can read books, do uni re-search and even still play games on it, just the battery life has gone to wack. but that is expected since its 5 years old by this point.

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            • Shiva
            • 7jW
            • 21 Mar 2020

            After 5 years(as the maximum life of a device is considered to be 5 years)
            The device sucks!
            The speed is slower than a snail, reminding that it wasn't until the Nougat update. front camera is worse and rear is just below the average. Forget gaming and multitasking. Storage is piled up even after i deleted 4 or 5 gigs of data. TFT display is not a good option, atleast they must provide super Amoled or LCD. Battery depletes rapidly on moderate use. Also i had many internet speed issues and calling issues with the device. Would now opt Galaxy tab s6

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              • Anonymous
              • u}r
              • 26 Mar 2019

              Anonymous, 15 Nov 2017When is the nougat update for Philippinesin the year 2100

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                • Samsungkia
                • 7wn
                • 17 Mar 2019

                Anonymous, 11 Mar 2019Hi is it possible to get help.? my tablet has locked the sc... moreSomebody played with it and set a password?

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                  • Tarek
                  • SqJ
                  • 13 Mar 2019

                  Anonymous, 11 Mar 2019Hi is it possible to get help.? my tablet has locked the sc... moreI believe you need to call the service center in your area. they will help you better.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • fn9
                    • 11 Mar 2019

                    Hi is it possible to get help.? my tablet has locked the screen and it is showing '.....Enter password....' Emergency call'. i dont really know what happened am stranded i cannot access my data or make calls. Thanks

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                      • Mukesh Chaudhary
                      • gm9
                      • 25 Nov 2018

                      My Tab is not working but screen in on .

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                        • Ian
                        • r$6
                        • 23 Sep 2018

                        Love it. Great battery life. Fast. Would recommend. Although the camera is bad

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                          • noor
                          • vxy
                          • 02 Sep 2018

                          excellent performance . using for 2 years , yet working in good condition . ماشاااللہ battery working properly . I strongly recommed this tablet . باقی آپ کی مرضی ۔

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                            • kulu
                            • rJH
                            • 31 Aug 2018

                            poor battery... automatically restarts everytime when i play a video or do anything like opening apps etc ..., it restarts even when the battery is 72 % properly when on charging ... , heating problem * though it was a very good tab .. but then these problems occured and made me uncomfortable and so irritated that i am giving my reviwes here . it is costly and then it works like this 😐... if there is any solution to solve this problem ..please guide !

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                              • Donvin
                              • Nu7
                              • 17 Jul 2018

                              DanArtex, 13 Jul 2018Hi guys, my issue is that my Tab A if I disconnect it from ... moreI had the same issues it a simple case of the battery connector is lose. Until I took it to a repair shop and it was fixed

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                                • DanArtex
                                • 469
                                • 13 Jul 2018

                                Hi guys, my issue is that my Tab A if I disconnect it from charging it starts to turn off and on and never ending till I plug it again. I just buy it past year but now it stopped working pls help?

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                                  • RAY
                                  • trd
                                  • 11 Jul 2018

                                  I accidentally inserted my micro sd in the sim slot. I am in Can Tho, Vietnam. What do i do

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                                    • Nosh356
                                    • teX
                                    • 07 Jul 2018

                                    Guys, I want to know if I upgrade to Nougat from Marshmallow, would that slows the tablet? Cause this works still fine with Marshmallow. Also I heard some say there's a sound issue with the upgrade. Can someone say what are the pros and cons after upgrade?

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                                      • Jon
                                      • sxr
                                      • 25 Jun 2018

                                      Mine is still working fast since i update it to 7.1.1 and im using it since 2015 the only isseu is the battery it drains fast it only last for 2 hours.

                                        I have no problems with mine. But then the one I have is the lte one. I have notice it is not slow,in anything I throw at it. Games,you Tube videos etc. Have no idea how people had up dated to 7.0 and 7.1,when I check for soft wear updates it tell me it is up to date. Unless people are rooting it. Most tablets have only 2 gigs of ram anyway.