Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE

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  • Peter Griffin

At this price point, I'm going to buy an iPad Air anyway. TFT screen, Snapdragron 750G for this high a price? I'll get iPad Air with a high quality screen, A14 Bionic chip.

  • hammyoo1

everything about the tablet info is good but the price tag is over the moon

remove 1-2 inches off the screen size, reduce the price $300, put an SD 860(SD855++) or SD 865 and now you have the right to call this PoS an S7 FE

  • Daniel

Anonymous VII, 12 Jun 2021I know it's just the fan edition for those looking for... moreIt is better than S6 lite, no doubt about that. Bigger display, better hardware, and 5g connectivity. The real problem is the price tag. This tablet has the exact same amount of ram, storage, and S pen as the S6 lite. But Samsung is charging 300Euroes more for just a generational SoC upgrade and 2 inches of extra display. No way I'll ever pay 300 more for just that. If Samsung had put at least a Snapdragon 865 in it, then they'd be justified in asking for that amount of money. After all, the device already has half the base storage of S7+, 2GB less ram, LCD instead of AMOLED, and 60Hz instead of 120Hz. If it had Snap 865 then they could have called it the FE version of S7+. But they gave it midrange spec, call it the Fan Edition of S7+ and put a flagship price tag on it.
It was either intentional to make Tab S7 look more appealing or they f-ed up and should fire the entire team that priced it this high. Either way, this tablet will definitely be one of the least popular of the already dying android tablet market.
If you can afford it, go with iPads. They're just better in every conceivable way. I couldn't afford an iPad so I had no choice but to go with S6 lite (iPad 8 is 50% more expensive in my country).

  • Anonymous VII

I know it's just the fan edition for those looking for the same product with a more affordable take-up for grabs, but they could've made it a bit more better than the s6 lite honestly. Though I could be wrong about its performance, it just doesn't look all that promising but then again it's running on a huge display.

  • Daniel

Anonymous, 06 Jun 2021you could spend a lil more and get the iPad Pro with M1 and... moreOr you could even go for Samsung's own Tab S7. It's got a top-tier chip, great display, S pen included, more ram and storage.
But I agree that iPad's are generally better.

  • Daniel

IcyTnT , 05 Jun 2021I see a lot of criticism in the comments. Although I person... moreAs a matter of fact, these are the full specs and actual price. Samsung released it a while back. And it's now available for pre-order on Samsung's German Store. 5G version goes for 630Euroes. Tab S7 goes for 610.

  • HuaweiLoverCn

Huawei matepad pro 10.8 great idea

  • Anonymous

you could spend a lil more and get the iPad Pro with M1 and you could save few bucks and get the iPad Air. Both of these options are win-win scenario.

  • IcyTnT

I see a lot of criticism in the comments. Although I personally don't think that this will be a value for money product, this is just leaks. We don't know if full specs and price. Hopefully Samsung can release a proper product for a good price which it hasn't in the tablet market.

  • Anonymous

Where's the S Pen?

  • 122demon

This is most pointless product I have ever seen. Costs 150E more than regular Tab S7 in my country and is significantly worse.

  • The Critic

andrehe, 25 May 20213.5mm jack: No Tuned by AKG I did not know that this is... moreMid 2021 and people still quarrelling about lack of 3.5mm jacks? 😑. Just buy a cheap tablet and done if that's so important to you 🙄

  • Anonymous

Listen up Samsung…

12.4” “AMOLED” & 90Hz
LTE & SD720G
and 10000mah…then I’d willingly buy this.

  • Anonymous

Solun1, 31 May 2021It has the 3.5 mm

  • jacky

might as well get the regular tab s7 or s6lite if this will really be the price. waiting on official release to see if there'll be any changes

  • Anonymous

Is Samsung testing the water how much they can charge for the littlest value again? It's a bit disappointing since I thought they were heading for the right direction with s6 lite and their FE phone series, but this? 12 inch TFT, Snapdragon 750 for the 5g I guess? The price though! If it has SD 865 like s7 then I can understand, but for this price&value customer might be better off with a vanilla s7 or some iPad.

If you're looking for budget tab & need stylus you might want to consider s6lite even in 2021. It can still do demanding works like dex, drawing, and video editing (a bit slow when saving the video but for the price it's worth it).

andrehe, 25 May 20213.5mm jack: No Tuned by AKG I did not know that this is... moreIt has the 3.5 mm jack.

Just awful

  • Anonymous

Danu, 30 May 2021Guys don't blame , if you don't like just ignore ... moreI agree with Danu, Xiaomi is a lot better. To hell with Samsung. Wait for the mi pad 5, it will be a lot better.