Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0

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  • Mj

Epic fail with screen, I'd get 8.4 tab s with higher resolution.

  • AnonD-50859

This doesn't differ so much from my Tab s 8.4 LTE
Shame Samsung nothing new .. just a bit faster processor than an already fast one & square 4:3 CRT-like design than modern useful 16:9 ... Shame Lame
And just 8 M.pixel ... may be 16 or @least low 13 M.pixel be Good enough ... & slow motion video " 240 -120 Fps @ 720p @ least " ... & numerous modes in camera like prolonged exposure setting like an option " open shutter till 4 seconds @ least " .... & 3D shooting " double lens " would be interesting >-<
& No S-pen yikes .. wasted screen sheer size " which is also a downgrade from my 8.4 Tab s "
Not to mention battery low Capacity "4000 Mah from 4900 " fsssss & pffffffff

Not Innovative ... So ill keep My very Good Tab s " one " until Samsung change their managers & designers & un-innovative Technicians " not leveled to intelligent engineers" >-<

  • Driver

So how is that?

  • chunter

SKYGUIDE, 20 Jul 2015Please...go to mobile shop and check the difference between 4:3 ... more4:3 is like taking 2" off the screen while watching a movie.

  • chunter

I am so disappointed, with Samsung copying Apple. Using these tablets since the great 7.7, when I hear they make the 4:3 screen I went and got last year model tab S 8.4. As I use this all in one computer/phone for business trips.

1. 4:3 screen, means you loss a lot of screen when watching movies.
2. 8meg camera, why not 12+, don't you see people using iPads/tabs to take vids and photos. the poor 8meg camera take such crap photos, and the size of the tablet really means you need a better camera as it harder to hold still.
3. Samsung please fix your software, do not hide the top bar with the time and phone reception when your making a call. You do not do it on a 5" why do it on a 8" ???

  • Anonymous

The low end Tab A gets an s pen and this one doesn't... come on Samsung make something that makes sense

  • Anonymous

not better than tab s but samsung can change their mind cause this tablet didn't realease yet.plzzz samsung make front camera 5 mega pixel nd give flash or i will vote z4 tablet

  • Anonymous

Where are the LED flash and SD card slot?

  • Grover

For the love of Mary . Ignore Apple and give be it a Wacom digitiser .Why do Samsung always fragment their product lines. You want an active digitiser you have to get a lower Res screen .

  • Albey

This is a downgrade as far as I am concerned. If I wanted a Samsung that looked like an IPAD I would have bought an IPAD.
Samsung is out of touch with its audience if they think that people who buy the Tab S, is buying it for reading glossy magazines and E-Books ?
I use it for Web browsing, playing games and watching movies.
They should of kept the 16:10 ratio

  • Levy

Samsung would've done well for themselves had they envisioned pent up demand for less superfluous features.

  • AnonD-275180

I would call this new tab a regression from the previous one. Lower pixel density, lower battery capacity, switch from 16:9 to 4:3, no flash. Obviously, Samsung is trying to copy Apple, which is a bad move. They are no longer unique in their design and functionality. Applenization at its fines. I'll keep my tab S who was produced on May 1 , 2015.

  • AnonD-119121

Who the hell using tabs now? My kids threw way all the tabs they had and laptops. They are using home PC for school work and phablet for playing games and fun. I have NOTE 8 not using it at all. I regret why I have bought that? Eeeeeeeh.... Seriously Tabs are just a Toy and no more than that....


Please...go to mobile shop and check the difference between 4:3 and 16:9 screen resolution, then you understand what we were missing from tablets... 4:3 good for web browsing and reading books...I dont think it will effect too much for video files..For word documents its very good idea...Have you ever tried to write word document by using 16:9 display?


Its not all about battery, its about chip which is inside, which makes it better and battery will be last longer! For instance I have samsung tab 2 but when I play game it consumes so much power and generates heat more than galaxy tab 4 8.0 3g which has less battery according to screen resolution and this tablet manages keep cool...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Jul 2015Is it a upgrade or DOWNGRADE ?!?!?!A sidegrade lol

  • Anonymous

Is it a upgrade or DOWNGRADE ?!?!?!

  • Anonymous

tab s 8.4 lte is better and better specs too

  • Anonymous

Does anyone know what happened to samsung's second generation galaxy tab pros? Its been like almost a year and a half since samsung released the tab pro 8.4, shouldn't there be a refresh release?

  • Anonymous

Lead2XL, 20 Jul 2015Nice and light, thin but at what cost: feeble battery! Lower mAh... moreI agree with you too lol, my 7 inch phone(huawei mediapad x2) has a 5000 mah battery, this tab s2 8.0 has about 35% larger screen than my 7 inch phone but has only a 4000 mah battery. Well what can you expect nowadays, tablets are becoming less and less popular with declining sales so I don't think OEMS spend as much effort, time and development in producing very good tablets anymore in comparison to smartphones.