Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4

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  • Anonymous

It is one mic (no dedicted mic) anyway its alot batter then others

  • sp

were is lollipop???????????? , come on Samsung wake up !!!

  • Evo

Can we use cellular network in it? I mean can we put in a sim?

  • Anonymous

Beautiful display, perfect size, really fast, and the camera is pretty good for a tablet. Absolutely worth every penny. Never had a big problem with this tablet. Stop looking for another tablet this is the best you can get for this price

  • Ivan

goat, 03 Jul 2015My tab has a REALLY bad battery life and it bends. Also, my tab ... moreTurn it off and put to charge, the battery will reach 100%. Works for me.

  • goat

My tab has a REALLY bad battery life and it bends. Also, my tab tends to bend. Worst samsung tablet ever, doesn't charge to 100% most of the time..even after leaving it on charge for 12 hours+...not sure if anyone else is suffering these problems?

  • Omar

Oh My God this is the best device I've ever used uptill now, great screen resolution, 4.4.2 kitkat, 8 mp camera, 2 mp front camera, fast, never gets hanged, great touch system and everything u expect to be in an expensive device

  • achmad

i have never met a shop that sale or even sold this tab. i really need this now. where can i find in indonesia? especially here in makassar. how much it costs?

  • yoPCix

I've been using this tablet for a year now and... I absolutely love it!
It is used 80% for gaming and 20% for web browsing. I never had imagined the screen resolution is so important! And this screen is superb for the money. I don't experience any lags, wi-fi is very fast (I've got the AC router).

A small drawback is the back cover which is a bit too slippery.

  • TheInsanite

AnonD-158789, 11 Jun 2015FYI! apple sucks. seriously? we are living in a world of innovat... more*Samsung, not Apple here, bruh.

  • AnonD-158789

FYI! apple sucks. seriously? we are living in a world of innovation and what apple does is just changing the screen size, add some bit of shit and that "S" on the model and then, poof! expensive shit comes out. Cavemen were tough when they existed, just like apple, its just tough however when you want a tough phone go for NOKIA instead of shitty apple.

  • Charlie

Kirra, 23 May 2015Not even in ur dreams !!!! Samsung , Sony and htc are enough to ... moreThree differents products/companies to destroy an Apple but Apple is enough to destroy all products..

  • AnonD-402258

Love it! I can do 90% of what I do on a PC here. If I am doing word processing, I will use the Desk Top. After using Desk Tops and Laptops for years, I wanted a Tablet. My wife got an IPad. I use one occasionally. My impression is that this is far better. It appears to be FASTER, and is certainly much lighter. The graphics are much better. I listen to music, on the PC through head phones. so the argument that the speakers are of poor quality does not hold water with me. Everything has lousy speakers.
The only thing I don't like is where the power button is placed. I bump it all the time. It just goes to screen saver, but annoying.
If they recessed the button a bit it would be fine where it is I think, or move it to the top.

  • Kirra

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2014U know guys Donkey always think if he could eat enough grass he... moreNot even in ur dreams !!!! Samsung , Sony and htc are enough to destroy Apple

  • Anonymous

AnonD-302513, 05 May 2015Here are some things: Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4: ADVANTAGES... moreAlready bought Tab Pro 8.4. It's blazing fast! My sis has an ipad mini 2 and the speed is almost the same in terms of openong and closing apps. It just lags a little bit when opening my files/gallery. i also think that the tab pro has better screen quality than ipad mini 2. ipad mini 2 has washed out colors as compared to tab pro. Anyway, thank you for your suggestion!

  • Jeni

I bought my Samsung Tab Pro 8.4 November last year and up to now it never fails my craving for movies, music, browsing and gaming. Actually the reason why I bought this is because of Clash of Clans. if you go on normal watching a movie or browsing it can stay for the whole day or more but with high def games like clash of clans expect it will last up to 4 to 5 hours to non-stop playing. Still satisfied with the performance.

  • Wheng

I bought my tab pro 8.4 last Oct. 2014. Now it is charging very slow. Before it used to charge ave of 3hrs only but now, it takes longer.

Anyone can help me about this problem?

  • noah

AnonD-302513, 05 May 2015Here are some things: Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4: ADVANTAGES... moreThe ipad mini is terribly slower, you need to learn how to manage your android device.

  • bogart

i mainly bought this tab for movies.... i can watch 5-6, average 100mins movie, it only takes 15% of battery per movie... using it also for games... but the battery wont last for it, especially high graphics game..

  • AnonD-302513

Anonymous, 19 Aug 2014choosing between iPad Mini 2 and this for my birthday gift. how ... moreHere are some things:

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4:
*super clear screen display
*user-friendly (can share some files)
*has larger screen than iPad Mini (measured 8.4 inches)
*you can insert SD Card for additional memory
*lags a little
*drains battery faster

iPad Mini 2:
*retina display (super great screen that your eye cannot distinguish its overwhelming natural colors)
*super fast working or lag-free
*good battery life
*great games to play
*smaller screen than Tab S 8.4
*not user-friendly (sometimes cannot share files)
*cannot add SD Card to expand your device memory

But the decision is up to you.
If you want a faster and lag-free tablet and good battery life, go ahead choose the Apple iPad Mini 2.
But if you want a user-friendly and bigger screen tablet, then choose Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4.

THESE TABLETS are both 15,000 Pesos below in the Philippines, but I think Samsung Tab Pro 8.4 is cheaper than the iPad mini 2.