Samsung Galaxy V Plus

Samsung Galaxy V Plus

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  • nicko

plse add what is price of products like older vesrion

  • vijaybhan singh

vodafone hous 4g

  • Agi

Anonymous, 22 Jul 2015no auto focus??I think it is alright for me i think

  • Anonymous

no auto focus??

  • Debasis kar

Superb phone,,,,,,,
buy it and enjoy:::::::

  • shiva

dnot purchase this mobile nt havng 1 gb ram and also less baterry

  • Anonymous

maksim, 13 Jul 2015why the hell in 2015 make such super low range phone with 5... moreYou ask why? To make it cheaper! I don't understand why is everyone here complaining about the specs, it is good enough considering the price tag

  • maksim

why the hell in 2015 make such super low range phone with 500 RAM and dual core ??????

  • ricky

dnot purchase these mobile nt havng more features

  • Anonymous

Acer liquid z220 is better choice than this..IF! you don't mind the brand

  • Ink

I dont like this phone because it hasn't GPU.

  • Anonymous

when will samsung develop aaccording to the market requirements as all of them need with latest versions good hardware when they will understand plz let me know

  • sammy

well this device is made only for those ones looking for calls and sms but having really basic things...dont u think..if u are power house ..what are u doing here to begin with...if u are here is because u can not afford what u want and u look for low prize high end ..come on guys look for real smartphones..these old ones are for grammies

  • Anonymous

Asus ZenFone c is way better than galaxy v plus..and cost about the same price..only Samsung fanboy will get this phone


good ph9one

  • Sayan Bhar

Boring specs! !!!!

  • Anonymous

Stop ranting around guys. Gsmarena just copy and paste the same specs from the previous Galaxy V. They haven't updated it yet. This phone just appear here a couple days ago. There is no details from Samsung regarding this phone yet. The REAL specs will be updated soon!

  • :P

good enough for call & text phone...

  • lol

what is this rubbish not 1gig ram most are now, and not even 2000battery passae

  • AnonD-202795

Samsung already released these type of specification phones more than what users need (In my opinion). So again why Samsung