Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0

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  • HOIK

Galaxy Tab s2 Or Tab s1 ??

  • Anonymous

Samsung is just making their tabs closer to apple's. It now has 4: 3 ratio screen like ipads, design is getting like apples

  • wilovy

ould it be that those that genuinelly like the new aspect ratio are closeted apple-lovers? Because this thing reeks of iPad an awful lot, and not in a good way. Damn, no reason to upgrade my Tab S 8.4.

  • Baadshah

Hi friends
i like to know tab s 2 8.0 can Support OTG and HDMI tv output

  • Tsk

Regan00, 15 Aug 2015No thank you Im happy with my s tab 1 8.4 LTE... not goi... moreSame here. Looks like some specs are backward. Battery capacity is lower. Pixel density is lower. These 2 alone turn me off for the new tab s.

  • Baadshah

Hi friends
Can anyone tell me tab s2 8.0 have OTG and HDMI please reply soon i am thinging to get 1 soon

Thank you

  • Usman_hafeez

Its already available in UAE in AED1799 Wifi + LTE model

  • Regan00

No thank you

Im happy with my s tab 1 8.4 LTE... not going to upgrade to that. Not at all.

  • Armand

Does this tablet support phone call?

  • Good_man_65

Thanks Samsung to bring this size and of aspec ratio 4:3. I like to read newspaper along with books like many other. Keep up the good job with this weight. As for those who do not like this aspec ratio please stay on your gadget and do not be selfish and let other enjoy this size and this weight.

  • AnonD-355142

I have owned samsung galaxy tab s8.4 LTE for a year.i loved it alot and waited to see its next generation tab s (2).Now by knowing its release and its specifications i am completely disapponinted due To its Spuarish build due to which its not possible to handle it by one Hand ,smaller screen resolution with 310 to 320 ppi only as compared to 359ppi.The camera is still 8 mp/2.1 mp.Hoping that it will be improved and will record 4k but its not.I was hoping for a snapdragon processor howerver it is improved but very little.No expandable storage option with microsd.The battery has also been disappointingly dropped to 4000mah from 4900mah.All in all according my point of view will might be a better tab for a reader of books or bussines men.SO I WILL NOT UPGRADE TO THE NEW TAB S 2 BECAUSE MY TAB S 8.4 IS BETTER THAN THE NEW ONE.DISAPPOINTED BY SAMSUNG and DESIGNERS THIS TIME.OVERALL.... LOVE THE SAMSUNG.

  • AnonD-50859

This doesn't differ so much from my Tab s 8.4 LTE
Shame Samsung nothing new .. just a bit faster processor than an already fast one & square 4:3 CRT-like design than modern useful 16:9 ... Shame Lame
And just 8 M.pixel ... may be 16 or @least low 13 M.pixel be Good enough ... & slow motion video " 240 -120 Fps @ 720p @ least " ... & numerous modes in camera like prolonged exposure setting like an option " open shutter till 4 seconds @ least " .... & 3D shooting " double lens " would be interesting >-<
& No S-pen yikes .. wasted screen sheer size " which is also a downgrade from my 8.4 Tab s "
Not to mention battery low Capacity "4000 Mah from 4900 " fsssss & pffffffff

Not Innovative ... So ill keep My very Good Tab s " one " until Samsung change their managers & designers & un-innovative Technicians " not leveled to intelligent engineers" >-<

  • AnonD-427887

not bad for the next gen Tab S... NOT bad

  • AnonD-28022

I also own Tab S 8.4, but compared to Tab S2 8, It still be better than this new version both spec & dimensions. A lot of feature is decreases or not avaliable any more as Resolution (lower), Battery (lower), LED Flash (no more), Infrared Port (no more), Drop Box cloud storage (no more),...
Let's see what's price in my country?

  • AnonD-111968

Chunter, 03 Aug 2015In reply to the guy that likes 4:3, samsung been making 16:... moreI think we don't use tab for watching videos all the time. So it make sense to have 4:3, it's not uncomfortable for watching videos and it's good for reading, trust me.

  • AnonD-369297

AnonD-357526, 02 Aug 2015lol you don't need a tab for taking pics , vids. buy a phon... moreLOL your opinion does not speak for all of us, we tabbers love to take our tablets anywhere and a little love on the camera department wont hurt, why buy a separate device if you can own an all to one machine. just like when you phone users wish for a better camera, remember the early days of camphone where people wished for a better camera and most people advised "you dont need a phone to take pictures, buy a digital camera!" where are we now?

  • Chunter

Anonymous, 23 Jul 2015Have you ever thought that in this word could even exist pr... moreIn reply to the guy that likes 4:3, samsung been making 16:10 for many years and most of expect that screen res. It's why we don't buy apple. Samsung please bring back the 16:10 and 16:9 tabs.

  • AnonD-357526

chunter, 23 Jul 2015I am so disappointed, with Samsung copying Apple. Using the... morelol you don't need a tab for taking pics , vids. buy a phone bro much easier for filming , comfortable for taking pics

  • AnonD-357526

tab s2 has Exynos 7420 compared with Exynos 5430 (tab s)
its gpu is a beast
I wish it will be available in ph in this month..

  • Leonardtjoe

AnonD-50859, 23 Jul 2015This doesn't differ so much from my Tab s 8.4 LTE Shame Sa... morei'm totally agreed with you, i compared both specifications and i am happy that i won't have to buy another sammy this year ;)