Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 10.5

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 10.5

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  • Henro

when do we expect replacement for the Pro 12.0 series, with stylus? When?

16:10... no, thanks. I'll keep my Tab S3.

More RAM at least 6-8GB pls! For MMORPG! For Lineage 2 Revolution! And Dual SIM too! :D

I hope Samsung does better this time around. Last year, Samsung failed in its USA in the marketing of their Galaxy Tab S3, which only Verizon picked up. AT&T still only sells the prior Tab S2 model and T-Mobile dropped the entire line to sell only low end under powered Samsung Android tablets like the Galaxy Tab E plus miserable and poor performing Alcatel tablets. I blame this on Samsung's marketing department which clearly failed to provide enough vendor incentives to carry Samsung's flagship tablets. All of the big three USA Cellular vendors - AT&T, Version and T-Mobile, however, are happy to sell high end, thousand dollar Apple iPads.

Samsung needs to step up their game or continue to suffer declining tablet sales - along with most of the rest of the industry.

While the tablet market place continues to decline for almost all vendors, Apple has done much better about getting their new LTE enabled tablets into major USA telecom providers. Samsung has failed again and again. As someone bonded to the Android OS (8.0/Oreo) in my case, I would to see Samsung do better.

Their timid upgrades, with just tiny feature improvements continues to frustrate me.

  • Anonymous

I'll buy this as a sucessor for my old Tab S 10.5
It still works, but nowadays it's lagging.

  • Anonymous

Omid46, 10 Jul 2018An excellent tablet without NFC,IR and radio +rds ! Hopeful... moreLoL..!! Why would you wan no local or locally FREE radio..!?

  • Anonymous

Honor 6x user, 10 Jul 2018WTF?Why?

  • Anonymous

Clearly, can see kind of revive in part of tablets..
The only worry it is: price tag Samsung GTS4..
Overall, Tab S4 is nice choice..

wait... Where goes the 4:3 ration??
How can you be productive on such a screen?
And it is just like the Huawei medialad M5 10.8. Lets hope the price does not dissappoint and maybe a snapdragon 845.
Maybe the ratio will be fine if the new Ipad Pro X has the same but i dont see a point in that.

Omid46, 10 Jul 2018Dearest friend.Sorry for misunderstandings. I said that thi... moreWTF?

  • Omid46

CherryPie., 10 Jul 2018Why you want no radio?Dearest friend.Sorry for misunderstandings. I said that this really perfect tabletis without NFC,IR and radio +radio + recording rds.If Samsung modifies the missings,it would be the most perfect tablet of these years with 512 gigabytes storage!Otherwise a perfect tabletof high ends must not have any missings ! I also as a researcher must remind that one of the Samsung previous notes tablet had 8200 mah battery !! Justice Rights may never ever use out of human moral guidelines which wrong is wrong and right is right.So as gsmArena!But I don't that Samsung public relations does any modifications or not to have the best most perfect tablet of the years. Also thanks for your opinion .What do you think !?...

  • AnonD-762314

Really hope that pricepoint doesn't stick...

Omid46, 10 Jul 2018An excellent tablet without NFC,IR and radio +rds ! Hopeful... moreWhy you want no radio?

  • Omid46

An excellent tablet without NFC,IR and radio +rds ! Hopefully Samsung should do these missing before its release !! Do you think it is possible dearest readers.Thanks all to have a chance of having a perfect tablet.... Of course , it is the VIP chance to pay at least $2000+ somewhere !Justice Rights !

Anonymous, 09 Jul 2018crap ppiIt's not a phone, dummy

  • Anonymous

Really hope it has super amoled display and not ips

  • Anonymous

If only there's a SD660 lite version, else with SD835, it will not come cheap.

Price =$600


Anonymous, 09 Jul 2018crap ppiSpecs are still unofficial. Wait before ranting prior to the release.

  • AnonD-481463

Finally some serious specs on a tablet!
Let's hope the price doesn't disappoint