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Samsung Galaxy Tab S9

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  • Khang
  • bIG
  • 05 Aug 2023

Pred, 02 Aug 2023Buying a Galaxy Tab S8 was the biggest mistake I ever made ... moreTf you saying, tab s8 not have low pmw like oled screen so it must be comfort for eye

    Bogdaan, 01 Aug 2023Still not good enough to replace Tab S6 which is 398gr and ... moreJust buy a tablet heavier than that, and after a while you'll get used to it.

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      • Anon
      • 841
      • 04 Aug 2023

      My Tab S9 5G 256GB/12GB (SM-X716BZAEEUE) got eSIM btw - was one of the things it asked me while setting it up.

      I thought only the S9+ and Ultra got it after looking at specs and on news sites.

        Nice that they gave it a amoled display but I guess it'll be another year with my tab S6! since sammy refuses to make a 8" or even a 9" ultra tab! I tried ipad mini 6, but I hate the whole eco system! tried the lenovo tab y700 but no global version and many quirks so I sold it after a few weeks! I really miss the old samsung!!

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          • Anonymous
          • mFd
          • 02 Aug 2023

          Martin, 01 Aug 2023So the smallest one is 11" diagonally (sigh). These t... moreThere is a successor, we still have the galaxy z fold 5, Google pixel fold and other foldable devices which have a screen size of aroumd 7.7 inches. Are you satisfied now?

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            • 7hs
            • b8g
            • 02 Aug 2023

            Nice OLED upgrade but unfortunately its the same garbage 240hz pwm on all Samsung devices.

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              • Nick Loshe
              • wYL
              • 02 Aug 2023

              I already have this device 6 months ago coz Samsung and I are tight close. While Marques Brownlee had this just one week before the launch. Suck on that Elon.I believe are Aliens are real and they are Chinese coz they are so good in math.

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                • Pred
                • MQf
                • 02 Aug 2023

                Buying a Galaxy Tab S8 was the biggest mistake I ever made when buying an electronic device. The TFT screen of the Tab S8 is a very dangerous eye destroyer. It has some sharpness due to the resolution, but nothing else. It strains your eyes in a matter of minutes. The extremely low contrast will never give you a satisfactory quality while gaming. I compared it to the IPS screen of my Fire Tablet which i bought a couple of years ago on a Prime Day for 80 bucks, and the Fire screen was significantly better than that of Tab s8. Can you imagine? Using office apps or any apps with a white background on Tab S8 was actually a pain, but i couldn't realize it for long.
                Unfortunately I continued to use it mostly being lied from the paid reviewers which kept repeating "how good the screen of Tab S8 was", although I had to see an ophtalmologist multiple times during one year. Until the cause of my eye problems became clear, it was the damned Tab S8 TFT screen. I didnt believe it at first, i went to a local electronics shop and tested all of the available S8 tablets. Yes, everyone of them gave me pain in the eyes in e few minutes of staring at them.

                I got immediately rid of it and in a few weeks i felt better, my sight kinda got recovered. I will never ever buy sth similar again without proper testing and evaluation.

                I'm telling you, so that you know that "cheaper" may sometimes be unimaginably more expensive.

                Well, most of the times I have had a good experience with Samsung products, the Amoled screens usually've been a pleasure to look at, even if they get burnt after a while of extensive usage. Their durability is however long enough to make you not care anymore when they get broken.
                So launching all the three new models with amoled screens is definitely the right thing to do. I just hope this time they come with the traditional high quality amoled screens, same as in the S-series smartphones, not like the low quality ones found on Tab S8 plus and ultra. My good old Tab S2 screen looks surprisingly nicer than the washed out screens of Tab S8 plus and ultra, despite of the lower resolution, the smaller size and the pretty earlier production year.
                So I am waiting finger crossed for the launch of these new tablets curious to see if they're worth. The combination of the latest chip with a quality screen maybe will keep me farther buying Samsung products for as long as they offer the most basic thing of all: the SD card slot. I had to skip many devices in the last few years just because they lacked it. For me it's simple, no SD card slot, no buy. Nothing can replace an independent storage which saves your treasures if you screw things up with the device, sth that the OEMs nowadays seem too stupid to understand.
                Thanks for having the patience to read this. Best wishes.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • KAp
                  • 01 Aug 2023

                  Bogdaan, 01 Aug 2023Still not good enough to replace Tab S6 which is 398gr and ... moreBut the future is kind of heavy with it

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                    • Martin
                    • T47
                    • 01 Aug 2023

                    So the smallest one is 11" diagonally (sigh).
                    These things are horrible. There is still no decent successor of my 2016 8" Tab S2.

                    I do not want a tablet I have to hold with two hands like a steering wheel you @#a$%! Seriously, who actually uses these things?

                    So disappointing. Every 8" tablet on the market today has a poor screen specification with a resolution that is considerably lower than my slowly dying Tab S2.

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                      • Bali
                      • i8K
                      • 01 Aug 2023

                      Mine arrive tomorrow, I was hesitating with the S8 because of the price drop, but because Samsung gives free upgrade to 5G ( in other countries it's the 12 go ram/256 go ) + the smartbook cover keyboard free + half price on many accessories, the deal was actually good enough to actually purchase it without giving up way much more money than S8.

                        Still not good enough to replace Tab S6 which is 398gr and can be kept with single hand.

                          Samsusguy, 29 Jul 2023Where's the galaxy s8 Fe 5g?yeah man idk, maybe itll come with the s23FE?

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                            • The Critic
                            • 8yN
                            • 31 Jul 2023

                            AntiGrieferGames, 28 Jul 2023Very Disappointed, Very Expensive without LCD (Liquid Cryst... moreAgreed. Wanted to upgrade from the Tab S7 but the price because of the Amoled is a turn off for me and I also don't care about Amoled I look for longevity not for ' best display' only

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                              • Anonymous
                              • KAp
                              • 31 Jul 2023

                              I will buy a ssmsung tablet only if it has same weight as my tab s2 8.0 (265 grams)otherwise NO

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                                • PB
                                • ube
                                • 31 Jul 2023

                                its too Expensive

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                                  • JQ1
                                  • 30 Jul 2023

                                  Suhaib Mahdi, 29 Jul 2023I Have Compare For Galaxy Tab S9 And Tab S9 Ultra It's... moreThe tab s9 series have flat screens

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                                    • roedi
                                    • wr6
                                    • 30 Jul 2023

                                    hopely samsung tab comes with ms office pc level, coz my laptop to weight on mobile

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                                      • Suhaib Mahdi
                                      • nTU
                                      • 29 Jul 2023

                                      I Have Compare For Galaxy Tab S9 And Tab S9 Ultra It's A Flat Or Curve?

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • vak
                                        • 29 Jul 2023

                                        iPads always win droid tablets bad news